10 People at an Awards Show

We all like to watch awards shows... especially for the performances.

However, what you should really focus on is people in the audience.

Some are celebrities, some are regular folks that were lucky enough to snag a seat. Their reaction shots are always priceless.

Here are the 10 People you'll always find in an awards show audience.

1. The I Couldn't Care Less
Who would be a good example of this? Kanye West! 
Unless it was Jay Z performing, then he'd be all over it...

2. The I'm Old But I Want To Be Hip 
Oh, Kris Jenner, I'm looking at you. This would be the person that doesn't even know the lyrics but pretends they do.

3. The I Act Like A 15-Year-Old Fan Girl
Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift at every single awards show. 
Katy Perry and Rihanna acted like this, too.. when they where friends.

4. The I Feel Like I Am At Church

Picture Jennifer Hudson while the Arethas and Beyonces are performing.

5. The I Think I Should Be Up There Dancing
Either they are a frustrated dancer or just a dancer that can't believe they're not up on stage as a back up dancer. Example? Julianne Hough.

6. The I Forgot I Was At An Awards Show
Nicki Minaj at the 2013 BET Awards during the Elephant Man performance. That's all.

7. The I Came Here To Get Some Camera Time
There's always that one celebrity you kinda' forgot about. Until you see them in an awards show... and miraculously they are enjoying EVERY single performance. Example? Ray J.

8. The I Want To Be A Hype Man

Every man at the BET Awards. They are just hoping the artist watches the performance back and decides they want them to join their clique... or want to hire them as a hype man.

9. The I Hope A Casting Director Is Watching

You know that girl that looks like she spent too much time at the salon and is wearing too much make up? She's just trying to get the camera man's attention in the hopes that a casting director is watching and wants her in the new season of Bad Girls Club. Who would this girl be? Any rapper's arm candy.

10. The I Like This But I'm Too Cool To Look Excited

You've seen this guy before. Sometimes he doesn't even stand up from his chair. He's too cool for that. Deep inside, he digs the performance though. This would be a 2 Chainz... or Drake.

Here's the full video if you just want to watch the whole thing:

Do you know more people that fit these categories? Let me know!


I love New York

it's a Pop O.D. with Andrea V.... in NYC!

For 4 days, my stylist Maria from Notes of Style & I went to New York City to go the Shorty Awards. I was nominated in the Video Blogger category!

Since I didn't win (Congrats PC Siqueira!), we took upon ourselves to become the ultimate NY tourists.

Watch our adventures. 

Thanks to Shorty Awards for providing me with the footage from the awards ceremony and my interview.


What is New MySpace?

New MySpace, according to New MySpace, is "a place where creative people come to connect, discover, and share." Sure, nice little description, but that means nothing.

What is so good about *NEW* MySpace?
The best feature about it is the ability for users to listen to any song they want. Yes, ANY song. For free. Unlike Pandora, you have the freedom to pick what you really want to hear.

You can search for songs, artists or albums in the coolest search bar you've ever seen, so props to the designers for that. You can also make your own playlists -think Spotify, but nicer-looking if you're a visual person.


Andrea Valeria is a Shorty Award Finalist!

My friends, it's time to play the song it's a Party with Pop O.D. with Andrea V. on repeat... because it really is a party with Pop O.D.

Andrea Valeria (I speak in third person for SEO purposes) was nominated for a Shorty Award in the category of VideoBlogger. It's pretty cool if you take into consideration that I've been blogging for only 6 months now. Underdog, much?

Thanks to YOUR votes, I'm officially a finalist, as announced today on Huffington Post and the Shorty Awards official site. .THANK YOU.

Now, it's up to the Judges!
On April 8th, the awards ceremony will be held in New York, and the winners in each category will be announced. The tough job to pick a winner will be up to an esteemed panel of judges -from the Twitter queen, Alyssa Milano to Apple Co-Founder, Steve Wozniak. 

Click HERE to find out who the rest of the judges are.

So... ummm... wish me luck and feel free to congratulate me by tweeting me at @itsaPopOD or by overdosing on my YouTube channel.


Jennifer Lawrence: Best. Oscar Winner. Ever.

Jennifer Lawrence wins everything. She is perfect. Just look at her press interview post-win:

"Guys want to date her and girls want to be her"
Yeah, that was written with you in mind, JLaw.

And then there was this amazing moment with Jack Nicholson. After the break...


Michelle Obama Dancing With Jimmy Fallon!

Seriously... Coolest. FLOTUS. Ever.

This happened Friday night on Jimmy Fallon

I can imagine Sasha and Malia dying of embarrassment, because no teenager likes to see their mom dancing -especially not doing the Dougie on National TV.

But, if you're not Sasha, Malia or Republican, you probably loved it. Right?

Comment below or tweet me @itsaPopOD 
and let me know what you thought!


The Only One-Person Harlem Shake Is Also The BEST

You might be getting tired of the Harlem Shake videos already, but this one was worth the wait.

Who knew one person could pull of the latest Internet craze all by themselves? Well, it is possible.


And here's a behind the scenes photo of the it's a Pop O.D. Harlem Shake:


How To Be A Rapper

I've always wanted to be a rapper, and sometimes you need to take matters into your hands.

So, let me show you all - How To Be A Rapper.

World Premiere
it's a Pop O.D. with Andrea V.

I've transformed from hippie chic to full-on rapper! How did I do?

Photos HERE

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it's a Pop O.D. as seen on TV

You've seen it's a Pop O.D. on Youtube, but now it's a Pop O.D. has been on TV!

The morning of February 7, it's a Pop O.D. inundated the homes of Panamanian families for a full morning. First, in the morning newscast and later in the morning show of Telemetro Panama.

As you may know, Andrea Valeria has been nominated for a Shorty Award in the VideoBlogger category for her work as talent, cameraman and editor of her vlogs.

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After the jump, campaign videos in English & Spanish!


Beyonce Super Bowl Halftime Show Performance

All Hail Queen Beyonce!

No words needed. Just watch. 

And you'd think that after all these years, Michelle Williams would have perfected her Booty Tooch.
Please show her how it's done!
Oh, Michelle... 
And no one said it better than Mr. Carter himself:
Tweet from Jay Z after Beyonce's performance.
This photo is everything.
Beyonce ad Jay Z hugging after her performance.
And now, you've already watched Beyonce's halftime show... but have you watched a girl that overdoses in pop culture watching Beyonce perform?

You must WATCH:

To me, this was almost the Best Halftime Show Performance Ever. 
It still doesn't top 2001's Aerosmith, 'N Sync & Britney Spears for me.

What do you think?
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Andrea Valeria - Shorty Awards VideoBlogger Nominee

Andrea Valeria from it's a Pop O.D has been nominated for a Shorty Award in the category #VideoBlogger. Woo hoo!

The Shorty Awards are basically the Twitter Awards. Since 2009, they have been honoring the best in social media. 

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I have only been videblogging since September, so I'm an underdog here, but
YOU can help me win this!

Check out my full Shorty Awards' Profile.


My Front Page Story

It's a Pop O.D. is usually about the celebs making front page covers, but this one time, I'm going to make it all about me.... and MY front page story.

OK, it's not People Magazine. That will come eventually. It's the front cover of the entertainment section of newspaper La Critica in Panama.

It's in Spanish, but most browsers are capable of translating websites these days, so you'll be fine. I'll translate the title for you: "Panamanian wins Emmy Award." Find more about that.

Plus... you took Spanish in high school, right? Don't tell me you only learned "Hola, Como estás?" and "Más cerveza, por favor!".

Click HERE for the full story.

P.S. Yes, I am Panamanian.


Most Fascinating People of The Year: Christmas Tree Edition

The it's a Pop O.D. Christmas Tree
There are two types of households: those that have the tradition to get the tree out of the box and those that have the tradition to go buy a fresh one. Of course, I grew up in an artificial Christmas tree household.

Last year, you might think I was being a Grinch, but in reality, I was just too lazy to go buy a Christmas Tree, because my family never taught me to do so.


Christmas at Popefeller

You've seen Christmas at Rockefeller. Yeah, you know. That interesting Christmas TV special that looks exactly the same every single year in which they devote an hour to the lighting of Christmas tree in New York City.

Somehow, Mariah Carey is on it like every year. Christina Aguilera is a pretty common guest on the show, too... but, The Rockettes... they are on it every single year.

If you missed that... do not worry. Christmas at Popefeller is here, and we have Mariah, Xtina, Bieber, even the Rockettes.


What was your favorite impersonation?


A Farewell Video to Twinkies!

As you may have heard, Hostess, the makers of the not-so-healthy Twinkies, Donettes and Wonderbread, is going out out of business. Twinkies will only be available until the current stock runs out.

How can you say goodbye to America's favorite snack, the Twinkies?

Attempting to break a Twinkie-eating world record! Right now it's set at 14. Will I do it?



Let's O.D. on Social Media's Legal Issues!

As you may know, it’s a Pop O.D. also overdoses in Social Media, reason why we’re going to take a look at legal issues in the magical online world.

Social media has had so much impact in people’s lifestyles that posts in social networking sites are now commonly used as evidence in court cases (Casey Anthony MySpace photos!).

Aside from that, new issues arise every day that are interesting to look at because of their lack of legal precedents.


10 Things Twitter Hates About You

Your followers do things that probably annoy the life out of you. Do you do them, too?

I've compiled 10 of my biggest Twitter pet peeves.

Watch it. Your followers will thank you.


Gangnam Style!

I am currently ODing on Gangnam Style -the latest dance craze by Korean pop star PSY. But.... Who isn't?

In case you aren't into it yet... Let me warn you, it's VERY addictive. 

First things first -you need to learn the dance moves. You can do that on your own. What I was trying to figure out was how to sing this. I'm not Korean, so it hasn't been easy for me.

In the process of learning more about PSY (yes, in all caps), I caught my mom dancing to it. She does not know she's on YouTube... yet.


it's a Pop OD Gets Deep: Creativity

Elizabeth Gilbert is an an
American author.
Describe me in one word. I would love at least 40% of the answers to be: “Creative”. That is because creativity, to me, is the one of the most valuable innate traits a person can have -and because I like to think that I am creative. Being creative is something I love to explore, because I know your creativity has the potential to grow if you feed it (inspiration). That is why I found the TED speech of Elizabeth Gilbert (Author of “Eat, Pray, Love) very inspiring and all-around special.

Perhaps, it is Gilbert’s approachable persona or her witty humor, but you are just drawn to her and her powerful ideas. During her presentation, she makes a distinction between creative people and the left-brained. The best-selling author points out that there is a certain risk involved with being an artistic individual. Why? Because there is a constant pressure to outdo yourself or others if you want to stand out.


I Met Brett Dennen

May 10th, My Birthday

I decided to spend my birthday going to the concert of my beloved Brett Dennen in Fort Lauderdale, FL at "The Culture Room". Wikipedia describes him as a pop/folk singer and songwriter, for those of you who don't know him.

My freshman year of college I stumbled upon his song "Blessed," and it has been a lovefest ever since.

I arrived very early to park and go eat somewhere close. I arrived, parked, got out of the car. Then, I saw Brett Dennen. I freaked out.

I went over and took a picture with him. It was all very awkward. That's how meeting a someone you listen to over and over is supposed to be, I guess. I told him it was my birthday. He said "Oh! How are you?" You'd think he'd say Happy Bday, but no. That's Brett for you.

Let's focus on the picture for a second. Yes, he's carrying a lounge chair and a portable grill. Apparently, he does some pre-concert tailgating. Interesting. No, he didn't invite me to join.
You are probably all wondering what my twitter friend (singer Jamie Grace) asked. Brett is 6'5". Hope that clears up the speculation.

Here's my FAVORITE song from his new CD "Loverboy". This performance was on Jimmy Kimmel Live, because I love Jimmy, basically.

P.S. I love his dancing. LOVE LOVE LOVE.