The X Factor: Who failed on Rock Week?

Themes are lame 98% of the times, unless it's a very broad theme... but then it becomes so broad it isn't a theme anymore. Did Simon Cowell not learn anything from Adam Lambert's season (The Adam Lambert Effect! = taking a song of any genre and making it work for you, even if it means changing the genre...)?

The contestants were forced to sing Rock songs, and by rock songs they meant... well, any song. Not even the judges were too sure what classified as rock. Lesson: The theme shouldn't be a genre.

A highlight of the show actually happened before the show aired. Simon Cowell joined twitter! Follow him & tell him I sent you and he'll be like who the f.. is that?

Rock Week Performances
30-year difference & more in sync
 than Demi & Ashton ever were
1. Leroy Bell
The official XFactor GILF (Grandpa I'd like to ____) was up first, which can be bad because the it's the contestant people are most likely to forget... especially, when Nicole Scherzinger comes in to give him a song made popular by a man that is arguably more popular for his bacon than his music (The bacon at Roasters was good, admit it!).

This was boring, and I'm still waiting for him to bring out the X-Factor I know he has in him. Perhaps, better song choices would help, Pussycat!
Watch Leroy's performance HERE.

Someone finally tells Lady Gaga how they feel about her

...to her face!

Those parents should go to jail for letting their kid in the arms of a Mother Monster!

Also, let's follow up on this baby. I want pictures of him in 20 years, like they did with the naked baby on the Nirvana album cover.


SNL is bringing it

This last episode of Saturday Night Live hosted by Charlie Day with musical guest Maroon 5 was one of the most entertaining ones I've seen in a while. America agrees with me on this one, reason why it was the highest rated SNL in over a month. 

The stand-out moment? The Kardashian Divorce Special. HILARIOUS. 
Kristen Wiig killed it as Kris Jenner, the Kim Kardashian was spot-on and Andy Samberg's take on Kris Humphries was priceless (the signature moment! LOL). 

And the spoof is Kardashian-approved -->


January Jones Baby Daddy Could Be....

Justin Bieber!

No one ever thought about that before, because we weren't thinking of the Biebs as an impregnator. Now, thanks to the completely delusional Mariah Yeater, this is suddenly a valid guess.

I'm going to wait until Justin and his camp dismiss this completely ridiculous rumor I just made up because...Why not? Until that happens, I'll keep on thinking January is the mother of Xander Bieber.

In a more serious note... January, what are you hiding?
Is the daddy Anthony Weiner? Ashton Kutcher? Or is it Gadhafi?

WE want TO know!


The X Factor: Who is America voting off?

Simon Cowell knows how to do it... and FOX knows it, so they're bringing The X-Factor back for another season next year.

American Idol better step it up with performance productions, because we are all in agreement that each of these performances looks like it's out of the Grammys or the VMAs, right? Verizon, Pepsi and Simon are proving to be good spenders.

The talent is there. The judges are bringing it. This show is exciting. Period.

The 12 Finalists
1. Stereo Hogzz 
They kicked off the night and raised their voices against Conrad Murray with a tribute to the Jackson Family. Yeah, so Paula was Janet's choreographer back in the day. Does that mean she needs to turn these 5 into the Jackson 5? I don't think so. Simon is in love with Paula the Stereo Hogzz. I think they're good, but they're not that amazing, but I still love the fact they were head over heels with the grass in Paula's mansion.
Full performance HERE.


Spirit Airlines is Keeping Up with the Kardashians

And could they face a lawsuit from this? I'd sue their butts (Kardashian = butts. haha.. lame!) off if I was part of the Kardashian clan, E! or Ryan Seacrest. Sadly for my pocket, I'm none of the above.

Sure, it's clever and shows that Spirit Airlines' creative team is on top of it. Who seems not to be so on top of it is their legal team. Apparently, everyone over at Spirit thought this was perfectly fine, but of course, they think it's perfectly fine to charge for carry-on bags, too.

In case you're not catching the jokes here you need to read this blog more often... there are 4 references to the Kim K's life.
1. "Keeping up with...Low Fares": Their show is called Keeping Up With The Kardashians
2. "Dash over to spirit.com...": Dash is the name of their not-so-successful store
3. "Divorce yourself from high fares.": Come on, you know this one!
4. The logo looks awfully familiar to the family show logo & the diamond, you know KimK's owns tons of those.

And... there's a tweet, too..

Part of the Kardashian fortune comes from winning lawsuits...
Will Spirit Airlines be their next source of income?


Jessica Simpson is going to be a "Mummy"!

Yes, I spelled that right. She did too. She's going to be a mummy for Halloween... and a Mommy!

Who knew the girl that was once confused by the components of canned tuna could deliver witty jokes like this one?

The thing is that no one is surprised. We have been able to see her baby bump for weeks now. This was even clearer than the Kim Kardashian - Kris Humphries divorce, and THAT was clear enough.

The postponed wedding will now be postponed until who knows when. Maybe she'll never get married. However, Miss Sexual Napalm herself has a baby now, so she has secured a man.

The singer/entrepreneur/designer/reality star/mommy-to-be/mummy announced it on Twitter. Here's her statement. Do you think she decided to announce her wedding today so it wouldn't be such a big deal?

LOL -->

Congratulations to Jessica and... I truly forget the guy's name.

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E! News thinks Kris Humphries is behind Kim's earrings

Kim Kardashian's divorce petition documents state that whatever belongs to Kim is Kim's, and Kris better not come saying he wants some of it. 

Docs say that Miscellaneous Jewelry and other personal effects is part of Kim's property. 

Also, the petition reads that any other "Earnings and accumulations" of Kim gained before, during and after shall remain her property. I wonder if that includes any gain in weight.

HOWEVER,  E! News got it a little mixed up. 

On their website, they seem to believe that Kim lists as separate property, not only her miscellaneous jewelry, but also her "earrings and accumulations" (instead of "earnings and accumulations!).

They must think Kim is really worried about Kris wanting Kim's ear bling... which would make sense if you think about that time when Kris threw her into the waters of Bora Bora and she threw a 3-year-old-girl fit because she lost her diamond earrings. Maybe that's all he really wanted from her. 

E! News story is HERE. Read it before they change it, but we have the screen shot as proof.
For the full divorce docs click HERE.

Breaking News: Kim Kardashian filing for DIVORCE

They used to be such a happy couple...
or not.
Umm, yes. This is what I call Breaking News these days.

If any of you got sucked into watching the 4 hours of over-the-top wedding entertainment/drama/BS, Ryan Seacrest would like to thank you. Also, you might have noticed that Kim and Kris never really got along to begin with... so raise your hand if you're NOT surprised.

Some slammed Khloe for getting married in 10 days. Well, she has been happily married for 2 years now. Others said Khloe was being unsupportive of Kim's boyfriend because she really hated him and probably still does. She was right! Pow!

Back to Kim. Don't worry about her, she makes millions out of anything that happens to her. She'll make millions out of this... (Ryan Seacrest will too) How? She and momager Kris Jenner will find a way.

And don't worry about Kim's millions... she signed a prenup, of course.

Khloe is always right.
What really is great is that Kris Humphries can now go back to being the unknown douchebag he was before... without the Kardashian lifestyle and $$. All that, while currently being unemployed or on lockout, same sh*t.

As you are reading this, E! is probably sending 10 crews to Kim's home, because you didn't think this wasn't going to be on the show, right?

Without a doubt, Kim Kardashian is officially the new Elizabeth Taylor minus the talent.

My guess is that Kim K probably filed for divorce after reliving what Kris told her at the end of the Kourtney & Kim Take New York promo. Wow.
Update - 2:24PM:
Click HERE for TMZ's Kim's divorce petition documents.
Conclusion: 1. She won't pay spousal support 2. Kris has to pay for his own lawyer 3. I like Kim's signature.

TMZ broke the news.


Ladies & Gentlemen: History of Rap 3!

When I saw Justin Timberlake was scheduled to appear on Jimmy Fallon last night, I flipped out. Could History of Rap 3 be a reality? Yes, indeed!

I'm not going to get into the debate of which one was better... the 3 of them were beyond amazing.

Jimmy Fallon is entertaining, but there's something about him when he does comedic skits involving MUSIC. Then, he's really freakin' fantastic. Examples: Whip My Hair, the Bob Dylan impressions and of course, History of Rap 1 & History of Rap 2.

Justin Timberlake and Jimmy have such an undeniable chemistry, and that's why these skits are so damn hilarious and... epic!

On a side note, why is it that Jimmy is only a good interviewer sometimes? I have him all figured out...

If he's friends with the interviewee or has some sort of relationship with them, it's great (See: Justin Timberlake or Amy Poehler).

If he just met them, the interview is awkward, a bit uncomfortable to watch and he keeps fake-laughing at everything they say. For you to get a better understanding of a fake laugh, this is what Urban Dictionary says: 
A person can be caught putting on a fake laugh by him/her laughing too suddenly, and ending the laughter suddenly, usually with a straight face throughout it or at the end
(See: most of the guests of the show like this one).

Back to awesomeness... Here's History of Rap 3:


Emmys Red Carpet: Redder than Ever

Red, red, red, but some were better than others, and only one landed in my best dressed list.

Best Dressed
1. Aubrey Plaza
The Parks and Recreation actress let go off her usually hipster ways to don a beautiful Juan Carlos Obando creation.
I’m going to try and get this letter sent to him:

2. Nina Dobrev
She’s wearing Donna Karan. I have 2 words: stunning & va-va-voom!

3. Gwyneth Paltrow
There’s nothing I love more than a fashion risk taker. Gwyneth took a risk with that Emilio Pucci and it paid off!

This 38-year-old can pull of things girls half her age in that red carpet couldn’t think of wearing (I’m talking to you, Lea Michele!).

4. Kelly Osbourne
Kelly from the J. Mendel dress to the perfect hair (and the sparkly nails)… Gorgeous!
I love a good ole’ success story, and considering the type of clothing Ozzy’s daughter used to wear in the early 2000’s, this is even more heart-warming.

Worst Dressed
1. Amy Poehler
@Possessionista said it best...

2. Julianne Hough
Usually, Carolina Herrera can do no wrong. This is the example of one she does it wrong. Something about the hair and make-up is not quite helping the cause. I wonder what Ryan Seacrest thought…

3. Julianna Margulies
She’s wearing Armani Prive. I feel horribly bad when someone lands in the Worst Dressed list the day they win an award because they’ll have to remember it forever. This is the case.

Those dress embellishments irritated me immensely. It’s like those clear glass pebbles they use to decorate cheap store displays.

4. Dianna Agron
The dress designer is Roksanda Ilincic, but who I need to have a word with is her stylist. No, actually, I want to tell Dianna to just fire that evil person. It could have used some steaming. Fail.

5. Paz de la Huerta
This lady scares me a little bit.

Let's talk about Lea Michele
Lea vs Sarah Hyland.
Long story short: Sarah Hyland was on Fashion Police on Friday. She made fun of Lea Michele’s posing. Gleeks started viciously attacking the cute Modern Family star.

My verdict: Be mad at Sarah Hyland all you want, but she's right. Lea Michele's red carpet posing is interesting.

Why am I devoting so many characters to Lea Michele? Because she’s being named one of the night’s best dressed.

Loved the hair, though, a different look on Lea for a change.

Most Improved Star of the Red Carpet:
Naya Rivera!

2010: 1995 Prom Dance Gone Bad.
2011: Hair, make-up, dress… everything… Much better! Good for her.

Emmy Awards 2011: A Modern Family Sweep

Jane Lynch said it best after a commercial break in which Modern Family had already started their 4/4 sweep (it ended up being a 5/5), the Emmys were more like the Modern Family Awards. This also brings up a point… are the Emmy writers writing on the go, with the help of Twitter, perhaps? I say that because I saw that joke on Twitter before Jane said it.

That being said, I though Jane was a phenomenal host. Agree or disagree?

Best Moments
1. Comedy Lead Actresses Pageant
This will go down as one of the Best Moments in Awards Show history. That skit was just priceless. At first, I thought Amy Poehler was a freaking genius (which she is) for walking up there to fake-accept the award. I almost died when Melissa McCarthy followed.

It received a well-deserved standing ovation from the audience. Then… bam!... Surprise! Melissa McCarthy? OK, whatever. Not even she saw that coming.

We all realized the mock pageant was all carefully planned beforehand, when the winner received not only the Emmy statue, but flowers and crown Miss Angola-style. HILARIOUS.

2. The Opening
Jane's words: “I’m going to sing it… in song,” to which Mr. President of Television replied, “They hardly let you sing on Glee!”

It’s too long for me to explain. Just relive it.

Watch out for this key moments: Jane with the Mad Men Cast, Randy Jackson cameo (pitchy dawg!), Jane slamming Dancing with the Stars and, yes, Jane can sing!

3. The Lonely Island (plus a bunch of other people) Performance
It took the help of the hilarious SNL kids to make Michael Bolton relevant again, because Dancing with the Stars did exactly the opposite.

God Bless Michael Bolton's heart for not taking himself seriously, and how about freaky William H. Macy?

For a few extra laughs, focus on the male dancers in water print Spandex onesies doing water-like movements.

With a medley of their hits, this was one of the best moments of the night. Watch:

4. The Speeches:
No wonder Modern Family is so funny! One of the show’s main writers, Steven Levitan, had some of the most memorable lines of the night in his 2 speeches. The first one featured this very laugh-inducing moment

Focus on the wife stealing the show! Hahaha!

Worst Moments
1. Something called “The Emmytones”
Apparently, someone in the creative team of this awards show is not so creative. Really, a chorus?

How did funny man Joel McHale agree to that? This was pathetic and we had to put up with them for the whole show.

Watch it here, or not (it’s painful).

2. Charlie Sheen Presenting his Former Category
Who came up with this? Chuck Lorre? That was sad. I’m not a Charlie Sheen fan by any means, but it was about time this recovering addict had a bit of a comeback. This wasn’t it.

He bumped the mic out of nervousness and his voice seemed to break. The unemployed winner is still not winning.

This video is not even worth watching. It's depressing. I shouldn't watch his Roast, I might cry.

3. Everything in between…
the comedy awards and that last Modern Family award was very sleep-inducing. I can just remember when that sweet old lady stumbled going up the stairs.

4. Il Divo?
Then, there was the In Memoriam and the performance of Hallelujah by guys that could be Il Divo or not.

Apparently, everyone in America thinks that any male foursome is Il Divo (they are actually something called The Canadian Tenors).

I have to say I like the rendition of the very over-played song. Some people thought it was a disrespect that one of them kept their hat on during the tribute to the deceased stars.
Me? I'm just happy Uncle Frank was in there.

A Quote To Remember…

Jane Lynch delivered some gems. Steve Levitan followed her in the race. Here are some of the best:

1. Best One-Liner:
"I can barely balance!" –Paula Abdul (after Jane Lynch said she could barely balance her checkbook)

2. The other Steve Levitan speech:
"And I thought to myself, 'Well, they are right; we are showing the world that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a loving, committed relationship between an old man and a hot young woman."--speaking about how a gay couple had thanked him for making the world more tolerant.

3. From another Modern Family Speech:
“And if he were here tonight, I think he would say, “But why the makeup?” –Ty Burrell speaking about his late father

4. The Best One. Period.:
“A lot of people are very curious why I’m a lesbian…. Ladies and gentleman, the cast of Entourage!” -Jane Lynch

All in all: A night full of surprises in the winners department... a comedienne beating both Tina Fey and Amy Poehler? Kate Winslet is almost an EGOT (an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony Award winner), she just needs the Tony. Writers still think the Sofia Vergara accent jokes are funny (and everyone else does to, including me!). And Glee might never win more Emmys.


The Kardashian Royal Wedding

The price tags on Kim Kardashian's and Prince William's weddings (respectively -not to each other) were about the same - $30 million. They're broadcasted on TV (one live, one 1 month later). The brides had more than 1 dress and the maids of honor wore white. Sounds like the second Royal Wedding of the year to me.

There are some differences though... Cate Middleton did her own make-up and Kim K. didn't. So, one really is from the royalty and one isn't.

First Things First: The Dress
Vera Wang is your best friend, we get it. You had 3 custom-made Vera Wangs worth about $20,000 each for free. I hate you. Lucky you.

So far, we only have a glimpse of the top bodice of the first one (courtesy of E!), because People Magazine paid $1.5 million for the exclusive pictures. (I was trying to come up with that money, but People Mag jumped ahead of me.)

Verdict? S.S.S. Same strapless sh·t! We see that on "Say Yes to the Dress" every day. Blah!

Kim: The Armenian Princess
Didn't she look like one? It was the headpiece!

That was cute, because I think that was her way of paying homage to the man that freed O.J. Simpson... or her dad, whatever.

The make-up
Flawless! Not surprising. Her face is always the one thing that's perfect in this girl.

However, if I had a lady doing my eyebrows with that kind of equipment, I'd look pretty damn flawless, too.

Bridesmaids in White
I raved about Cate Middleton's down-to-earth decision of having Pippa wear white and stealing her thunder.

I wasn't expecting the definition of center of attention (Kim Kardashian) to do the same. From now on, expect every wedding to feature bridesmaids in white. Pippa is a trendsetter.

Not so great

1. The wedding festivities ended at around 1:30 am after the neighbors complained of loud noise. Lame!

2. Loved how Bruce Jenner's idea of formal attire included diamond stud earrings. (I love him.)

4. See how I didn't mention Kris Humphries once? He better get used to that. I'm sure it's included in his contract somewhere.

It's Official: Kris Humphries is now Mr. Kris Kardashian

Whenever Kim K's 45 minutes of fame are up, mamma manager Kris Jenner will figure something out. She might get divorced and do this all over, but doing another sex tape would work, too. Hey, if it's profitable, the Kardashians won't rule it out.

Jokes aside... I was very happy to be front-row, as you can see in this picture.


Kristin Cavallari Rocks the Miami Fashion Week

Her workouts have been paying off. Proof of that is that she landed a guest spot (closing the show!) at the Diesel swimwear runway show at the Miami Fashion Week.

Blue glass... cutout swimwear... sounds like something you'd only wear on the runway and the Laguna Beach/The Hills villain sure rocked it out.

Also spotted in the first day of the swimwear fashion capital of the US was Jessica Szohr who was spotted in the DJ booth! Gossip Girl-actress-turned-DJ? Huh?

Project Runway star Nick Verreos was also in the audience.

Here's the video I edited for the Spanish newspaper website: El Mundo.


The X Factor Auditions: What You Won't See

They stopped in Miami for the judges audition round, and I was there to witness it all.
I'll tell you what The X Factor is all about.

Better Than Idol?
That's a hard one. There's something about American Idol we've all grown to love - from Ryan Seacrest to the opening credits music (admit it!). They've been around for 10 years and now that they're "remixed," they're unstoppable.

So, better than Idol? No.

Better Than The Voice?
I wouldn't even compare it. It is completely different.

It does remind me of...
America's Got Talent! All the judging is done in front of a live audience. That means the judges take the audience's opinion very much into consideration.

There's also the mean British judge. And there's also a bunch of untalented contestants, because Simon is not fun if he doesn't throw around the occasional "That's atrocious".

1. America loves Simon Cowell, and he is as funny as ever. Some say he's mean, I say Bring On The Snark his critique is always spot-on!

2. Paula Abdul is the nicest woman you'll ever meet. She truly cares about the contestants. She'll get up on stage to hug a contestant if they're crying. (JLo never walked up the stage to do that, and yes, Paula is also wearing 6-inch heels)

3. The Simon-Paula love-hate relationship! We all know Simon and Paula like to hate each other on-camera. They LOVE each other and it shows.

4. L.A. Reid is also a strong judge. He won't sugarcoat it. He knows what it takes to make it (he discovered Usher, Justin Bieber), and he is truly in the search of another worldwide superstar. That's cool.

1. The live audience only got to see the show's host Steve Jones for about 5 minutes. First Impression? Blah! Not a Ryan Seacrest.

2. 4 judges? Remember when Idol had a panel of 4 judges? It can get a bit tedious. I do love every single judge in The X Factor, though.

3. If you didn't like Simon Cowell, you might not want to watch. Wait, what? There's people that don't like Simon Cowell?

What You Won't See
1. The judges take their time. You may thing each contestant gets a minute, but they might get a good 10 minutes. Simon likes to stop them and ask them what other song they have. Also, contestants do their fair share of begging, and they don't ever show that.

2. In the course of about 5 hours, we saw about 20 contestants. Yes, it moves that slow.

3. You thought the judges were so unbelievably gorgeous just because? I hope you didn't, because that would be ignorant naive. They get hair/make-up touch ups ever 30 minutes or so.

4. Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like her? You should. Nicole Scherzinger's body is UNREAL. She is also so cute and nice, and agreed to take a picture with me "because I had a flower in my hair!" Hahaha! (You don't get pics with the judges unless you're very lucky)

5. The judges sit there for long periods of time just talking. Then, they turn around and talk to the people around them. Yeah, like normal people. LOVED seeing this.

6. Simon turns around to look at people's reactions and throws around the occasional wink (I got a couple). Swoon.
7. They get constant drink refills in their Pepsi cups (don't know what they're drinking though), and they are eating peanuts ALL the time. Nicole Scherzinger doesn't eat peanuts.

8. At one point, Simon got on Paula's nerves and she dumped the bowl of peanuts on him. Hilarious.

9. Paula Abdul is 48 years old and she has a rocking body. Best back, arms and legs I've seen in a while.

10. At some point, a big shot producer came to Nicole Scherzinger to tell her she was doing a good job. Awww.

In the Audience, Looks Matter
There's a huge team devoted to getting pretty people around the judges. It starts outside. If they like your look, you'll get Floor Tickets. I got there late, and still got floor tickets.

I sat in the last row of the floor and in about 1 minute, a member of the crew came up to us and brought us to the first row. They moved 2 younger kids back. I felt bad for a minute. They also move older people to the sides.

So, are you offended? Sure, be offended. The truth is that you like to see decent-looking people on camera, so that's what they give you. I say, Welcome To TV Land!

Contestants That Stood Out
16-year-old Jasmine Little (not sure about the spelling here) but she sang the world out of a Mary J. Blige and a Beyonce song. A guy named Jeremiah, and there's 2 other cute guys. One sang Break Even and the other one sang an original and Stand By Me.

P.S. I asked Simon Cowell to marry me. He said "Of course, but you know I won't get married!". Is that a yes or a no?


The Voice: The Strongest Team is....

The chair swiveling is over. The coaches fighting each other is over. I'm hoping Mark Burnett adds his own twist to the live shows, or else, from now on this is pretty much American Idol (with Adam Levine instead of Steven Tyler, which is a definite plus).

Let's Talk Front-Runners

Actually, it's more, like let's talk about my favorites.

I find it hard to fall in love with a girl's voice, until I met Blake Shelton. No, I'm not being offensive here. I'm saying Blake just discovered my two favorite girl singers... probably ever.

1. Dia FramptonI've already addressed my love for Dia. She covers a bunch of songs on youtube. I like this Adele Cover.

2. XeniaThis is the kind of voice I want to play over and over. Obviously, Blake Shelton is in to the same type of girls I am (No, I don't like Miranda Lambert, and I no I am not lesbian, I like their voices).

Adorable little Xenia belts out some John Mayer for us, and it's hard not to love it.

Will the rest of America get it? I don't know. America is used to the power ballad singer, which is why Christina Aguilera's girls could do well.

My advice to Blake: This girls are so incredibly shy, Reba might not be enough to get this girls out of their shell. Start making some phone calls to people that will snap them out of their super extreme introverted ways, or their stand-out voices won't be enough.

3. Nakia
I have also professed my love for Nakia before. The guy is super cool.

Also, he has a great game plan. If you tweet about how much you like him, he'll reply! The audience gets to vote on this upcoming live shows, so that's a great way to secure a couple of votes.

4. Javier Colon
Need I say more?

Best Team?
Tough question. I'd say each coach has 2 stand-outs.

Adam Levine started out pretty good. However, he got SO picky he had to rely on the rejects to complete his team, and that might have hurt him. Javier Colon and Jeff Jenkins are his strong players, no doubt. Casey could surprise us.

Cee Lo Green has Nakia. Vicci Martinez is a little powerhouse, but Vicci, I sometimes Forget You!

Christina Aguilera is not my type of singer. For that reason, some of her picks are not my cup of tea. My favorite? Beverly, no doubt, but she might scare America. I can't imagine the viewers of a singing competition falling in love with a lesbian skinhead (I actually dig her!). Frenchie is strong and her Broadway experience and Idol past could benefit her.

Blake Shelton picked my two fave girls in any singing competition ever. I'm obviously against oversingers. Patrick Thomas and Jared Blake? Blah! We already have Scotty McCreery and Chris Daughtry. Nice try, though.

That being said... Who has the Best Team? I'd say Adam Levine. His persuasive ways earned him the two singers every coach turned around for, and that has got to mean something.

Also, let’s hope The Voice has a better voting system than Idol, or it will be crowning another tween, and based on Carson Daly’s repetitive “we’re different from every other singing competition” speech, that isn’t the goal.


I Met Brett Dennen

May 10th, My Birthday

I decided to spend my birthday going to the concert of my beloved Brett Dennen in Fort Lauderdale, FL at "The Culture Room". Wikipedia describes him as a pop/folk singer and songwriter, for those of you who don't know him.

My freshman year of college I stumbled upon his song "Blessed," and it has been a lovefest ever since.

I arrived very early to park and go eat somewhere close. I arrived, parked, got out of the car. Then, I saw Brett Dennen. I freaked out.

I went over and took a picture with him. It was all very awkward. That's how meeting a someone you listen to over and over is supposed to be, I guess. I told him it was my birthday. He said "Oh! How are you?" You'd think he'd say Happy Bday, but no. That's Brett for you.

Let's focus on the picture for a second. Yes, he's carrying a lounge chair and a portable grill. Apparently, he does some pre-concert tailgating. Interesting. No, he didn't invite me to join.
You are probably all wondering what my twitter friend (singer Jamie Grace) asked. Brett is 6'5". Hope that clears up the speculation.

Here's my FAVORITE song from his new CD "Loverboy". This performance was on Jimmy Kimmel Live, because I love Jimmy, basically.

P.S. I love his dancing. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

It's your Top 4 (Recap), America!

We all know how important it is to make it through to next week. The Top 3 will go home and the mayor's of their cities will go nuts spending thousands (maybe millions) towards a ridiculously extravagant welcome. What is truly ridiculous is that I will cry ALL throughout that episode . After all, I found myself bawling after this show's opening montage that teased to next week's show by showing the biggest crybabies of American Idol history. (Elliot Yamin! Awww). I can't believe we're missing on Casey Abram's crazy emotional self going home. Uggghh.

Random Thought #1: I miss Casey Abrams and Paul McDonald terribly!

This week there was no theme. Well, there were 2. One was inspirational songs (they couldn't find a broader category) and the other one was songs by the songwriting duo Leiber and Stoller (insert yawn). Apparently, Nigel Lythgoe also thought those 2 were boring, so he brought in Lady Gaga to mentor the Top 4.

The Durbs
Those idol producers love James Durbin. He opened AND closed the show. Talk about a pimp spot... a double pimp spot!

He totally gave me the chills with "Don't Stop Believing". However, I get the chills when I hear that song sang by anyone live.

Then, it was Gaga James! Something I would much rather forget. Gaga molested James, and Heidi (James' fiancee) was probably pissed off or NOT. Even if Gaga doesn't wear pants, she's scary, not sexy, and I'm not being mean because that's what she's going for.

Random Thought #2: JLo's stylist's son was sick or something, because for some reason, they didn't show up to work. Hated the hair... and that denim top was ill-fitting.
Audience Sightings
I had never been so fluttered in my life with these. Fluttered? I should go back and delete that word, but I'll leave it just so you get a feel of how my uncontrollable emotions are overpowering the idea of making sense. (Is this how Steven Tyler feels after every critique?)

1. Paul McDonald! Oh wait, he's not alone. It's girlfriend Nikki by his side. This was devastating because no woman deserves to see her man with another woman. However, towards the end of the show, they stole my heart. The chemistry, the PDA! Awwww. Cute. I approve of Nikki Reed.

2. Casey Abrams! Oh wait, he's not alone either. Why are all my idol loves such players? He was with his high school prom date... cute colombian girl from Top 24, Julie Zorrilla (the best dressed girl on Idol before Soyon An - the girl's stylist -EVER).

3. Alex Wong from SYTYCD. Heart him.

Random Thought #3: I envision the arms of the World's Most Beautiful Woman being a lot more toned. JLo, you can thank HDTV for that... or sue Tracy Anderson.

Her inspirational tune was Michael Jackson's "Earth Song". The first half bored me to death. The second half was good... not great, just good.

Then, JLo gave her incredibly logical-sounding critique, which is surprising on this panel of judges. Jennifer told Miss Reinhart she needs to up her game on song choices. 100% true. Randy agreed and Haley proved to America she's a BRAT. Apparently, girl can't take criticism or keep her mouth shut.

Steven, of course, loved it. He loves everything. He said Haley "reinharted" her way into the Top 3. JLo found that incredibly hilarious. You clever Aerosmith!

Let's all remember when Ryan asked Randy who won Round #1 and he said it was a tie between Scotty, James and Lauren. Oh, SNAP! Of course, Little Miss Attitude answered back: "That's so nice of you" among other nice remarks.

Later, with the help of Gaga she redeemed herself and rekindled her love with Randy thanks to Ryan. Ummm... too late. I don't like you now.

Scotty, The Body
I need explanations. Why has Ryan decided "The Body" is an appropriate nickname for this kid? They seem awfully friendly with one another, too.

Random Thought #3: Scotty is obsessed with Granny Smith apples. Code 4017.

Scotty's first song was a country song about God. Shocker. However, that, America, is our next American Idol! That kid's passion moves me.

Later, Gaga turned Scotty into a little monster, and I have to admit I'm all over this kid and his comedic performance. How can someone be SOOO hilarious and so touching in the course of 90 minutes? You know what that means? A Scotty concert would be crazy good.

Here's the first song.

Lauren Alaina
Another country song to God. These country kids are very religious.

She was good. So good that Steven Tyler's favorite part of her perfomance was the buckles on her shoes! WTF? At least Paula Abdul was in love with a contestant's whole shoe.

With that perfomance came Randy's first "You're in it to win it" - many more to come.

Later, Lauren sang "Trouble". Wooohoooo! I'll take the Gaga-fied version of Lauren Alaina any day. She gave me that attitude I had been desperately searching for all season long.

Random Thought #4: Idol producers know how much America loves Casey and Paul, so they made him take over Ryan's gig for a second there. I died a little. Also, Paul was stoned... as usual.

My prediction? Haley Reinhart's attitude turned off America, so she will be sent home tonight. Say goodbye to your hometown welcome! It's appropriate to send her home. After all, she would have been the only contestant to not cry during the hometown welcome. She said, and I quote, "I never thought I'd get emo on this show" after the little feud with Randy.


Casey Abrams: The Day Before Idol Auditions

So this girl is all stressed out scoping the area getting ready for the Idol auditions the next day. Who is she? We don't know (and we kinda don't care).

It appears to be she's not the only hopeful strategizing the day prior. One more potential Idol was there too.... Mr. Casey Abrams!

The guy in the video, who seems particularly excited even though he's not the one auditioning, says Casey Abrams sounds like a famous name. He was right.

Today, Casey tweeted about it and look at him saving us a precious 90 minutes of our existence. Attaboy!

So, yeah, skip through the BS (Beautiful Scenery) to look at the cool, chill, ridiculously talented dude that should have won it all before he even knew he'd have a shot at IT.

And, by IT I don't mean JLo.


It's a Must-Watch: Cutest.Video.EVER!

I wouldn't tell you to watch something if it wasn't worth it.

Second 0:53 is the highlight. CUTENESS.

Jacob Lusk Needs To Grow Some Balls

The Diva Lusk is blaming Jimmy Iovine for his departure. He has got to be kidding me.

TMZ reported that ""American Idol" reject Jacob Lusk is telling friends he's not to blame for the TERRIBLE song choices that led to his elimination this week ... insisting he got BAD advice from Jimmy Iovine."

Jacob also said that he got pressured into doing "No Air".

Dear Jacob,
I don't think any of the Idols have ever been pressured to sing something they didn't want to. If they did, they spoke up (See: Casey Abrams and The Durbs).
Truth is you should have been voted off WEEKS ago.
Grow some balls!
Andrea V.

Also, I LOVE MTV's Jim Cantiello and his snarky Idol recaps. This one has probably been my favorite this season.

It's a Fashion OD: Alexander McQueen!

Just found this video of Alexander McQueen's Spring/Summer 2010 Presentation, Plato's Atlantis, in Paris.

Kate Middleton's wedding dress was Sarah Burton for McQueen, we just celebrated his life on Sunday in the Met Gala, and what better way than this to keep McQueen alive.

Even if you are not into McQueen or into fashion at all, everything about this is a work of art. Stunning.

P.S. My birthday is coming up. Something by Alexander McQueen would make my day... or tickets to the Idol finale. Thanks in advance.

ABC's Next Bachelor is... Blake Griffin!

Of course not. I just wanted to throw in a misleading blog title to the mix. Why not? "Credible" news sources do it all the time.

However, I would like him to become The Bachelor. He's the NBA Rookie of the Year, ladies, and my "sources" tell me he is single. That makes him more than eligible.

Can you call a 7-foot-tall man cute? I think you can't, but I'm going to go ahead and do so anyway.

This is not my typical celeb crush, but Blake Griffin is hilarious. He has that kind of unintentional humor that gets me.

And you have to love a guy that wears a waterproof Dora The Explorer backpack.

Are the Clippers still in the playoffs? I'm guessing not.

I could be the next Kim Kardashian dating a guy 3 times her height. I'd just do that for Blake though.

He was on Conan last night. You're welcome.