I Met Brett Dennen

May 10th, My Birthday

I decided to spend my birthday going to the concert of my beloved Brett Dennen in Fort Lauderdale, FL at "The Culture Room". Wikipedia describes him as a pop/folk singer and songwriter, for those of you who don't know him.

My freshman year of college I stumbled upon his song "Blessed," and it has been a lovefest ever since.

I arrived very early to park and go eat somewhere close. I arrived, parked, got out of the car. Then, I saw Brett Dennen. I freaked out.

I went over and took a picture with him. It was all very awkward. That's how meeting a someone you listen to over and over is supposed to be, I guess. I told him it was my birthday. He said "Oh! How are you?" You'd think he'd say Happy Bday, but no. That's Brett for you.

Let's focus on the picture for a second. Yes, he's carrying a lounge chair and a portable grill. Apparently, he does some pre-concert tailgating. Interesting. No, he didn't invite me to join.
You are probably all wondering what my twitter friend (singer Jamie Grace) asked. Brett is 6'5". Hope that clears up the speculation.

Here's my FAVORITE song from his new CD "Loverboy". This performance was on Jimmy Kimmel Live, because I love Jimmy, basically.

P.S. I love his dancing. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

It's your Top 4 (Recap), America!

We all know how important it is to make it through to next week. The Top 3 will go home and the mayor's of their cities will go nuts spending thousands (maybe millions) towards a ridiculously extravagant welcome. What is truly ridiculous is that I will cry ALL throughout that episode . After all, I found myself bawling after this show's opening montage that teased to next week's show by showing the biggest crybabies of American Idol history. (Elliot Yamin! Awww). I can't believe we're missing on Casey Abram's crazy emotional self going home. Uggghh.

Random Thought #1: I miss Casey Abrams and Paul McDonald terribly!

This week there was no theme. Well, there were 2. One was inspirational songs (they couldn't find a broader category) and the other one was songs by the songwriting duo Leiber and Stoller (insert yawn). Apparently, Nigel Lythgoe also thought those 2 were boring, so he brought in Lady Gaga to mentor the Top 4.

The Durbs
Those idol producers love James Durbin. He opened AND closed the show. Talk about a pimp spot... a double pimp spot!

He totally gave me the chills with "Don't Stop Believing". However, I get the chills when I hear that song sang by anyone live.

Then, it was Gaga James! Something I would much rather forget. Gaga molested James, and Heidi (James' fiancee) was probably pissed off or NOT. Even if Gaga doesn't wear pants, she's scary, not sexy, and I'm not being mean because that's what she's going for.

Random Thought #2: JLo's stylist's son was sick or something, because for some reason, they didn't show up to work. Hated the hair... and that denim top was ill-fitting.
Audience Sightings
I had never been so fluttered in my life with these. Fluttered? I should go back and delete that word, but I'll leave it just so you get a feel of how my uncontrollable emotions are overpowering the idea of making sense. (Is this how Steven Tyler feels after every critique?)

1. Paul McDonald! Oh wait, he's not alone. It's girlfriend Nikki by his side. This was devastating because no woman deserves to see her man with another woman. However, towards the end of the show, they stole my heart. The chemistry, the PDA! Awwww. Cute. I approve of Nikki Reed.

2. Casey Abrams! Oh wait, he's not alone either. Why are all my idol loves such players? He was with his high school prom date... cute colombian girl from Top 24, Julie Zorrilla (the best dressed girl on Idol before Soyon An - the girl's stylist -EVER).

3. Alex Wong from SYTYCD. Heart him.

Random Thought #3: I envision the arms of the World's Most Beautiful Woman being a lot more toned. JLo, you can thank HDTV for that... or sue Tracy Anderson.

Her inspirational tune was Michael Jackson's "Earth Song". The first half bored me to death. The second half was good... not great, just good.

Then, JLo gave her incredibly logical-sounding critique, which is surprising on this panel of judges. Jennifer told Miss Reinhart she needs to up her game on song choices. 100% true. Randy agreed and Haley proved to America she's a BRAT. Apparently, girl can't take criticism or keep her mouth shut.

Steven, of course, loved it. He loves everything. He said Haley "reinharted" her way into the Top 3. JLo found that incredibly hilarious. You clever Aerosmith!

Let's all remember when Ryan asked Randy who won Round #1 and he said it was a tie between Scotty, James and Lauren. Oh, SNAP! Of course, Little Miss Attitude answered back: "That's so nice of you" among other nice remarks.

Later, with the help of Gaga she redeemed herself and rekindled her love with Randy thanks to Ryan. Ummm... too late. I don't like you now.

Scotty, The Body
I need explanations. Why has Ryan decided "The Body" is an appropriate nickname for this kid? They seem awfully friendly with one another, too.

Random Thought #3: Scotty is obsessed with Granny Smith apples. Code 4017.

Scotty's first song was a country song about God. Shocker. However, that, America, is our next American Idol! That kid's passion moves me.

Later, Gaga turned Scotty into a little monster, and I have to admit I'm all over this kid and his comedic performance. How can someone be SOOO hilarious and so touching in the course of 90 minutes? You know what that means? A Scotty concert would be crazy good.

Here's the first song.

Lauren Alaina
Another country song to God. These country kids are very religious.

She was good. So good that Steven Tyler's favorite part of her perfomance was the buckles on her shoes! WTF? At least Paula Abdul was in love with a contestant's whole shoe.

With that perfomance came Randy's first "You're in it to win it" - many more to come.

Later, Lauren sang "Trouble". Wooohoooo! I'll take the Gaga-fied version of Lauren Alaina any day. She gave me that attitude I had been desperately searching for all season long.

Random Thought #4: Idol producers know how much America loves Casey and Paul, so they made him take over Ryan's gig for a second there. I died a little. Also, Paul was stoned... as usual.

My prediction? Haley Reinhart's attitude turned off America, so she will be sent home tonight. Say goodbye to your hometown welcome! It's appropriate to send her home. After all, she would have been the only contestant to not cry during the hometown welcome. She said, and I quote, "I never thought I'd get emo on this show" after the little feud with Randy.


Casey Abrams: The Day Before Idol Auditions

So this girl is all stressed out scoping the area getting ready for the Idol auditions the next day. Who is she? We don't know (and we kinda don't care).

It appears to be she's not the only hopeful strategizing the day prior. One more potential Idol was there too.... Mr. Casey Abrams!

The guy in the video, who seems particularly excited even though he's not the one auditioning, says Casey Abrams sounds like a famous name. He was right.

Today, Casey tweeted about it and look at him saving us a precious 90 minutes of our existence. Attaboy!

So, yeah, skip through the BS (Beautiful Scenery) to look at the cool, chill, ridiculously talented dude that should have won it all before he even knew he'd have a shot at IT.

And, by IT I don't mean JLo.


It's a Must-Watch: Cutest.Video.EVER!

I wouldn't tell you to watch something if it wasn't worth it.

Second 0:53 is the highlight. CUTENESS.

Jacob Lusk Needs To Grow Some Balls

The Diva Lusk is blaming Jimmy Iovine for his departure. He has got to be kidding me.

TMZ reported that ""American Idol" reject Jacob Lusk is telling friends he's not to blame for the TERRIBLE song choices that led to his elimination this week ... insisting he got BAD advice from Jimmy Iovine."

Jacob also said that he got pressured into doing "No Air".

Dear Jacob,
I don't think any of the Idols have ever been pressured to sing something they didn't want to. If they did, they spoke up (See: Casey Abrams and The Durbs).
Truth is you should have been voted off WEEKS ago.
Grow some balls!
Andrea V.

Also, I LOVE MTV's Jim Cantiello and his snarky Idol recaps. This one has probably been my favorite this season.

It's a Fashion OD: Alexander McQueen!

Just found this video of Alexander McQueen's Spring/Summer 2010 Presentation, Plato's Atlantis, in Paris.

Kate Middleton's wedding dress was Sarah Burton for McQueen, we just celebrated his life on Sunday in the Met Gala, and what better way than this to keep McQueen alive.

Even if you are not into McQueen or into fashion at all, everything about this is a work of art. Stunning.

P.S. My birthday is coming up. Something by Alexander McQueen would make my day... or tickets to the Idol finale. Thanks in advance.

ABC's Next Bachelor is... Blake Griffin!

Of course not. I just wanted to throw in a misleading blog title to the mix. Why not? "Credible" news sources do it all the time.

However, I would like him to become The Bachelor. He's the NBA Rookie of the Year, ladies, and my "sources" tell me he is single. That makes him more than eligible.

Can you call a 7-foot-tall man cute? I think you can't, but I'm going to go ahead and do so anyway.

This is not my typical celeb crush, but Blake Griffin is hilarious. He has that kind of unintentional humor that gets me.

And you have to love a guy that wears a waterproof Dora The Explorer backpack.

Are the Clippers still in the playoffs? I'm guessing not.

I could be the next Kim Kardashian dating a guy 3 times her height. I'd just do that for Blake though.

He was on Conan last night. You're welcome.


I Need The Budget Spending Plan for Gaga's "Judas"

Did I hear they spent $10 million on this?

Did Laurie Ann Gibson (Gaga's creative director/choreographer/now music video director/wannabe lover) pocket 9 of those 10 million?

This video looks cheap to me. Maybe I'm used to really great videos made by real music directors like Jonas Akerlund's Telephone.

Laurie Ann should stick to choreography, or keep doing music videos for emerging artists like she's doing on The Dance Scene.

Also, the song is her worst ever.

Judas Juda ah ah Judas Juda ah ah Gaga Ga Ga Gaga Ga Ga ah

NO. Just NO.

I'm sure the church is enraged bla bla bla. The video is crap.

P.S. I love you, Mark Kanemura.

Briston Palin, the next Heidi Montag?

This girl better not go telling the world she had nothing done, because she obviously did... and... she looks freaking fantastic.

This girl is the Tea Party outcast. First, a teen mom and now... on her way to becoming the next Heidi Montag.

I hope Bristol does stop here though.

Sarah Palin, what's going on here? And NO pussy-footing around please (Sarah's words. Not mine).

Why is All of America Saying "Finally" Tonight?

After Idol, my timeline was full of one word today... Finally.

Jacob Lusk was harder to get rid off than a marriage with domestic abuse.

Let's talk about to other Jacob-related things.
1) Did you see him in that Gordon Ramsey skit? Was he a cheerleader back in the day? Someone give him some pompoms!
2) In the Ford Music Video everyone was doing magic tricks. Is going down a flight of stairs with some major divatude magic for him? Hmm??

Now, Lauren Alaina has to learn how to control herself. That's because she'll probably be in the bottom 2 again next week.

It's Miss Jennifer Lopez!
1- The lady is 40 and she does a whole lot more than Britney at 30.
2- Yes, she is the most beautiful woman in the world. I have no doubt about that.
3- Note to Naima: That's how you sing and dance at the same time.
4- No, Ryan Seacrest, you didn't fool anyone. That performance was clearly pre-taped.
5- Confession: I had no love for JLo pre-Idol. Everything has changed now. She's a sweety.
"On The Floor" feat. Pitbull "Live" (Pre-recorded in 10 takes) on American Idol

As little as I like the newly booted out Idol, let's remember his best performance on Idol... back in Hollywood week!


It's your Top 5 (Recap), America!

I remember the days when I was completely in love with some of the Idols, and I would be very happy/stressed out about Wednesdays/Thursdays. That's not the case these days. I miss Paul McDonald and Casey Abrams.(American Idol was OVER for me last week.)

Anyway, it's Top 5 and now there is not one thing in Steven Tyler's eyes/ears that is not "beautiful". I swear. Not one. (Someone give him a thesaurus!)

Can you imagine what he thinks of the World's Most Beautiful Woman? She should be like REALLY, REALLY beautiful for him.

THEN, I was happy to watch Idol. NOW, not so much.

Is that why this week's theme is Then and Now?

Some say it's because they sing old songs and then songs from now. Yeah, whatever.

Also, staying true to the week's theme, I'll post pictures from the Idols Then and Now. Sorta. I'll do my best.

The Durbs

I remember when he auditioned. My mom did not. So I made her watch the audition, sob story included.

Not much has changed personality-wise. He still cries a lot. BUT he is a much better singer now.

The Now Song was 30 Seconds To Mars and I loved it. If this guy doesn't give me drama/fire/drums on stage, I don't like it.

That's why I didn't like the Then Song. Yeah, his emotion was all over it, but that doesn't mean it was good. His vocal was his worst ever. I had no idea James could have a not-so-good vocal.

Is it just me or is James packing up LBs like crazy?

I want him in the Top 2. No doubt. He'll be overweight by then.

The Lusk

Today, Jacob said he's an artist that appeals to everybody. How come you don't appeal to me?

He sang Jordin Sparks's No Air. Ughh. He also sang Chris Brown's part. Double Ughh. Twitter tells me it's Chris Brown's B-Day. Does he choose his songs based on who's birthday it is that day? (He did that with Luther a couple of weeks ago, too)

Apparently, this girl on Twitter agrees with me. She needs help with her grammar/spelling, but OK.

Lauren Alaina

My mom hates Lauren Alaina. I don't know why. Lauren and her accent are sorta cute. However, Lauren's Now Song has been my mom's fave Lauren Alaina performance so far. Whatever that means.

It was OK. Lauren is always just OK for me. There's no connection.

Country Scotty

He's a cutey!

The Now Song was so much power, intensity and can I say SWAGGER! That kid. I have to openly admit I want Scotty to be the next American Idol.

The Then Song was Elvis. How many times has Scotty done Elvis? I don't know, but this was great.

Also, Sheryl Crow wants Scotty to move to Nashville. Sheryl is clearly in love with him. Does she know he's underage? She said she just wants to get him in touch with her people. Careful, Crow, careful.

Haley Abrams (Sounds good, doesn't it?)

I was searching for Haley pics, and I saw this. One of the automatic image searches said "Haley Reinhart Legs". JLo, you got yourself some competition.

Anyway... that hippy chick! She's a hippy from the midwest! Maybe that's why I like her so much. And then, she gives us Gaga. Why??!?!

The problem is that not everyone can stand up to Jimmy Iovine. Leave that to her ex-musical counterpart or James Durbin. Also, she saw the whole thing as an opportunity to get on the phone with Gaga. She was like I'm singing a crappy song, but Gaga called me.

Thank God she sang a redemption song. No, not Bob Marley's. She's not that hippy. It was "House of the Rising Sun", but she sure redeemed herself.

Sheryl Crow's advice to do the acapella intro might have saved her life. You owe that girl something (She might need a husband! Hint-hint. One more year, Scotty).

Here it is. The best performance of the night... and Haley's best ever.

America Wanted MORE Blind Auditions

My The Voice recap could very well be a compilation of Adam Levine's quotes (and the occasional Blake Shelton gem), but then that would be a compilation of quotes.

Apparently, we wouldn't want that. (Huh? Who's we?)

Blind Auditions are Over
That was it? 2 episodes?

Does that mean the show is over? Because the show was all about "The Blind Audition".

Maybe I am so used to auditions being like 6 weeks, that this confused me (I blame Simon Fuller for that).

However, I think America wanted more blind auditions. I said it last week. That chair swiveling was PRICELESS, and now it was taken away from us.

By the way, by America I mean myself.

The Teams Are Complete... but not for long
I love how it took Adam forever. He's so competitive. Hearts.

As of last week, Adam had the best team. Now, there are 32 people to keep track of, and I'm not sure anymore.

However, I am sure who doesn't have the best team, and that is XTina. She said at one point great things come in small packages. I am not sure if she's aware she is not a small package anymore. (Yeah, get offended, whatever.)

As soon as next week, the teams will no longer be an 8-person team. They'll be cut in half.

All this is traveling way too fast for me. That means the show will be over in like 1month. And THAT means less Adam Levine for the people. Tragedy.

It's a One-Liner Paradise
1. Adam to CeeLo when he talked about 'his friend, Pink':
"Let me get that name for you, you dropped it."

2. Blake answering why they should pick him over CeeLo:
"Because he dresses like a peacock!"

3. And the best of the night. By of course, Adam.
"I need a woman for my team and sadly you have a penis"

Let's Talk About The Voices
1. That fat brave old gay guy. Singing CeeLo's "Forget You" was pretty awesome.

2. Dia was my favorite female singer on The Voice... or in the world. Not sure. Love the tone in her voice. I would have pushed that button as fast (if not faster than) as Blake Shelton.

And then... I found This with two of my favorite things right now. Mumford and Dia's voice. HEAVEN.

That's all I have to say about The Voices. Especially, because I am very disappointed that they ran out of voices and had to bring The Voice Castoffs for a "second shot". Blah!

Casey Abrams - Esperanza Spalding Duet?

No. This isn't official. My sources didn't tell me this. I have no sources.

But wouldn't this be amazing for the Idol finale?

We all know how much the producers like to pair up the Idols with their Idols. Let's make this happen, Nigel. It's a match made in bass heaven.

And Casey is clearly in love with her. Well, maybe not in love. He probably just wants to be her "musical counterpart".


America's Next Great Restaurant

Is... Soul Daddy!

I predicted this (sorta) back in April 24. Here's proof.

I just watched the finale and..
1. I am hungry. (I'm actually craving some of Joey's meatballs, though)
2. Will this be America's Next Great Restaurant? No. That was Brooklyn Meatball Co., but that Italian mafia guy can't seem to figure out how to run a business. Poor guy.

So, what did the judges see? Jamawn's passion. Anyone that cries in every episode steals my heart. Apparently, Flay and the gang agree with me.

Just Watched Glee's "Born This Way". One Week Later.

Yes. I just literally watched it 10 minutes ago. What does that say of me as a blogger? It says I have other things to do and no one pays me for this.

Now, if Born This Way would have been any less amazing there would have been no need to recap it... BUT, it was AMAZING.

I loved how Lea Michele's discussed-in-real-life nose became a part of the storyline. Just genius. And then came... TLC's "Unpretty". I teared up in the first 2.1 seconds of the song, and then bawled all throughout it. (Chills, chills, chills!.. Just like the Destiny's Child song... or one alphabet later away from it.)

Then came the closeted-lebanese (hilarity!) and her plan to rule the prom. Amazing little plot to do what is right for every Glee fan... Bring Kurt Back. We can't have him not appearing in every single episode, especially now that he's one of Time's Most Influential.

Can we please talk about The Warblers' trip to McKinley to sing Keane? Bawling. Again. I hope Klaine continues to exist, but the preview of next week's (today's) Glee kind of sounded like maybe they wouldn't. Oh God, say it isn't so.

Kurt's solo? Magic.

Finn stole my heart many times throughout Born This Way. First, in that number with Mike Chang, but even more when he supported bro Kurt. AND he had a Lucy Kaboosey wallet photo! Cuteness.

I'm I the only one totally over the Puck-Zizez relationship? I hate it. So not believable.

The Mall Barbra Streisand flash-mob/"Barbra-vention"? Golden.

And then we had, the insecurities T-shirts for the Born This Way number! Was I dreaming or was that as spectacular as I thought it was? WoW.

My faves?
1. Kurt's "Likes Boys"
2. Mike's/Finn's "Can't Sing/Can't Dance"
3. Wait... I was going to start listing my faves, but thinking back, I'll probably have to list all of them.
Now my ABSOLUTE favorite was Emma's "OCD". Bawling. Again. (Are we keeping track of how many times I've cried in this episode?)

In an episode with the most brilliant song choices ever, Kurt was more fab than ever, and I just cried once again with that Born This Way performance.

If you would do shots every time I cry during Glee you'd be wasted in the first half hour.

It's a Fashion OD: Met Gala!

My heart breaks at the end of each Awards Season, but then comes the Met Gala - a gift sent to us by the fashion Gods.

Best Dressed

1. Gisele Bundchen can do almost no wrong in my eyes. Looking absolutely fab in the king of the night, Alexander McQueen.

2. SJP. Stunning. Also in McQueen.

3. Only Gwyneth Paltrow can wear up-to-there slits and make it look elegant at 38. Gwyn in Stella McCartney.

4. Diane Kruger (wearing Jason Wu) hits the red carpet and once again scores. Flawless.

5. Haven't seen Christina Ricci looking this fab in years. Gorgeous in a Zac Posen gown.

Best of the Best? Christina Ricci (SJP in a close second)

Could have been Best Dressed

1. The slender Zoe Saldana could have been among the Best Dressed if I had 6 spots instead of 5. I just ADORE these simple, sleek, pastel Calvin Kleins we've been seeing all throughout Awards Season.

2. Rihanna could have been Best Dressed if she would have worn different shoes. I hate those, but then I LOVE her hair. So that's a nice balance of love/hate. Dress by Stella McCartney

Why, Julianne?

This dresses look the same to me. She wore the Malandrino with pink/purple prints to this year's Grammys, which had already been a year prior in green by Lea Michele.

Not only that, but she did again! Sorta. But... this one is Burberry. I'm guessing Ryan has something to do with that. (Ryan wears Burberrry exclusively)

P.S. Someone need to teach Ryan how to pose. He looks ridicc. I'm sure he has people. TONS of people.

Worst Dressed

1. Miranda Kerr in an ill-fitting Marchesa. I hate the shoes. Hate the assymetrical tulle. Not good.

2. Can you believe Alicia Keys is 30? No? Me neither. This Givenchy does nothing for her and she is a pretty girl.

3. Fergie was watching the Royal Wedding and decided she was going to wear what Kate Middleton was wearing. A cheaper version that is. Maybe she didn't understand Kate was the bride. This was Marchesa. Horrible.

4. Then came Naomi. You don't do that to McQueen in his honor! Maybe a softer weave-do sans brooch would have helped. Costumy mess.

5. Lucy Liu in Vionnet. No.

Worst of the Worst? The scary brides, Fergie and Naomi.

Is Casey Abrams Really Dating Haley?

So, NO. Casey isn't dating Haley, which is great news for me in case my bf dumps me. He said they are "musical counterparts". That's what they call it these days.

Truth is... Press tour is still in full effect, and he continues to take himself not too seriously (which is why I would marry him).

This time he was hanging out with Al Roker and the gang, and then with Fox NY.

Here's the FOX NY one. Most genuine guy ever. <3

Source: MyFoxNY.com

When asked about kissing half of the audience, Casey answers: "Yeah, I should have kissed the other half!" (Oh, Casey I HEART you)


I Nominate Casey Abrams For Best New Artist Grammy

It doesn't work with nominations, does it? Oh well.

Here's Casey Abrams on Regis and Kelly Monday morning starting off his press tour.

Was he advised to cut off the growling? Sure seems like it.

On this May 2nd, 2011, I officially induct Casey Abrams into my Celeb Crush List.

Two inductees in one Idol season. Never seen before. (Paul McDonald is also a proud member)

OK, enough. I leave you with the most talented musician Idol has ever seen. <3


Obama's Sweet Revenge: A Trump Roast

Jason Sudeikis is hosting the VMAs? I say we should reconsider. Obama is the man for the job.

No, this was not Comedy Central's Roast, but it sure felt like it.

This is pure HILARITY.

Team Obama.