I Met Brett Dennen

May 10th, My Birthday

I decided to spend my birthday going to the concert of my beloved Brett Dennen in Fort Lauderdale, FL at "The Culture Room". Wikipedia describes him as a pop/folk singer and songwriter, for those of you who don't know him.

My freshman year of college I stumbled upon his song "Blessed," and it has been a lovefest ever since.

I arrived very early to park and go eat somewhere close. I arrived, parked, got out of the car. Then, I saw Brett Dennen. I freaked out.

I went over and took a picture with him. It was all very awkward. That's how meeting a someone you listen to over and over is supposed to be, I guess. I told him it was my birthday. He said "Oh! How are you?" You'd think he'd say Happy Bday, but no. That's Brett for you.

Let's focus on the picture for a second. Yes, he's carrying a lounge chair and a portable grill. Apparently, he does some pre-concert tailgating. Interesting. No, he didn't invite me to join.
You are probably all wondering what my twitter friend (singer Jamie Grace) asked. Brett is 6'5". Hope that clears up the speculation.

Here's my FAVORITE song from his new CD "Loverboy". This performance was on Jimmy Kimmel Live, because I love Jimmy, basically.

P.S. I love his dancing. LOVE LOVE LOVE.