it's a Pop OD Gets Deep: Creativity

Elizabeth Gilbert is an an
American author.
Describe me in one word. I would love at least 40% of the answers to be: “Creative”. That is because creativity, to me, is the one of the most valuable innate traits a person can have -and because I like to think that I am creative. Being creative is something I love to explore, because I know your creativity has the potential to grow if you feed it (inspiration). That is why I found the TED speech of Elizabeth Gilbert (Author of “Eat, Pray, Love) very inspiring and all-around special.

Perhaps, it is Gilbert’s approachable persona or her witty humor, but you are just drawn to her and her powerful ideas. During her presentation, she makes a distinction between creative people and the left-brained. The best-selling author points out that there is a certain risk involved with being an artistic individual. Why? Because there is a constant pressure to outdo yourself or others if you want to stand out.


Meet The Glee Project Season 2 contenders

Whether you’re a fan of Glee or not, The Glee Project is a show you NEED to be watching. Why? It’s so much more than just a talent show. It’s about kids with unique and inspirational stories fighting for their dream to be on Glee… and yes, they’re ridiculously talented. My suggestion? Keep a box of Kleenex handy while watching this show. It’s that moving.

Last season, The Glee Project selected two winners to be on Glee - Damian McGinty who plays Rory (Irish kid) and Samuel Larsen who plays Joe (guitar-playing Christian guy with dreadlocks). Other two contestants got minor roles. However, this season there will only be 1 lucky winner… supposedly (Producer Ryan Murphy loves a curveball!).

So, who are the contenders?


The Kardashian/Jenners do it Again!

You want to be in that family. Just admit it.
And what is that, you wonder? Another family vacation music video!

The family goes on these amazing vacations that always include crystal clear waters, bikinis and yachts. Instead of doing a boring family vacation video, they make a music video featuring all the members of the family lip-synching, Scott being his hilarious self, Kim being sexy when the rest of the family is just being funny & the Jenner sisters showing off their amazing bikini bodies.

Kendall and Kylie are responsible for editing the videos and their video editing skills continue to improve from video to video. Remember the first one? 

SYTYCD: If you've missed it...

Season 9 of So You Think You Can Dance is here. That's your alternative if you like talent competition shows, but do not want to take part in the overdose of singing shows out there.

America's favorite summer dance show (there might be no more summer dance shows - Dance Moms doesn't count) won Wednesday's primetime TV ratings battle with 7 million viewers.

If you have missed the first 2 episodes (shame on you!), there's still time to catch up, and I'm going to help you with that. The judges have already been to Dallas, New York and Los Angeles. Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy have been joined by different guest judges - from poetic krumper Lil C to the hilarious actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson.