The X Factor Season 2: Finale Predictions

It's time to crown the next Melanie Amaro... but let's not call them that, because that would mean that they'd have a rather unsuccessful year following their XFactor run.

Of course, you might win the $5 million, but you might not be the most successful in the real world. Example: Chris Rene's phenomenal year after landing third place. I predict this will happen to Emblem 3 this year.

Miss USA Olivia Culpo Now Belongs to Donald Trump

From the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show to the Miss Universe Pageant, it's no surprise women suffer from so many eating disorders. Men all over the world are also depressed because their girlfriends look nothing like this. It's a win-win situation... for no one... except of course, Donald Trump.

Highlights of the Miss Universe Pageant

1. Miss Venezuela's Answer
We all love laughing at girls that have spent years learning how to style their hair but can't answer a question, so here's this:

Girl, see that man standing there? He's a translator. They're paying him for people like you that don't speak great English. You should have used him. Second of all, the world needs no laws? Hmm... And, yes, please, tell us more about your surfing.

My Front Page Story

It's a Pop O.D. is usually about the celebs making front page covers, but this one time, I'm going to make it all about me.... and MY front page story.

OK, it's not People Magazine. That will come eventually. It's the front cover of the entertainment section of newspaper La Critica in Panama.

It's in Spanish, but most browsers are capable of translating websites these days, so you'll be fine. I'll translate the title for you: "Panamanian wins Emmy Award." Find more about that.

Plus... you took Spanish in high school, right? Don't tell me you only learned "Hola, Como estás?" and "Más cerveza, por favor!".

Click HERE for the full story.

P.S. Yes, I am Panamanian.


Most Fascinating People of The Year: Christmas Tree Edition

The it's a Pop O.D. Christmas Tree
There are two types of households: those that have the tradition to get the tree out of the box and those that have the tradition to go buy a fresh one. Of course, I grew up in an artificial Christmas tree household.

Last year, you might think I was being a Grinch, but in reality, I was just too lazy to go buy a Christmas Tree, because my family never taught me to do so.


Christmas at Popefeller

You've seen Christmas at Rockefeller. Yeah, you know. That interesting Christmas TV special that looks exactly the same every single year in which they devote an hour to the lighting of Christmas tree in New York City.

Somehow, Mariah Carey is on it like every year. Christina Aguilera is a pretty common guest on the show, too... but, The Rockettes... they are on it every single year.

If you missed that... do not worry. Christmas at Popefeller is here, and we have Mariah, Xtina, Bieber, even the Rockettes.


What was your favorite impersonation?


A Farewell Video to Twinkies!

As you may have heard, Hostess, the makers of the not-so-healthy Twinkies, Donettes and Wonderbread, is going out out of business. Twinkies will only be available until the current stock runs out.

How can you say goodbye to America's favorite snack, the Twinkies?

Attempting to break a Twinkie-eating world record! Right now it's set at 14. Will I do it?



The Issue with the new XFactor Hosts

We all know Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez are replacing that guy that no one remembers from season 1.

The choices are brilliant for many different reason, but I am very concerned about one thing. Producers must have been racking their brains looking for solutions for this obstacle.

I'm determined to help them out:


Let's O.D. on Social Media's Legal Issues!

As you may know, it’s a Pop O.D. also overdoses in Social Media, reason why we’re going to take a look at legal issues in the magical online world.

Social media has had so much impact in people’s lifestyles that posts in social networking sites are now commonly used as evidence in court cases (Casey Anthony MySpace photos!).

Aside from that, new issues arise every day that are interesting to look at because of their lack of legal precedents.


Phillip Phillips: Sweetest. National Anthem. Ever.

Something about his voice or about that soothing guitar or his cuteness... or all of the above.

American Idol winner Phillip Phillips sang the National Anthem on the first game of the 2012 World Series and stole our hearts in the process.

What a refreshing rendition. I'll take this over the over-singing versions of the Star Spangled Banner any day.


The X Factor: Judges' Homes Recap & Predictions

Nick & Demi mentor
the Young Adults
Bootcamp is over. Categories assigned. Contestants invaded the judges’ homes (or their fake homes, for that matter.)

But, what judge got the best team?

Young Adults 

Demi Lovato, the breakthrough judge of the year, got the Young Adults. Like I said in the previous X Factor recap, if producers are smart they’ll give her this category. Apparently, they are smart. You can’t lose the possibility of Jillian Jensen and Demi becoming BFFs and Demi shedding tears every time she performs.


The X Factor: Contestants to Watch

Auditions are over –and that is slightly sad, because there is nothing like a Simon Cowell metaphor for a terrible singer.

Demi Lovato proved to be a little breakout star-judge. She takes control of the judging table and gives Simon a run for his money with her one-liners- all while being constructive and adorable. 

Also, have you seen how much younger the crowd is this year? That is also thanks to Miss Lovato. Way to secure that younger demographic!


10 Things Twitter Hates About You

Your followers do things that probably annoy the life out of you. Do you do them, too?

I've compiled 10 of my biggest Twitter pet peeves.

Watch it. Your followers will thank you.


Gangnam Style!

I am currently ODing on Gangnam Style -the latest dance craze by Korean pop star PSY. But.... Who isn't?

In case you aren't into it yet... Let me warn you, it's VERY addictive. 

First things first -you need to learn the dance moves. You can do that on your own. What I was trying to figure out was how to sing this. I'm not Korean, so it hasn't been easy for me.

In the process of learning more about PSY (yes, in all caps), I caught my mom dancing to it. She does not know she's on YouTube... yet.


Meet Alex Tchekmeian.

From now on, when I think of the word entrepreneur, Alex K. Tchekmeian will be the first person who comes to mind. From a very young age, he had the makings of a true businessman. Today, Tchekmeian is the president and founder of AKT Enterprises (which is made up by 16 companies).

“The man is probably 60,” you might think. Think again. He is under 30!


Breaking News: A Celebrity Shopping Spree!

That’s exactly what TMZ and Daily Mail have been reporting on.

In reality…
1) This shouldn’t be considered a shopping spree, because a $3,000 shopping outing in Hollywood is the equivalent of you and I buying a Forever 21 tank top.

2) Lindsay Lohan is not even a celebrity anymore. I mean, when was the last time you saw her in court in a movie?

Wait, I take that back. She did do that super low-budget Liz Taylor movie (even though she looks nothing like her).


God congratulates Michael Phelps

The Hollywood movies God, Morgan Freeman, that is.

On Tuesday, Michael Phelps became the most decorated olympian of all time. On Wednesday, VISA already had a new ad- another tearjerker in sepia. Talk about prompt action!

What is so magical about VISA's commercial series? Is it the stories or is it the most amazing voiceover artist in the world? I say both.

Most importantly, notice that VISA has Morgan Freeman on call. Just like when you're on call for your shift at McDonalds.


Bachelorette: Who did Emily choose?

Girls all around America were able to have their own Super Bowl Sunday in July. Well, Bachelorette Sunday, that is. We treated it just like a Super Bowl game -except we were drinking wine instead of beer.

Chris Harrison had some scary ways to describe the finale in the intro... calling it unpredictable and telling us there would be some shocking secrets. Our minds were racing. What could be the shocking secrets? Is Ricki not an only child? Is Lil' Ricki dropping the "Lil'," like Lil' Romeo? Would Jef or Arie need to get Brad Womack's blessing?


Who Won "Duets"?

Well, I know the question on some of your guys' minds is more like "What is Duets?" and not "Who won Duets?" 

Duets is an ABC show where 4 amazingly good singers were fooled into thinking that a show of finding a Duet partner would be successful. They also brought in a host with a funky name and no last name. 

Hey, at least we got to see Robin Thicke in something other than in his music videos with his wife! 

So who won?!


America's Got Talent Quarterfinals

The King of All Judging Tables
Updated with Results 7/19 
We're past the auditions in which America proved they don't have much talent. Now, the acts picked by the judges are showing us how weird their talents actually are. It's a bit of a train-wreck and we love it, because it was Tuesday's most-watched show with 10.2 million viewers.

Best? Howard Stern, as usual. Always the voice of reason.
Worst? Most of the acts. I'll break it down...

1. The Untouchables
OK, these ballroom kids are good... beyond good! Their coaches were the leaders of last year's Miami All-Stars. If you thought those grown-ups were good dancers, get ready to have your mind blown. Such professionals. The technique is there, they're in perfect synch, the energy level, the lines... perfection! Also, does that little boy, D'Angelo, seem familiar? He won Paula Abdul's short-live dance show 'Live to Dance'.

Prediction: They'll be through to the next round. No doubt.
Results: IN

Jane After Dentist: on Jef Holm!

One thing is certain: David After The Dentist is now a thing of the past... at least for Bachelornation.

This girl Jane went to the dentist, and with the help of some drugs and evil family members with a camera we got this masterpiece. She's torn because she wants Jef to have happiness with Emily and Ricki, but she kinda' wants him for herself, too. It's hilarious -tears and all!

Jef himself found this gem of a video and wants to get in contact with the girl. Now, we're all secretly wishing we had our wisdom teeth pulled out & our mean sister recorded our love for Jef, don't we?

We don't blame her. 


Food Network Star's "Rebel with a Culinary Cause"

No Food Network Star contestant has caused this much excitement in my heart (and stomach!) EVER... and I've watched every single episode since Season 1.

It's Justin Warner. From his looks (you gotta' love his color-blocking style & that pompadour!) to his witty approach, he is just what this network needs.

Not only will he manage to bring in a younger demographic, but he will soon be as big as the other cooking channel heavy-hitters. I am not only saying this because Susie and Bob gave him a spot in the final 4. I have to say I called it on episode 1.


Phillip Phillips at MLB All-Star Game

The kidney stones are gone and our 2012 American Idol is back. Phillip Phillips performed his crowning single "Home" at the MLB All-Star game tribute concert for the victims of the tornados in Missouri and Alabama.

Luke Bryant some country singer had the task of singing the national anthem. CMT is not one of the channels I watch regularly, so I don't really know who he was. However, I do know he didn't know when he was supposed to start and it was slightly uncomfortable to watch. He sounded good, though. He had that country voice... you know, that deep voice all of them have.

Back to Phillip and his amazing song Home, which reminds us all a little bit of Mumford and Sons, he did a great job. I am just biased on this one. I just love this kid... and this song... and this kid.

VIDEO of the Performance:

You're not cool if you don't know Frank Ocean

And for once, it's not only Skrillex-type cool (not really cool, but people think it's cool). It is REALLY cool.

If you're on Twitter, you might have seen these trending topics lately: Channel Orange (his album), Forrest Gump (one of his songs) and Bad Religion (the song he performed on Fallon).

Let me break it down for you: He is only 24. He has written songs for Beyonce and Bieber. He's in the rap group Odd Future. He collaborated on Watch the Throne. He's signed to Def Jam. He's also gay -or bi? (as he revealed in a Tumblr post this past weekend)... and you all know how much of a taboo that is in the hip-hop world.


it's a Pop OD Gets Deep: Creativity

Elizabeth Gilbert is an an
American author.
Describe me in one word. I would love at least 40% of the answers to be: “Creative”. That is because creativity, to me, is the one of the most valuable innate traits a person can have -and because I like to think that I am creative. Being creative is something I love to explore, because I know your creativity has the potential to grow if you feed it (inspiration). That is why I found the TED speech of Elizabeth Gilbert (Author of “Eat, Pray, Love) very inspiring and all-around special.

Perhaps, it is Gilbert’s approachable persona or her witty humor, but you are just drawn to her and her powerful ideas. During her presentation, she makes a distinction between creative people and the left-brained. The best-selling author points out that there is a certain risk involved with being an artistic individual. Why? Because there is a constant pressure to outdo yourself or others if you want to stand out.


Meet The Glee Project Season 2 contenders

Whether you’re a fan of Glee or not, The Glee Project is a show you NEED to be watching. Why? It’s so much more than just a talent show. It’s about kids with unique and inspirational stories fighting for their dream to be on Glee… and yes, they’re ridiculously talented. My suggestion? Keep a box of Kleenex handy while watching this show. It’s that moving.

Last season, The Glee Project selected two winners to be on Glee - Damian McGinty who plays Rory (Irish kid) and Samuel Larsen who plays Joe (guitar-playing Christian guy with dreadlocks). Other two contestants got minor roles. However, this season there will only be 1 lucky winner… supposedly (Producer Ryan Murphy loves a curveball!).

So, who are the contenders?


The Kardashian/Jenners do it Again!

You want to be in that family. Just admit it.
And what is that, you wonder? Another family vacation music video!

The family goes on these amazing vacations that always include crystal clear waters, bikinis and yachts. Instead of doing a boring family vacation video, they make a music video featuring all the members of the family lip-synching, Scott being his hilarious self, Kim being sexy when the rest of the family is just being funny & the Jenner sisters showing off their amazing bikini bodies.

Kendall and Kylie are responsible for editing the videos and their video editing skills continue to improve from video to video. Remember the first one? 

SYTYCD: If you've missed it...

Season 9 of So You Think You Can Dance is here. That's your alternative if you like talent competition shows, but do not want to take part in the overdose of singing shows out there.

America's favorite summer dance show (there might be no more summer dance shows - Dance Moms doesn't count) won Wednesday's primetime TV ratings battle with 7 million viewers.

If you have missed the first 2 episodes (shame on you!), there's still time to catch up, and I'm going to help you with that. The judges have already been to Dallas, New York and Los Angeles. Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy have been joined by different guest judges - from poetic krumper Lil C to the hilarious actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson.


Best. Marriage Proposal. Ever.

We've seen many flash mob wedding proposals, but there's just something super special about this one. So original!

The guy is an actor. She thought she was just going to listen to a song, and she got this.

Girls, I dare you not to cry your eyes out. Guys, try to top this.


Facebook Camera: Sneaky Zuckerberg

This is how Facebook Camera
looks like - yeah, like Instagram.
Remember when Mark Zuckerberg bought Instagram for $1 billion dollars?

Well, looks like we now know the reason why he paid that price. Today, Facebook has released the Facebook Camera. You want to know how that works? Almost exactly like Instagram.

Everyone is questioning why would he spend a billion dollars if he is going to create his own photo-filtering app.

Here's What I Think
The answer is easy. He noticed the success of Instagram and wanted to emulate it, but you can't just copy stuff -unless you want to get sued.

What was Zuckerberg's thought? If I own Instagram, then I can't be sued when I copy their idea.

After being bought out, the 5 people working at Instagram started working for Facebook, and I'm guessing they developed the coding for Facebook Camera.

That Zucks!

Read more about Facebook Camera

The American Idol Finale Recap

Loved this Top 2

Few things in life are better than an American Idol finale. There's the Nokia theatre, Ryan Seacrest with his best Burberry suit and a hand-held microphone, the hilarious audition montages, the surprise performances, the bloopers... Pure entertainment!

This finale had over 20 million viewers, which is the lowest-rated Idol finale in history. I have no idea what the people not watching were doing. Their loss.

The Winner of American Idol is...

Cuteness OD.
Phillip Phillips!

Let's do some math here. A record 132 million votes came in. 20 million people watched the show and maybe half of them don't vote. So, 10 million raked in 132 million votes? Wow. The power of psycho tween voters!

The Guitar-playing White Guy
All those people complaining about having another white guy with a guitar, shouldn't be complaining... they should be voting. Yeah, I'm talking to all the old ladies that are probably fans of the powerhouse balladeer that watch and complain, but don't pick up their phone to vote.

I couldn't be more thrilled with this outcome. Like many, I also called it after his audition with the amazing acoustic version of "Thriller". The guy just has it -the talent, the charm, the looks, everything!


Forbes cover: Swaggie!

Who thought a finance magazine could have this much swag, swag, swag... on you?

Justin Bieber is covering Forbes, even though he did not take the #1 spot in the Celebrity 100. That spot belongs to Jennifer Lopez.

The Biebs has raked in $108 million in the past 2 years, so it's not a surprise he gets to cover the mag. This is also an opportunity for Forbes to reach the tween demographic, who will buy the mag to rip out the Bieber photos.

Bieber on the cover will probably make this edition a top seller.

Bieber also announced his new tour today which starts in September. My prediction is that tomorrow, he'll announce the tour is sold out.

Justin recently graduated from high school and his 'Boyfriend' YouTube video got a record 8 million views in the first day- the most any video has gotten in 1 day. That talented little kid!

DWTS crowns another black man

Football players can dance
Dancing with the Stars has crowned another winner, and it is (shocker!)... another black man -for the third consecutive season.

It's clear: American Idol viewers dig white guys with guitars and DWTS is all about a strong black man. The 2 previous winners are Hines Ward and J.R. Martinez.

The Fan Favorite
William Levy, placed third, and that was surprising. Every time he touched that dance floor, all you could hear was yelling at Justin Bieber-like volume. The latin Brad Pitt was definitely most-improved, but his American Dream won't include a Mirror Ball trophy.


Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars!

After so many seasons, a DWTS All-Star was much needed. After Season 14 ("The Most Competitive Season"), that's exactly what they need to keep their ratings up.

But the question on everyone's mind is... What stars will come back?

The winners might not do it... maybe for the right price, but these stars would be ideal for a round 2:


Idol: Goodbye JLo, Hello...?

Photo retrieved from: http://www.colourb4.com/images/uploads/blog/jennifer-lopez-idol-wave.jpg
She needs more free time to hang out with her 3 kids:
Max, Emme & Casper.
You know about the Forbes Celebrity 100 list, right? Well, the #1 spot no longer belongs to Lady Gaga. Jenny from the Block stole it after raking in $52 million last year. That's no surprise since she has been endorsing more products than Betty White lately. (See: The blatant product placement of the Fiat 500 on her music video, Loreal, Kohls, Gillete Venus, Tous, Harman Kardon, etc.)

So, does she really need to continue sitting on American Idol's judging table? Absolutely not and she is not. However, JLo should be thanking them because she was in a bit of a hiatus until she was rescued by Idol. We will miss her. Come on, all those tears were beyond endearing & her "goosies", too. Hitting on the 20-year-old contestants? Not so much.

Now, the question is, who will replace Jennifer Lopez?


it's a Pop OD is back!

New logo, same Andrea V.
Join me as we overdose on Pop Culture together.
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