The Issue with the new XFactor Hosts

We all know Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez are replacing that guy that no one remembers from season 1.

The choices are brilliant for many different reason, but I am very concerned about one thing. Producers must have been racking their brains looking for solutions for this obstacle.

I'm determined to help them out:


Let's O.D. on Social Media's Legal Issues!

As you may know, it’s a Pop O.D. also overdoses in Social Media, reason why we’re going to take a look at legal issues in the magical online world.

Social media has had so much impact in people’s lifestyles that posts in social networking sites are now commonly used as evidence in court cases (Casey Anthony MySpace photos!).

Aside from that, new issues arise every day that are interesting to look at because of their lack of legal precedents.


Phillip Phillips: Sweetest. National Anthem. Ever.

Something about his voice or about that soothing guitar or his cuteness... or all of the above.

American Idol winner Phillip Phillips sang the National Anthem on the first game of the 2012 World Series and stole our hearts in the process.

What a refreshing rendition. I'll take this over the over-singing versions of the Star Spangled Banner any day.


The X Factor: Judges' Homes Recap & Predictions

Nick & Demi mentor
the Young Adults
Bootcamp is over. Categories assigned. Contestants invaded the judges’ homes (or their fake homes, for that matter.)

But, what judge got the best team?

Young Adults 

Demi Lovato, the breakthrough judge of the year, got the Young Adults. Like I said in the previous X Factor recap, if producers are smart they’ll give her this category. Apparently, they are smart. You can’t lose the possibility of Jillian Jensen and Demi becoming BFFs and Demi shedding tears every time she performs.


The X Factor: Contestants to Watch

Auditions are over –and that is slightly sad, because there is nothing like a Simon Cowell metaphor for a terrible singer.

Demi Lovato proved to be a little breakout star-judge. She takes control of the judging table and gives Simon a run for his money with her one-liners- all while being constructive and adorable. 

Also, have you seen how much younger the crowd is this year? That is also thanks to Miss Lovato. Way to secure that younger demographic!