10 People at an Awards Show

We all like to watch awards shows... especially for the performances.

However, what you should really focus on is people in the audience.

Some are celebrities, some are regular folks that were lucky enough to snag a seat. Their reaction shots are always priceless.

Here are the 10 People you'll always find in an awards show audience.

1. The I Couldn't Care Less
Who would be a good example of this? Kanye West! 
Unless it was Jay Z performing, then he'd be all over it...

2. The I'm Old But I Want To Be Hip 
Oh, Kris Jenner, I'm looking at you. This would be the person that doesn't even know the lyrics but pretends they do.

3. The I Act Like A 15-Year-Old Fan Girl
Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift at every single awards show. 
Katy Perry and Rihanna acted like this, too.. when they where friends.

4. The I Feel Like I Am At Church

Picture Jennifer Hudson while the Arethas and Beyonces are performing.

5. The I Think I Should Be Up There Dancing
Either they are a frustrated dancer or just a dancer that can't believe they're not up on stage as a back up dancer. Example? Julianne Hough.

6. The I Forgot I Was At An Awards Show
Nicki Minaj at the 2013 BET Awards during the Elephant Man performance. That's all.

7. The I Came Here To Get Some Camera Time
There's always that one celebrity you kinda' forgot about. Until you see them in an awards show... and miraculously they are enjoying EVERY single performance. Example? Ray J.

8. The I Want To Be A Hype Man

Every man at the BET Awards. They are just hoping the artist watches the performance back and decides they want them to join their clique... or want to hire them as a hype man.

9. The I Hope A Casting Director Is Watching

You know that girl that looks like she spent too much time at the salon and is wearing too much make up? She's just trying to get the camera man's attention in the hopes that a casting director is watching and wants her in the new season of Bad Girls Club. Who would this girl be? Any rapper's arm candy.

10. The I Like This But I'm Too Cool To Look Excited

You've seen this guy before. Sometimes he doesn't even stand up from his chair. He's too cool for that. Deep inside, he digs the performance though. This would be a 2 Chainz... or Drake.

Here's the full video if you just want to watch the whole thing:

Do you know more people that fit these categories? Let me know!

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