What is New MySpace?

New MySpace, according to New MySpace, is "a place where creative people come to connect, discover, and share." Sure, nice little description, but that means nothing.

What is so good about *NEW* MySpace?
The best feature about it is the ability for users to listen to any song they want. Yes, ANY song. For free. Unlike Pandora, you have the freedom to pick what you really want to hear.

You can search for songs, artists or albums in the coolest search bar you've ever seen, so props to the designers for that. You can also make your own playlists -think Spotify, but nicer-looking if you're a visual person.


American Idol: Top 10 Recap

The contestants have gotten their makeovers, and that means one thing: American Idol Live Shows!

The Judges Minus One
Nicki Minaj allegedly did not make it in time because she was stuck in traffic. Really?!

american idol judges nicki minaj missing
O Nicki, Where Art Thou?
I love Nicki Minaj- but that is unacceptable and unprofessional. Their call time is probably 2 hours before the show -how did she not make it?

Idol Exec Producer Nigel Lythgoe better call her into his office and give her some sort of punishment. You can't be late for a live show. Period.

Then, she showed up in a sweatsuit and sunglasses because apparently, they didn't have chance to do her eye makeup while driving to the theater.

After the break, make-up artist Joyce Bonelli gave her a fierce eye make-up, and Nicki was back to normal.

Did she do this on purpose, so she could be talked about... or maybe, to make Mariah mad or is she just plain unprofessional? What do you think?

On To The Contestants
American Idol Season 12 has some serious vocalists. Every single one of those kids can sing their behinds off -is every single one a STAR? Well, maybe not.

Here are my predictions after this theme of songs performed by past Idol winners. How come no one did a Lee DeWyze song?