What is New MySpace?

New MySpace, according to New MySpace, is "a place where creative people come to connect, discover, and share." Sure, nice little description, but that means nothing.

What is so good about *NEW* MySpace?
The best feature about it is the ability for users to listen to any song they want. Yes, ANY song. For free. Unlike Pandora, you have the freedom to pick what you really want to hear.

You can search for songs, artists or albums in the coolest search bar you've ever seen, so props to the designers for that. You can also make your own playlists -think Spotify, but nicer-looking if you're a visual person.

Other cool features: Share your artwork. Connect to artists. Connect to other users. Discover.

Basically, imagine Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud -all in one.

This is how my New MySpace playlist looks!
Do you guys still think you'll stick to SoundCloud? 
Hear this: Every time your song plays on MySpace, it counts towards the Billboard charts algorithms (Just like YouTube views!)

That won't happen on SoundCloud, Pandora or Spotify, my friends!

The Not-So Good
The New MySpace is NOTHING like the Old MySpace. So, my question is why in the world did the call it New MySpace?!

When you think of MySpace you think of a very outdated social networking site you do NOT want to go back to (Sorry, Tom!). The features are completely different. The feel is not at all like the previous version. This name immediately reminds people of the first version of the site and that is very off-putting. That is the biggest mistake they have made in this re-design and re-launch.

There is no app for the New MySpace! Come on, Walgreens has a killer iPhone app, why don't they? It's 2013. A social media site CANNOT afford to not have an app. Get on this ASAP.
UPDATE: NEW MySpace now has its own app and it's magical. You have the ability to play your radio station- so, it's basically unlimited free streaming of your favorite songs. And you get 6 skips per hour in case you want to skip any of your songs in your playlist. Goodbye Pandora!

Another big problem? We all know about Justin Timberlake's involvement with the site, but he does not need to be featured in every single page. The discover section is all JT all the time. Shameless self plug, much?

The Verdict
As a social media site to interact with others, you're better off with Twitter.

As a music player, perfection. I promise you will like it. Give it a try!

Check out my new MySpace profile and connect with me!

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