The X Factor Season 2: Finale Predictions

It's time to crown the next Melanie Amaro... but let's not call them that, because that would mean that they'd have a rather unsuccessful year following their XFactor run.

Of course, you might win the $5 million, but you might not be the most successful in the real world. Example: Chris Rene's phenomenal year after landing third place. I predict this will happen to Emblem 3 this year.

Miss USA Olivia Culpo Now Belongs to Donald Trump

From the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show to the Miss Universe Pageant, it's no surprise women suffer from so many eating disorders. Men all over the world are also depressed because their girlfriends look nothing like this. It's a win-win situation... for no one... except of course, Donald Trump.

Highlights of the Miss Universe Pageant

1. Miss Venezuela's Answer
We all love laughing at girls that have spent years learning how to style their hair but can't answer a question, so here's this:

Girl, see that man standing there? He's a translator. They're paying him for people like you that don't speak great English. You should have used him. Second of all, the world needs no laws? Hmm... And, yes, please, tell us more about your surfing.

My Front Page Story

It's a Pop O.D. is usually about the celebs making front page covers, but this one time, I'm going to make it all about me.... and MY front page story.

OK, it's not People Magazine. That will come eventually. It's the front cover of the entertainment section of newspaper La Critica in Panama.

It's in Spanish, but most browsers are capable of translating websites these days, so you'll be fine. I'll translate the title for you: "Panamanian wins Emmy Award." Find more about that.

Plus... you took Spanish in high school, right? Don't tell me you only learned "Hola, Como estás?" and "Más cerveza, por favor!".

Click HERE for the full story.

P.S. Yes, I am Panamanian.


Most Fascinating People of The Year: Christmas Tree Edition

The it's a Pop O.D. Christmas Tree
There are two types of households: those that have the tradition to get the tree out of the box and those that have the tradition to go buy a fresh one. Of course, I grew up in an artificial Christmas tree household.

Last year, you might think I was being a Grinch, but in reality, I was just too lazy to go buy a Christmas Tree, because my family never taught me to do so.


Christmas at Popefeller

You've seen Christmas at Rockefeller. Yeah, you know. That interesting Christmas TV special that looks exactly the same every single year in which they devote an hour to the lighting of Christmas tree in New York City.

Somehow, Mariah Carey is on it like every year. Christina Aguilera is a pretty common guest on the show, too... but, The Rockettes... they are on it every single year.

If you missed that... do not worry. Christmas at Popefeller is here, and we have Mariah, Xtina, Bieber, even the Rockettes.


What was your favorite impersonation?