Beyonce's National Anthem... in a Press Conference?

Beyonce press conference national anthem
You go, Bey!
Beyonce knew that even before being asked about performing at the Super Bowl, she'd have to talk about her lip-sync of the national anthem at the Inauguration.

So, what was her solution?
I'm going to show them how it's done... LIVE.

Yes, Bey went out to the stage. Asked everyone to rise. And started singing the National Anthem. Live. And flawlessly. Way to shut up the haters!

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Andrea Valeria - Shorty Awards VideoBlogger Nominee

Andrea Valeria from it's a Pop O.D has been nominated for a Shorty Award in the category #VideoBlogger. Woo hoo!

The Shorty Awards are basically the Twitter Awards. Since 2009, they have been honoring the best in social media. 

To vote, you just have to tweet this:

I nominate @itsaPopOD for a Shorty Award in #videoblogger 


...and then, give a reason why! Make sure you give a reason or the vote won't count.

I have only been videblogging since September, so I'm an underdog here, but
YOU can help me win this!

Check out my full Shorty Awards' Profile.


Adam Levine Hosts SNL

Adam Levine did not disappoint as a host on Saturday Night Live -like I predicted here. As far as ratings, they've been quite steady in the past weeks. Watch full episode.

It seems like SNL pulled out the stops for the Maroon 5 frontman. He got blessed with some hilarious skits, a killer monologue, cameos by Jerry Seinfeld, Cameron Diaz, Andy Samberg and yes... a Digital Short!

Adam Levine in a bow-tie is quite appealing, but did SNL give us Shirtless Adam Levine?


Coachella 2013 Lineup Announced

The Coachella lineup for 2013 has just been announced.

If you don't have your tickets yet, forget it. It's SOLD OUT.

There are 5 types of people in this world. Those that like the Fridays lineup of Coachella, those that like Saturdays' and those that like the Sundays' lineup. The other types are those that like all 3 and people that just don't like the even (boo!)

Check out the full lineup:


American Idol: The Nicki Minaj - Mariah Carey Brawl

You had seen it on TMZ, but, didn't we all want to know the context of the whole fight?

Nicki wasn't having it with Randy & Mariah.
The whole issue started when Sarah Cunningham auditioned. To the judges Sarah sounded like a country star. However, Sarah said she "did the country thing" and now, she's more into "soulful country," whatever that means. Keith Urban was offended. 

Randy and Mariah were going on and on about how she should stick to country. Nicki Minaj was like WTF. They told her that she needed to pick a genre. Nicki was like WTH. Basically, Randy and Mariah thought that she should be doing country, period. Nicki exploded.

They did not air the full fight... because... ahem... there are kids watching.

Did Nicki have a point?


Upcoming SNL Hosts

Adam Levine YOLO. Adam Levine SNL.
Adam Levine shooting an SNL skit.
Saturday Night Live's upcoming hosts will bring in the ratings... and it seems like they're targeting that female demographic.

Next Saturday, January 26 it's... Adam Levine!

Girls around the world are happy, I'll tell you that. However, they're also wishing shirtless Adam Levine makes a cameo.

On Nov. 17, Maroon 5 was a musical guest, so Adam is no stranger to SNL. Maroon 5 was also a musical guest back in November 2011.

Now, he's considered famous enough to be the actual host. If his performance as a The Voice judge is any indication, the handsome frontman will NOT disappoint.

Last week, Jennifer Lawrence got a bit unlucky. She is naturally hilarious, but the writers didn't do her any favors with the monologue they gave her. Jennifer was totally stripped of her natural comedic timing.

Fingers crossed that Adam has better luck than Jennifer Lawrence getting a better written monologue.

We're sure he won't disappoint. This is proof:


Beyonce and Jay Z at the Inauguration

"There comes the President and First Lady of the United States... oh, no, wait. That's Beyonce and Jay Z."

That's what everyone watching thought when the power couple made their entrance.

It's usually hard to outshine Beyonce, but Jay Z almost did this time. Props to his stylist for his look. Just perfect. Undeniable swag.

Beyonce's Look
Beyonce wore a gorgeous Pucci gown and how about those fab emerald earrings (Lorraine Schwartz, of course)! Full deets on Queen B's look.

Beyonce and Jay Z weren't the only celebrities attending the inauguration. Find out what other celebrities attended.

Of course, Bee was there to sign the national anthem.

But did she lip sync?

Katy Perry and John Mayer's Inaugural Date

John Mayer and Katy Perry. Obama gets sworn in
"Why is the girl next to us wearing
a tiara?" -Katy Perry asks John.
Now, that's what I call a date!

That's Katy Perry and John Mayer spending some time together watching Obama get sworn in.

Katy Perry and John Mayer
That lucky woman!
                                     Getty Images
They were among the celebrities attending the festivities.

Other famous faces included Beyonce, Jay-Z, Will.I.Am, John Legend, Eva Longoria.

Katy wore a gorgeous Rodarte coat from the Fall 2012 runway.

John Mayer is his usual handsome self. (He was my first major celebrity crush and will continue to be.) 

"Why were Katy Perry and John Mayer at the inauguration ceremonies?"

Katy Perry was one of the performers at the Kid's Inaugural Ball. Watch her performance:


American Idol: Everything You've Missed

Since the Simon Cowell days, American Idol hasn't had a panel of judges this entertaining. There's a bit of comedy, a bit a lot of diva, a bit of drama, a bit of Mean Girl action and a whole lotta' constructive and logical criticism. It's genius.

Randy Jackson
Well, they had to keep Randy because no one else seems to be as excited as him to tell the contestants "You're going to Hollywood!" 

Also, sometimes a straight-up "Dude, that was bad" is necessary. Thanks, dawg.

Keith Urban
They only thing I've found out about him as a judge... is that he has a tattoo that says Nicole.

This is how Mariah feels about herself.
Mariah Carey
85% of the contestants come in and talk about their love for Mariah. She loves the attention, of course, because she loves herself. A lot. 

But, she doesn't love Nicki Minaj. From the start, Mariah has said that when she signed on, she didn't know there would be another woman in the panel. She wanted the spotlight to be on her, and it isn't. 

Bottom line: Mariah as a judge? Nothing we haven't seen before.

Nicki Minaj...


Awards Season is Here!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Awards Season unofficially kicked off with the Critics Choice Awards this past Thursday with a Best Actress sweep by Jennifer Lawrence. She won Best Actress in an Action Movie and a Comedy! 

There was also a surprising Best Director win for Ben Affleck –who did not get an Oscar nomination that same day. Conflicting opinions, Critics & Academy? [Insert sarcasm] Shocker!

It officially kicks off today - Why the Golden Globes?
...or the “Golden Gloves” like Sofia Vergara likes to call them.

It’s the Golden Globes on Sunday, January 13 that marks the beginning of Awards Season. And why do so many people love this show? They’re supposed to predict who wins at the Oscars!