Most Fascinating People of The Year: Christmas Tree Edition

The it's a Pop O.D. Christmas Tree
There are two types of households: those that have the tradition to get the tree out of the box and those that have the tradition to go buy a fresh one. Of course, I grew up in an artificial Christmas tree household.

Last year, you might think I was being a Grinch, but in reality, I was just too lazy to go buy a Christmas Tree, because my family never taught me to do so.

My Solution? I made this fancy (or is it sad?) tree out of paper. The great thing about it is that my electricity bill didn't go up and it didn't shed all over.
Last year's tree

However this year, I went all in. I got a real Christmas tree because that's what adults do. Don't get too excited, though. It's only 3 feet tall. But... if you ask me, this Christmas tree is popping. Popping as in "Pop Culture"... not 'popping' as in the funky dance style or as in popping pills.

Yes, sure, all the ornaments are from the Dollar Tree (not a paid endorsement) and I spent under $50 putting it together. Nevertheless, this year's tree is the definition of it's a Pop O.D... truly overdosing in Pop Culture.

The Ellen Christmas Ornament
I am not really the DIY type person, and maybe that's why Pinterest is the only social media site I am not into. However, I got all Martha Stewart and created Celebrity Christmas Tree Ornaments.

There are the Simon Cowell Jingle Balls, the Joan River Christmas Fashion Decor and the Not Impressed Ornaments. Just look at me as Barbara Walters and my tree as her Most Fascinating People of the Year special.

And who is at the top of my list tree? Nope. Not General Petraeus. The one and only... Ryan Seacrest. A man with that many successful jobs that still finds the time to go on vacations with his beautiful girlfriend AND tweet AND post pictures on Instagram has to be at the top of everybody's list.

Also, this will be his first year hosting Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve all by himself. So, I present to you: The Ryan Seacrest Silver Bell Christmas Tree Topper.

You can look at the rest of the ornaments I made in this Buzzfeed article and vote for them on this People Magazine Christmas decorations contest.

Also, check out the infomercial I made featuring my ornaments on my latest vlog "Christmas on Popefeller".

Have a Popping Christmas!

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