Breaking News: A Celebrity Shopping Spree!

That’s exactly what TMZ and Daily Mail have been reporting on.

In reality…
1) This shouldn’t be considered a shopping spree, because a $3,000 shopping outing in Hollywood is the equivalent of you and I buying a Forever 21 tank top.

2) Lindsay Lohan is not even a celebrity anymore. I mean, when was the last time you saw her in court in a movie?

Wait, I take that back. She did do that super low-budget Liz Taylor movie (even though she looks nothing like her).


God congratulates Michael Phelps

The Hollywood movies God, Morgan Freeman, that is.

On Tuesday, Michael Phelps became the most decorated olympian of all time. On Wednesday, VISA already had a new ad- another tearjerker in sepia. Talk about prompt action!

What is so magical about VISA's commercial series? Is it the stories or is it the most amazing voiceover artist in the world? I say both.

Most importantly, notice that VISA has Morgan Freeman on call. Just like when you're on call for your shift at McDonalds.