Bachelorette: Who did Emily choose?

Girls all around America were able to have their own Super Bowl Sunday in July. Well, Bachelorette Sunday, that is. We treated it just like a Super Bowl game -except we were drinking wine instead of beer.

Chris Harrison had some scary ways to describe the finale in the intro... calling it unpredictable and telling us there would be some shocking secrets. Our minds were racing. What could be the shocking secrets? Is Ricki not an only child? Is Lil' Ricki dropping the "Lil'," like Lil' Romeo? Would Jef or Arie need to get Brad Womack's blessing?


Who Won "Duets"?

Well, I know the question on some of your guys' minds is more like "What is Duets?" and not "Who won Duets?" 

Duets is an ABC show where 4 amazingly good singers were fooled into thinking that a show of finding a Duet partner would be successful. They also brought in a host with a funky name and no last name. 

Hey, at least we got to see Robin Thicke in something other than in his music videos with his wife! 

So who won?!


America's Got Talent Quarterfinals

The King of All Judging Tables
Updated with Results 7/19 
We're past the auditions in which America proved they don't have much talent. Now, the acts picked by the judges are showing us how weird their talents actually are. It's a bit of a train-wreck and we love it, because it was Tuesday's most-watched show with 10.2 million viewers.

Best? Howard Stern, as usual. Always the voice of reason.
Worst? Most of the acts. I'll break it down...

1. The Untouchables
OK, these ballroom kids are good... beyond good! Their coaches were the leaders of last year's Miami All-Stars. If you thought those grown-ups were good dancers, get ready to have your mind blown. Such professionals. The technique is there, they're in perfect synch, the energy level, the lines... perfection! Also, does that little boy, D'Angelo, seem familiar? He won Paula Abdul's short-live dance show 'Live to Dance'.

Prediction: They'll be through to the next round. No doubt.
Results: IN

Jane After Dentist: on Jef Holm!

One thing is certain: David After The Dentist is now a thing of the past... at least for Bachelornation.

This girl Jane went to the dentist, and with the help of some drugs and evil family members with a camera we got this masterpiece. She's torn because she wants Jef to have happiness with Emily and Ricki, but she kinda' wants him for herself, too. It's hilarious -tears and all!

Jef himself found this gem of a video and wants to get in contact with the girl. Now, we're all secretly wishing we had our wisdom teeth pulled out & our mean sister recorded our love for Jef, don't we?

We don't blame her. 


Food Network Star's "Rebel with a Culinary Cause"

No Food Network Star contestant has caused this much excitement in my heart (and stomach!) EVER... and I've watched every single episode since Season 1.

It's Justin Warner. From his looks (you gotta' love his color-blocking style & that pompadour!) to his witty approach, he is just what this network needs.

Not only will he manage to bring in a younger demographic, but he will soon be as big as the other cooking channel heavy-hitters. I am not only saying this because Susie and Bob gave him a spot in the final 4. I have to say I called it on episode 1.


Phillip Phillips at MLB All-Star Game

The kidney stones are gone and our 2012 American Idol is back. Phillip Phillips performed his crowning single "Home" at the MLB All-Star game tribute concert for the victims of the tornados in Missouri and Alabama.

Luke Bryant some country singer had the task of singing the national anthem. CMT is not one of the channels I watch regularly, so I don't really know who he was. However, I do know he didn't know when he was supposed to start and it was slightly uncomfortable to watch. He sounded good, though. He had that country voice... you know, that deep voice all of them have.

Back to Phillip and his amazing song Home, which reminds us all a little bit of Mumford and Sons, he did a great job. I am just biased on this one. I just love this kid... and this song... and this kid.

VIDEO of the Performance:

You're not cool if you don't know Frank Ocean

And for once, it's not only Skrillex-type cool (not really cool, but people think it's cool). It is REALLY cool.

If you're on Twitter, you might have seen these trending topics lately: Channel Orange (his album), Forrest Gump (one of his songs) and Bad Religion (the song he performed on Fallon).

Let me break it down for you: He is only 24. He has written songs for Beyonce and Bieber. He's in the rap group Odd Future. He collaborated on Watch the Throne. He's signed to Def Jam. He's also gay -or bi? (as he revealed in a Tumblr post this past weekend)... and you all know how much of a taboo that is in the hip-hop world.