Best. Marriage Proposal. Ever.

We've seen many flash mob wedding proposals, but there's just something super special about this one. So original!

The guy is an actor. She thought she was just going to listen to a song, and she got this.

Girls, I dare you not to cry your eyes out. Guys, try to top this.


Facebook Camera: Sneaky Zuckerberg

This is how Facebook Camera
looks like - yeah, like Instagram.
Remember when Mark Zuckerberg bought Instagram for $1 billion dollars?

Well, looks like we now know the reason why he paid that price. Today, Facebook has released the Facebook Camera. You want to know how that works? Almost exactly like Instagram.

Everyone is questioning why would he spend a billion dollars if he is going to create his own photo-filtering app.

Here's What I Think
The answer is easy. He noticed the success of Instagram and wanted to emulate it, but you can't just copy stuff -unless you want to get sued.

What was Zuckerberg's thought? If I own Instagram, then I can't be sued when I copy their idea.

After being bought out, the 5 people working at Instagram started working for Facebook, and I'm guessing they developed the coding for Facebook Camera.

That Zucks!

Read more about Facebook Camera

The American Idol Finale Recap

Loved this Top 2

Few things in life are better than an American Idol finale. There's the Nokia theatre, Ryan Seacrest with his best Burberry suit and a hand-held microphone, the hilarious audition montages, the surprise performances, the bloopers... Pure entertainment!

This finale had over 20 million viewers, which is the lowest-rated Idol finale in history. I have no idea what the people not watching were doing. Their loss.

The Winner of American Idol is...

Cuteness OD.
Phillip Phillips!

Let's do some math here. A record 132 million votes came in. 20 million people watched the show and maybe half of them don't vote. So, 10 million raked in 132 million votes? Wow. The power of psycho tween voters!

The Guitar-playing White Guy
All those people complaining about having another white guy with a guitar, shouldn't be complaining... they should be voting. Yeah, I'm talking to all the old ladies that are probably fans of the powerhouse balladeer that watch and complain, but don't pick up their phone to vote.

I couldn't be more thrilled with this outcome. Like many, I also called it after his audition with the amazing acoustic version of "Thriller". The guy just has it -the talent, the charm, the looks, everything!


Forbes cover: Swaggie!

Who thought a finance magazine could have this much swag, swag, swag... on you?

Justin Bieber is covering Forbes, even though he did not take the #1 spot in the Celebrity 100. That spot belongs to Jennifer Lopez.

The Biebs has raked in $108 million in the past 2 years, so it's not a surprise he gets to cover the mag. This is also an opportunity for Forbes to reach the tween demographic, who will buy the mag to rip out the Bieber photos.

Bieber on the cover will probably make this edition a top seller.

Bieber also announced his new tour today which starts in September. My prediction is that tomorrow, he'll announce the tour is sold out.

Justin recently graduated from high school and his 'Boyfriend' YouTube video got a record 8 million views in the first day- the most any video has gotten in 1 day. That talented little kid!

DWTS crowns another black man

Football players can dance
Dancing with the Stars has crowned another winner, and it is (shocker!)... another black man -for the third consecutive season.

It's clear: American Idol viewers dig white guys with guitars and DWTS is all about a strong black man. The 2 previous winners are Hines Ward and J.R. Martinez.

The Fan Favorite
William Levy, placed third, and that was surprising. Every time he touched that dance floor, all you could hear was yelling at Justin Bieber-like volume. The latin Brad Pitt was definitely most-improved, but his American Dream won't include a Mirror Ball trophy.


Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars!

After so many seasons, a DWTS All-Star was much needed. After Season 14 ("The Most Competitive Season"), that's exactly what they need to keep their ratings up.

But the question on everyone's mind is... What stars will come back?

The winners might not do it... maybe for the right price, but these stars would be ideal for a round 2:


Idol: Goodbye JLo, Hello...?

Photo retrieved from: http://www.colourb4.com/images/uploads/blog/jennifer-lopez-idol-wave.jpg
She needs more free time to hang out with her 3 kids:
Max, Emme & Casper.
You know about the Forbes Celebrity 100 list, right? Well, the #1 spot no longer belongs to Lady Gaga. Jenny from the Block stole it after raking in $52 million last year. That's no surprise since she has been endorsing more products than Betty White lately. (See: The blatant product placement of the Fiat 500 on her music video, Loreal, Kohls, Gillete Venus, Tous, Harman Kardon, etc.)

So, does she really need to continue sitting on American Idol's judging table? Absolutely not and she is not. However, JLo should be thanking them because she was in a bit of a hiatus until she was rescued by Idol. We will miss her. Come on, all those tears were beyond endearing & her "goosies", too. Hitting on the 20-year-old contestants? Not so much.

Now, the question is, who will replace Jennifer Lopez?


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