Casey Abrams in the Real World

No, he's not in that horrible MTV reality show.

What I meant is Casey Abrams is out doing his post-Idol thing. Sorta. You know what I mean.

Here's his first national TV app. I love him more every day.

I feel like he could win the Best New Artist Grammy. Randy Jackson loves him. Can he please focus on making this happen?

Britney's Dancing Breaks My Heart

Why? Have you not seen the lady now?

I was the biggest fan of her dancing. I'm a fan of anyone that can dance. That's probably why my favorite Glee character is Brittany S. Pierce (Heather Morris). That's also the reason why I am obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance. (Now, that this season of Idol is over I can't wait for SYTYCD)

Don't tell you never spent hours looking at her Youtube videos! (Was that just me?)

Now, this is all we have left of the girl who was once the best dancer/lip-syncer ever.


How long till the next Royal Wedding?

In the midst of all the pompousness of this Royal Wedding, some of the main characters managed to remain down-to-earth... and THAT I loved.

First and foremost, Kate Middleton. She did her own make up? What? I love her.

Of course, probably the best make-up artists in the world gave her hundreds of private lessons, but she did it herself and it looked great. Period.

Then, we have the dress. Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. Perfection. Also, this could go down as the best-kept secret in Pop Culture history.

That train was divine. Not crazy long like some we have seen in the past, but still long enough to look regal. No creases. Beautiful bodice, elegant and tasteful lace.

Sarah Burton, do you have a budget-friendly line? I'm guessing not. Oh well, I had to ask.

I wonder, if Alexander McQueen was still around, would Kate have asked him to make her dress? Hmm....

Oh Well, Hello Sister!
Now, who's that holding her train? That's sis Pippa Middleton. (Pippa... I might name my kid Pippa. Not Philippa, no. Just Pippa)

She's GORG also wearing Sarah Burton for McQueen.

This also shows how good of a person Kate is. Sis has an amazing body and she let her rock that. Most brides throw all sorts of crazy fabrics on top of their bridesmaids to remain the center of attention.

Also, Kate let her wear her same designer... and MOST importantly, she let her rock WHITE. (Bridezillas, take note!)

Someone else also stole the show. Another sibling... Prince Harry who was proclaimed by Twitter as the official PILF of the Royal Wedding. (Come on, you know what that means!)

Twitter also implied Pippa and Harry should hook up. I want those two to be the protagonists of the next Royal Wedding!

But apparently not everyone agrees with me.

Oh, Bill Streeter, you are no fun. Also... #saynotomisspelledhashtags

Back to Harry and Pippa

Someone else who may not agree with this pairing is this lady right here. Harry's on-again, off-again girlfriend, Chelsea Davy.

What is she wearing? Yeah, Alberta Ferretti. I'm aware of that. But, what exactly is that?

Can we talk about the hair? I'm blogging at home, and my hair looks better than that.

She looks like she's hungover!

Are we doing teams here? In case we are... #teamPippa!

Princess Beatrice is Scary

Maybe it's the raccoon eyes. Maybe it's her crazy Philip Treacy hat.

Maybe, it's just everything about her!

Fergie's genes are all over this kid, and we all know those genes aren't exactly the kind you want to be dealing with.

Oh, The Beckhams!
Can we say elegance?

David Beckham should be the dictionary illustration of the word "Dapper". I also love that he's not wearing his Philip Treacy black top hat... it's just an accessory. He's just so cool.

And Victoria Beckham wearing Victoria Beckham. That sleek ponytail, those 5-inch Louboutins during pregnancy, the nowhere-to-be-found smile and that perfect topper. I ADORE this couple.

It's Over

So yeah, they're married. It's over.

Till the next brave mortal decides to join the royal family, I leave you with this thoughts.

1- William is like a little (balding) kid. The waving, that let's-get-it-over-with kiss and the blushing. Cute, very cute.

2- Kate is SO composed. How does she do it? She even got the ventriloquism down. Not even the most expert lip reader could guess what she's saying!

3- I think Harry will probably get married at age 40. He just looks like that kind of guy.

4- I wish Princess Diana would have been there to seen it all.

American Idol is OVER

Casey Abrams??????

Is this a joke? Is Ashton Kutcher behind this?
I haven't cried this much over things happening in a screen since Lion King.

I guess America just likes to miss out on real talent.

BTW, this, America, was the Best American Idol exit of all time. Period.

He'll be fine. I, too, will pay top dollar to be in the front row at a Casey Abrams concert.

OK, almost an hour has gone by. Now, my head is a bit clearer and I can comment on this TRAGIC results show.

It's a numbered list because I am still too depressed to write paragraphs.

1- We see enough of Jimmy Iovine every Wednesday. I don't need him to make predictions. I can make those myself.

2- Casey's goodbye montage stole my heart. He's just so... Casey. I like anything that comes out of that kid.

3- The producers annoyed the hell out of America with the way the results were told today, and I'm sure I can speak on behalf of America.

4- I LOVED Haley's outfit. I kinda love Haley... even more now that she's an Idol widow.

5- I also love Casey's parents. Only an endearing pair like that could have given birth to that cute, growling teddy bear.

6- Jacob Lusk should have gone home.

7- I'm always too stressed out to watch the perfomance right before the results. I skipped right through Katy Perry/Kanye's last week, but not this time. Bruno Mars is so cool.

8- I'm tired of the "Walk this Way" posters to Steven. Come on people, he has more songs! How about "Dude Looks Like a Lady"?

9- I still want to cry, though.


Shorty Awards: Andrea Valeria, Panameña VideoBlogger Finalista

Después de las votaciones, Andrea Valeria quedó en el Top 6 y seguirá a la siguiente ronda de los premios. Ahora, estos son los jueces que decidirán quien es el ganador.

Quieres ver los Shorty Awards en vivo? 

Para más información para asistir o ver la ceremonia de entrega de premios, 
sólo haz click en esta imagen sobre lo que quieras saber más:

Image Map
Haz click en "Transmisión En Vivo" y guarda el link para ver la ceremonia en vivo el 8 de Abril!

Si me quieres acompañar en New York, clickea en "Entradas a la Ceremonia"

Gracias por el apoyo, Panamá!

Que mejor para celebrar que estas imágenes del video de parodia de hip hop y esta canción!


It's your Top 6 (Recap), America!

You know we're getting closer to the finale because every week JLo's dresses keep getting shorter, Lauren Alaina's mom looks younger, Casey is thinner and Steven's critiques sound more like Paula's.

Top 6 takes on Carole King

Miss King is not there obviously, but she sent her unknown daughter to represent for the family.

And, there's Babyface... is anyone excited? No? Yeah, I thought so.

First up... The Diva!

That's Jacob Lusk if you haven't been following.

Apparently, Idol stylist Miles Siggins is trying to sabotage him. You can't do that to someone and expect to remain friends.

He did the usual Jacob Lusk thing. I'm over it. Can you imagine his dramatic face with overflowing tears of sadness? I want to see that.

Lauren Alaina and her tears

Idol keeps bringing back Miley. At least, this season Miley mentored someone younger than her. It would have been very uncomfortable to see Miley mentoring, say, Paul McDonald. He would have died, too.

What was even more uncomfortable... was the guy... or should I say the paid actor she brought up on stage during her performance.

Whoever came up with that idea should be fired, but it was probably Nigel Lythgoe.

Full-body chills, brought to you by Scotty

I loved the fact he got the uber famous song. He needs to stop singing unknown country tunes to win non-country fans over. (Sorry, but "Swinging" is completely unknown to me)

Randy said "Scotty is in it to win it!" but he also told that to Pia and Stefano and they are now cast-offs.

James Durbin, I like you more every day

He won me over last week with Uprising, and this was a beautiful perfomance once again.

Then came the JLo lovefest. And then, Randy said he's it to win it, but this time he meant it. Sorry, Scotty.

Casey needs to loosen up the legs?

It's perfectly fine if you don't listen to the judges when they say stuff like that. That makes NO sense, JLo.

Casey is pure perfection. He's a performer. He swayed through the thousands of musicians that were up there in that stage with ease and grace.

He made Steven's scalp itch (huh?), and with that critique I'm certain I don't want Steven Tyler back for next season.


I had read before that the Idols would be doing duets to Carole King. For some reason, I thought they would do duets with Carole King. Thank God, I was mistaken.

Producers paired Scotty and Lauren AGAIN, because they compliment each other. Lauren said Scotty never compliments her, and Scotty was smart to say the interview wouldn't go well if she kept answering things like that.

Producers paired Haley and Casey AGAIN, because they are dating. And THAT was cute as can be. The interview was endearing, and the performance was nowhere near as good as "Moanin'", but I just wish I could be Haley. I want to date Casey. I want her legs, too. No, wait, I want JLo's legs!

And THEN came Jacob and James. What did I think about that?

I'll tell you what @gingerkiller thought about that... "Oy". And that was exactly what I thought about that as well.

James almost rolled JLo off of that platform. His Idol days would have ended right there, because you can't do that to the World's Most Beautiful Woman.


Bottom 3: Jacob, Haley and Lauren.

Who's going home? I'd say Jacob. He'll probably blame the stylist... and he should.

Pia Toscano takes her ballads to DWTS

Let's get over the fact that she got voted off early.

And let's also get over the fact that she may or may not be dating Mark Ballas. She probably is, and I'm jealous.

That's one handsome guy, awesome dancer and super creative choreographer, which are not really things I look for in a guy, but whatever... I can see Corky Ballas being a fun father-in-law.

I NEED to be paired with Mark Ballas when I get invited to DWTS. Take note, ABC.

Karina Smirnoff was probably mad all the attention went to Pia because Pia's vocal was amazing, as usual. However, Pia was probably mad that The Voice stole her thunder.

She sang a ballad. No surprise. Which one? I'll stand by you. No surprise.

If Pia and Mark ever have kids (which I'm guessing they won't) they can show them this video... and focus on minute 1:16. Are the DWTS editors trying to tell us something?

OR... they could show them THIS video. Chelsea is so much more fun than Pia.


The Voice is NOT a new idea!

I was thinking to myself this is the smartest thing ever.... but no, the man behind Survivor didn't come up with it. He just brought it from The Netherlands.

Take a look...

Nonetheless, it's truly genius, and here's why:

1. Something about those swiveling chairs turning around gives me the chills... and I'm assuming I'm not alone on that one.

2. As Carson Daly said on numerous occasions... the coaches have lots and lots and lots of Grammys. That means they can really sing and give us a killer performance like this one...

3. Adam Levine. Period.

4. The fights between the coaches/judges are priceless. Blake and Adam brought the laughs. Xtina has yet to win me over.

5. Two contestants stood out for me:
Javier Colon and the kid that sang God Bless The Broken Road (but he needs to stop playing the dead mom card, sorry.)
BTW, they are both on Adam's team. He has the best team so far.

That being said...
Simon Cowell better bring it, because I don't see how X-Factor can be better than this.

AND... The Dancing with the Stars Results Shows can say goodbye to their ratings.

Can't wait for next Tuesday.

Wait… Who is Carole King?

This is a question 75% of American Idol fans are asking themselves these days. That’s because the Top 6 is not only singing her songs, but also singing a duet with her! (Producers gotta’ fill those 90 minutes)

I, unfortunately, was part of that 75% of ignorant Idolers. So I went to the page that knows it all… Wikipedia. Yeah, teachers will tell you it’s not the most reliable, but it’s never failed me. Well, except for that time it told me Esperanza Spalding’s middle name was Quesadilla (You evil, Beliebers!)

Back on track… Don’t feel bad if you don’t know who she is. I’m pretty sure none of the members of the Top 6 know who she is either, and then they have to meet her and pretend she’s their lifelong idol.

Anyway, the lady is responsible for penning huge, huge songs like “(You make me feel like) A Natural Woman”… too bad, Lauren Alaina did that like last week.

She also wrote James Taylor’s smash hit “You’ve got a friend” and “I feel the earth move” sang by I-don’t-know-who (but I probably know all the lyrics to it).

I thought Idol producers were going to make this season a lot more current. I don’t think dueting with a 69-year-old is exactly current. Oh well, I’ll watch anyways.
Miss King also wrote “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” made famous by “The Shirelles”… Wait, the who? Good thing is I found a killer cover by the amazing Amy Winehouse.. and THAT you must listen to.