The Voice Standouts - Knockout Round 1

The girls seriously seem to be dominating every singing competition out there these days.

American Idol had a Top 5 of all females for the first time in history. As for The Voice, many of the front-runners are also females.

Pay Attention To These Contestants

1. Judith Hill
She's that gorgeous, exotic, fashionable woman that used to sing with Michael Jackson, and you know MJ has an eye for female talent (see Orianthi).

Judith is capable of giving me full-body chills all throughout a song and that is quite an achievement. Her rendition of Christina Aguilera's What A Girl Wants is quite possibly the best audition ever.

During the Knockout Round, she didn't disappoint. Wow, girl, wow. Also, how defeated did poor Orlando Dixon was soon as he found out he was paired up with Judith? You know you wanted to get rid of Orlando, you strategic handsome coach sitting to the left of our screen!

Watch this awesomeness:

2. Sarah Simmons
Another strong female from Team Adam and serious contender for the title. Blake Shelton has already said she's the best singer he's ever heard. Everyone coach adores her.

Warren Stone might be the one person that doesn't quite love her- because he was chosen to go against her in the Knockouts. Of course, she won. 

Her rendition of Wild Horses was quite magical and she looked stunning.


3. Sasha Allen
Finally, we got a knockout battle which was more like a war. Shakira, for some reason, paired up 2 of her strongest contestants. Weird choice. Why would you want to lose any of those two?

Sasha is getting slayed, I thought -and Lord, was I wrong! She brought everything she had in her to give a chill-inducing performance of At Last.That's how you sing for your life.

Shawna P was good, but she isn't as marketable as young, gorgeous, fresh, sexy Sasha Allen. She's like Rihanna minus the bad girl.

Get ready for the goosebumps:

Does Coach Adam Levine have the strongest team? 
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