American Idol: Top 10 Recap

The contestants have gotten their makeovers, and that means one thing: American Idol Live Shows!

The Judges Minus One
Nicki Minaj allegedly did not make it in time because she was stuck in traffic. Really?!

american idol judges nicki minaj missing
O Nicki, Where Art Thou?
I love Nicki Minaj- but that is unacceptable and unprofessional. Their call time is probably 2 hours before the show -how did she not make it?

Idol Exec Producer Nigel Lythgoe better call her into his office and give her some sort of punishment. You can't be late for a live show. Period.

Then, she showed up in a sweatsuit and sunglasses because apparently, they didn't have chance to do her eye makeup while driving to the theater.

After the break, make-up artist Joyce Bonelli gave her a fierce eye make-up, and Nicki was back to normal.

Did she do this on purpose, so she could be talked about... or maybe, to make Mariah mad or is she just plain unprofessional? What do you think?

On To The Contestants
American Idol Season 12 has some serious vocalists. Every single one of those kids can sing their behinds off -is every single one a STAR? Well, maybe not.

Here are my predictions after this theme of songs performed by past Idol winners. How come no one did a Lee DeWyze song?

1. Candice Glover
Candice has yet to have a bad week and her bad week will probably be comparable to someone's best.
The girl can SING. Well-deserved standing ovation by the judges.

The one thing I didn't like: Why is she crying about missing her family when she's living her dream? Makes her seem ungrateful. Stop it, Candi Cands.

Don't miss her performance

2. Amber Holcomb
When I grow up, I want to be an effortless singer like 18-year-old, Amber -which means I'd need some  Benjamin Button action in my life to be 18 again.

Flawless performance. You know who agrees with me? The producers! They gave her the coveted pimp spot (the last performance of the night given to the contestant with the 'biggest' performance of the night).


3. Burnell Thomas
Obsessed with this kid. Look at this performance -a not-so-new song by Westlife done in a refreshing, cool way.

Burnell will stick around for a while if he keeps it up.

Watch it

4. Ryan Seacrest

Yeah, we're talking about standout performances by contestants, but come on! I've never seen a host take control of a live show so effortlessly.

I've never seen him make a mistake, stumble over his words or miss a cue. How about that Pope smoke joke on this show? Way to be on your toes and weave in current events to Idol. Perfection.

I'm hoping the voters of the Emmy Awards will finally give him the Best Host award he deserves this year.

4. Kree Harrison 
Another amazing vocalist -but let's be realistic here. The full package is just not there. Kree is styled like a somewhat fashionable woman going to work. The personality doesn't quite jump at you, either. However, this is a singing competition and Kree, like Keith sad, could sing the phonebook, so she'll be safe.

P.S. Kree looks just like Charlie Sheen's crazy neighbor on Two and a Half Men.

5. Angie Miller
I'm afraid that Angie could turn into another case of "peaking too soon". I still can't get her original song during Hollywood Week out of my mind -it was that epic.

Top 10 Live Show Performance? Blah! Boring song choice. You're 19! Do something younger, Angie!

Also, why was she singing a Celine Dion song in a rocker outfit? Idol stylists have failed. I want Tommy Hilfiger back. HA! That was a joke.

I still have high hopes for the mega-talented teen. Like Nicki Minaj said: more piano please!

Also, how convenient is it for American Idol that she already penned a tune that is coronation song material?

6. Lazaro Arbos 
I am a sucker for a great sob story. America is too. The best thing about Lazaro Arbos is that he is much more than a sob story. He is young, cute, talented and so likable.

There was a serious issue with his song choice today. I love Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway and I love Lazaro, but I certainly didn't love the two together.

I hope Glee creator Ryan Murphy is watching this season, because Lazaro is someone he NEEDS to cast for his show. Lazaro looks young enough to play a high school kid, he's talented, the stuttering is a brilliant storyline and he could make a great new boyfriend for... Blaine, maybe?

7. Devin Velez
How does one go from singing power ballads in Spanglish to performing a country song? I am utterly confused. America won't like this case of identity crisis either.

Devin has a magical voice, but we didn't quite get a taste of it this time. This song was so out of his lane, but he's not in danger, though.


8. Curtis Finch Jr 
OK, Finchie, you chose to sing some Fantasia and I approve of your song choice.

However, this was undoubtedly his weakest performance yet.

Sometimes you just gotta' keep it simple and he was trying to do too much. Curtis also refused to keep it simple wardrobe-wise. 

9. Janelle Arthur 
Janelle is Carrie Underwood meets Miranda Lambert. The problem?

We already have a Carrie and a Miranda... and a Charlotte and a Samantha! ---Hit me up on Twitter if you got that joke because we could be friends.

Janelle did bring the showmanship, but I know she can do better than that. The live shows is not the moment for OK performances.

You need to blow us away or you'll have a Bottom 3 stool waiting for you.

10. Paul Jolley
I don't know if Nicki Minaj, girls all over the country (and Jimmy Iovine) have been blinded by the good looks, but this kid is just not a star.

I don't want to go to his concert (boring!). I don't want a poster of him on my wall (not that good-looking!). I don't want to be his friend (not so likable!)... and I most definitely do not want to listen to him while driving (voice isn't unique). Do you?

P.S. I miss Zoanette!

Do you agree? Would you have other contestants in the bottom 3?
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