Young Rapper Astro: He Didn't Fall Off

Astro, The Astronomical Kid, Brian Bradley... call him how you wish, but make no mistake, he is a star.

You might remember Astro from Season 1 of The X Factor where he impressed America with his talent -not only was he an amazing rapper & performer, but unlike the other contestants, he wrote his own verses EVERY week.

I was impressed with him week after week, as you can see in my recaps from that season of The X Factor like this one when he performed a version of Jump or when he performed "I'll Be Missing You".

Astro was 14 at the time, now he's 16.

Video after the jump:

In the past 2 years, he has been featured in a Cher Lloyd song (Want U Back) and even made a brilliant debut as an actor in Person of Interest.

Now, Astro is back doing what he does best. His new music video "He Fell Out" is here, and let me tell you, he does NOT disappoint. This is fantastic.

He Fell Out is part of his mixtape DeadBeats & Lazy Lyrics, and this particular song is produced... by Astro himself. See? Pure talent.

Watch He Fell Out

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