Taylor Swift Brit Awards 2013 Performance

Taylor Swift attended the Brit Awards, because she has to be at every awards show on Earth. Apparently, she likes to go as many as she can, because she doesn't get to go to concerts. That's why she's always dancing in the audience.

Let's start with the positive. T-Swizzle was looking amazing on the red carpet with a gorgeous, black Elie Saab gown. This time she didn't have her fake natural-looking boobs on full display.

Taylor presented the first award of the night. As she walked out, attempting to Beyonce-walk to her destination, her We Are Never Ever Getting Back together song was playing. Camera cuts to who? You guessed it, Harry Styles. Thank you, Brit Awards for giving us the most awkward moment ever.

I have trouble understanding what was going on in that stage during Taylor's performance of her song Trouble. I knew this performance was trouble as soon as it started.

First, she keeps trying to make circuses happen, 5 years after Britney did. Secondly, what was up with that white dress? No. Just no.

Taylor then proceeded to strip into her idea of a sexy black ensemble which wasn't sexy or cool -nor was the performance.

The girl needs a new creative director ASAP. Someone help her!

Watch - Taylor Swift at the 2013 Brit Awards

Also, was it just me or did Taylor Swift looked a little angry?
Where you trying to tell Harry something, T-Swift?
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