Oscars 2013: What To Expect!

If you want to read about the Oscar Nominees and Predictions, go here. If you want to know about everything else surrounding the greatest day of the year, then read on.

The Musical Perfomances
As usual, the nominees for Best Original Song perform at Hollywood's big night.

Tonight, expect Adele to perform Skyfall. Also, expect her to wear black.

Norah Jones
Another Grammy winner will also take the stage to sing the song from Seth MacFarlane's "Ted." That is Norah Jones, who had a cameo in the movie.

And, are you ready for this? The return of Barbra Streisand! Miss Streisand will be singing to honor the deceased stars in the In Memoriam.

The Host: Seth MacFarlane

Thank God we have a decent host this year to avoid another Anne Hathaway-James Franco fiasco.

Seth was a great pick. If you know him, you know he'll deliver some great musical skits. Also, expect LOTS of voices including 'Stewie' and 'Ted'.

It will very enjoyable to see the man plug each and every show and movie he's ever created. He's the king of Shameless Plugs (I'm the Queen).

Mr. MacFarlane is also nominated for best original song. Sadly, the host won't be a winner tonight, because Adele's in the same category.

The Speeches
Ben Affleck has delivered amazing acceptance speeches this awards season already. If he does take home that Best Picture award, he won't disappoint.

As great as it would be to have a 9-year-old give an acceptance speech, it won't happen. Instead, we'll probably be treated to another awkward speech by Miss Anne Hathaway, like this one at the Golden Globes:

The Red Carpet
80% of women in the world are actually watching the Oscars for the fashion! (Totally made-up statistic!)

So, who to look out for today in that Red Carpet?
1. Jennifer Lawrence  - When you're almost expecting to get the award, you go to your stylist and tell her to pull out the big guns. Have no doubt. Jennifer Lawrence will look stunning. 

I'd love if she gave us anothe va-va-voom moment like that red dress in the 2011 Oscars.

2. Amanda Seyfried - We saw her in a Zac Posen navy blue at the 2013 SAG Awards, but we are counting on her to push the envelope.

3. Kerry Washington - Olivia Pope/Brunhilde has already given us edgy, cute and sexy this awards season. What version of herself will she be bringing to the Oscars?

The Winners
Of course, the awards are the whole point of the show.

Click HERE to get a list of the 2013 Oscar Nominees... along with some predictions!

What are you expecting to see at the Oscars?
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