What Happened To Nicki Minaj?

Are you OK, Nicki?
As the American Idol auditions made its way to San Antonio and Long Beach, there was only one question on everyone's mind.

What happened to Nicki Minaj?

Nicki was sensational during Week 1. She was the breakthrough judge of Idol's Season 12 judging panel -endearing, hilarious, witty, opinionated and super GIF-able.

Who can forget Week 2 when she got into the infamous brawl with Mariah Carey, in which most people seemed to be siding with Nicki.

But, this week? It's like she was checked out. No Nicki Names, No "Do you have girlfriend?". Nothing.
Did she tone it down to avoid problems after the fight or was she being her usual self and she just didn't get as much airtime?
I see you, Keith, you got jokes.

Whatever happened, Idol producers, please give us fun Nicki back.

P.S. Keith Urban is coming out his shell and showing us he has some comedic chops. We dig it!

On To The Singing

1. Adam Freakin' Sanders. If you're not good with names. This is the ONE name you need to memorize. You don't need to memorize the Freakin', it's just Adam Sanders.

He can just go ahead and give out chills for a living for the rest of his life. He's only 19. Watch this!

2. Matheus Fernandes
If you're into every singing show in the world, you know Matheus. He was on Season 1 of The Glee Project. Nope, he didn't win. Far from it. However, his sob story and good (not amazing, I'd say) singing got him the pimp spot of today's auditions. Here's Matheus audition.

3. Papa Peachez
Yepp, Papa. Yepp, Peachez with a Z. If the name is any indication, this contestant is quite a show -and he's a man.

"Papa don't Peach!" said Mr. Nicole Kidman. Keith was dropping jokes like crazy today. 

4. Micah Johnson
Seems like we have more speech impediment sob stories than ever this season. Remember Lazaro?

I am glad I watch my American Idol shows with a box of Kleenex handy, though. Tears- every single episode.

Watch another speech impediment magically disappear as the contestant starts singing. Also, watch Keith Urban saying "Just Sing All The Time" for the 178th time this season. It's like Randy's "You're In It To Win It".

5. Stephanie Sanson
Such a sweet girl. Look at that cute purple hair. Oh, she's singing Adele, I'll bet this will be good.

BOOM.... AAAAaaaaAAAAA! What's going on?
By the way, where have you seen this little psychopath before? HERE.

First I thought, I would be concerned if this was my daughter. Then, I thought, smart publicity stunt. She's in a band and after all, we are talking about her aren't we?

How was Day 5 of Auditions overall?

It was a slightly underwhelming episode. And that's coming from me, I'm usually all overwhelmed (by the way you flip your hair) by anything containing the words American Idol and/or Ryan Seacrest. 

It was the lack of action in the judging panel (Come back, Nicki!), the lack of funny auditions Idol is so well-known for and the lack of crazy good singing. It's OK, there'll be more episodes.

What did you think of the San Antonio/Long Beach auditions?
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