Upcoming SNL Hosts

Adam Levine YOLO. Adam Levine SNL.
Adam Levine shooting an SNL skit.
Saturday Night Live's upcoming hosts will bring in the ratings... and it seems like they're targeting that female demographic.

Next Saturday, January 26 it's... Adam Levine!

Girls around the world are happy, I'll tell you that. However, they're also wishing shirtless Adam Levine makes a cameo.

On Nov. 17, Maroon 5 was a musical guest, so Adam is no stranger to SNL. Maroon 5 was also a musical guest back in November 2011.

Now, he's considered famous enough to be the actual host. If his performance as a The Voice judge is any indication, the handsome frontman will NOT disappoint.

Last week, Jennifer Lawrence got a bit unlucky. She is naturally hilarious, but the writers didn't do her any favors with the monologue they gave her. Jennifer was totally stripped of her natural comedic timing.

Fingers crossed that Adam has better luck than Jennifer Lawrence getting a better written monologue.

We're sure he won't disappoint. This is proof:

Adam Levine and Andy Samberg, SNL
Yupp! That's Adam with his fellow Jew, Andy Samberg and the rest of the guys from The Lonely Island. Genius.

Will this top their previous skits with Justin Timberlake and Michael Bolton?

When is Justin Bieber hosting SNL?
For all the girls under 17 and the cougars asking, Justin Bieber will be hosting SNL on February 9.

The Biebs now becomes the 11th performer to be both the host and the musical guest of one Saturday Night Live episode.

Who would you like to see as an SNL host? Comment below!

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