Beyonce's National Anthem... in a Press Conference?

Beyonce press conference national anthem
You go, Bey!
Beyonce knew that even before being asked about performing at the Super Bowl, she'd have to talk about her lip-sync of the national anthem at the Inauguration.

So, what was her solution?
I'm going to show them how it's done... LIVE.

Yes, Bey went out to the stage. Asked everyone to rise. And started singing the National Anthem. Live. And flawlessly. Way to shut up the haters!

Video after the jump

She ended with "any questions?" which was a classier version of a mic drop.

Of course, the first question of the presser was about the lip-sync. Beyonce said she is a perfectionist and she hadn't practiced with the orchestra, it was too cold, etc. I said it from day 1, I forgave her for that.

And for those of you wondering... YES, Beyonce will sing live at the Super Bowl.


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