Beyonce and Jay Z at the Inauguration

"There comes the President and First Lady of the United States... oh, no, wait. That's Beyonce and Jay Z."

That's what everyone watching thought when the power couple made their entrance.

It's usually hard to outshine Beyonce, but Jay Z almost did this time. Props to his stylist for his look. Just perfect. Undeniable swag.

Beyonce's Look
Beyonce wore a gorgeous Pucci gown and how about those fab emerald earrings (Lorraine Schwartz, of course)! Full deets on Queen B's look.

Beyonce and Jay Z weren't the only celebrities attending the inauguration. Find out what other celebrities attended.

Of course, Bee was there to sign the national anthem.

But did she lip sync?
In situations like this, performers are expected to have a back-up track just in case.

It's unclear why, but Beyonce decided to go with the pre-recorded track last minute. Kelly Clarkson did sing live. Find out more HERE.

Yes, it was disappointing. Still... if this was any indication of how epic she'll be in the Super Bowl halftime show... we can all expect perfection all around of the greatest performer of this era. We forgive you, B.

Also, I leave you with this tweet of the amazingly hilarious @alexandergold:
Preach, Alex, preach!
What are you most excited to see on Beyonce's halftime show performance at the Super Bowl? 

Is it Destiny's Child reunion or the awesomeness that will be "Single Ladies?
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