The Obama Inauguration 2013: Best Moments

Michelle Obama repeats designer, Beyonce is flawless...and President Barack Obama gets sworn in for his second term. That's the order of importance, at least around here (where Pop Culture matters most!)

Highlights of the Inaugural Ceremonies
Barack Obama has swag. Michelle Obama's bangs.
This photo is from NPR,
but they didn't comment on his swag.  That's no fun!
1. If only Martin Luther King Jr. would have been around to see President Obama's historic second inauguration... and his swag that seems to be increasing every day.

2. Michelle Obama's flawless daytime look.
During the day she wore a Thom Browne coat with a J. Crew belt. And she keeps on rocking those bangs!

3. Barack Obama's speech.
You probably loved it -if, of course, you aren't Republican. He mentioned the immigration reform, among other things. For those into numbers, he said "we, the people" about 92028 times. Watch full speech HERE.

4. The Times They are a-Changing 
For the first time, a president mentioned this in his inaugural speech:
Obama talks about gay rights in inaugural speech
Preach, Obama!
5. Malia and Sasha are the coolest teens ever... and here's how they're just like us:
First, Malia photo-bombs Barack and Michelle's sweet photo:
They posed for self-shots while duck-facing & peace-signing:
 Malia dancing on stage takes the cake. The girl has got some serious moves:
Malia dancing on stage. Inaugural ceremony.
Michelle is totally telling her to stop.
6. Celebrities in the Inaugural Ceremony
There was Eva Longoria who looked gorgeous per usual.

Katy Perry and John Mayer were also there. Find out WHY!

And then there was Beyonce and Jay Z. They looked so good they could be POTUS and FLOTUS. Pop Culture royalty right there!

6.  The Inaugural Ceremony Singers Killed it
Well, James Taylor not so much...

Kelly Clarkson S-A-N-G "My Country, 'Tis of Thee" to which Senator Schumer responded "Wow". Wow, is right. Watch her *LIVE* performance HERE.

And... All Hail The Queen... Queen Beyonce that is. Looking stunning and sounding perfect... but, did she lip synch? Click here to find out.

Watch her rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.

7. Obama says "I'm Not Going To See This Again"
As he stops to take it all in and watch the thousands of people that came to his second inauguration.
A priceless moment you can't miss. Watch it.

This photo shows why my arm/shoulder
workout is named "THE FLOTUS"
8. How does the First Lady pick the dress for the Inaugural Ball?

This is something absolutely no one knows before the big reveal. It's even a surprise for the designer. 

This is how it works. Designers send in their sketches. Michelle and her team of stylists narrow it down to a few favorite gowns. 

All these designers must make a custom-made dress without ever meeting Mrs. Obama. 

They know if their dress was the chosen one while watching the Inauguration on TV from home... like the rest of us.

And Michelle Obama chose a Jason Wu creation... again!

As you might remember, Michelle also picked a Wu design for the 2009 inauguration.

This one was a fantastic red chiffon gown. She paired them with Jimmy Choo heels and of course, her new, bangin' hair-do.

Jason Wu in shock tweet
Jason reacts to the news -at the same time as the rest of America.
9. The Obamas/Bidens must really like the movie Dream Girls
They had Jennifer Hudson and Jamie Foxx sing for their first dances, respectively. 

10. Alicia Keys Invented New Words... and Changed Words of her Song.
If you ever get the honor to perform at such an important event, please make sure you don't start making up words.

She began by saying: "Help me celebrate this most monumentous day." MONUMENTOUS? No, Alicia.

Then, she sang her slightly annoying song "Girl on Fire." And made more shady word decisions, when she changed the words from
1. "She's just a girl and she's on fire" to "He's president and he's on fire". OH, GOD.
2. "This girl is on fire" to "Obama's on fire". OH, DEAR, GOD.
3. "Nobody knows that she's a lonely girl, and it's a lonely word" to "Everybody knows that Michelle is his girl, together they run the world" OH, HELL, NO.

Watch Alicia Keys' weird choice of words:

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  1. It's sad that the whole inauguration was overshadowed by whether or not Beyoncè lipped her performance or not. I mean who really cares if she did or not? I know I don't. It was her voice that everyone heard so whatever! Kanye shrug!

    1. I agree. I don't think such a big deal had to be made out of this.
      Whitney Houston also lip-synced the so called "Best Anthem of all Time" in the '91 Super Bowl.
      Thanks for stopping by!
      Vote for me on the 2013 Shorty Awards: www.shortyawards.com/itsapopod

  2. What a great Recap of the eventful's days event.

    It's funny the controversy that this "Beyonce-Gate" has brought up. Personally, i think she looked and sung amazing so there no hate throw from this direction.

    I like the Dreams Girls reference. thats funny. it was like a Dream Girls Inauguration considering Bey "sang" the national anthem.

    ...and the First Family looked great. They give me so much hope. and the look that the FLOTUS gave to her daughter was priceless!

    1. I agree with you. I have chosen to forgive Beyonce, too... hahaha.
      Hahaha. And I didn't even think of Bey when I made that reference. Imagine.
      Oh, yeah, I love when you can see they're just regular people.... with a dad with a really cool job. :D