American Idol: The Nicki Minaj - Mariah Carey Brawl

You had seen it on TMZ, but, didn't we all want to know the context of the whole fight?

Nicki wasn't having it with Randy & Mariah.
The whole issue started when Sarah Cunningham auditioned. To the judges Sarah sounded like a country star. However, Sarah said she "did the country thing" and now, she's more into "soulful country," whatever that means. Keith Urban was offended. 

Randy and Mariah were going on and on about how she should stick to country. Nicki Minaj was like WTF. They told her that she needed to pick a genre. Nicki was like WTH. Basically, Randy and Mariah thought that she should be doing country, period. Nicki exploded.

They did not air the full fight... because... ahem... there are kids watching.

Did Nicki have a point?
Summary: Ms. Minaj argued that at this moment, they should worry more about whether she can sing or not. What genre she fits into? That could come later. Things got heated. Eventually, Nicki Minaj walked out.

My thoughts? Preach, Nicki, preach!

Who's side are you on?
After a quick twitter survey, I saw a lot more people agreeing with Nicki.

You know who agreed with Nicki, too? American Idol's Executive Producer, Nigel Lythgoe. You go, Nicki!
Watch the whole thing unfold.

Are you Team Randy and Mariah or Team Nicki?
Comment below!

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    I enjoyed the post, I don't have cable so i was able to catch up on the beef! lol.

    Personally, it seems like a new school (Nicki) vs old school (Mariah) controversy. Both ladies have great accomplishments and should support each others strengths and particular expertise's. And a little dose of humble pie would hurt either.

    Also, when will they GET RID ON RANDY? - "Just thirty year of experience here" - dude shut up! What are you doing now?

    1. I am actually Team Nicki, but don't tell anyone... haha!
      Hahaha... and I agree about Randy. The 30 years of experience ticked me off too.

  2. No cable either, but I've heard a little about their on air clashes. I can see how that would annoy Nicki Minaj and I agree that they shouldn't be worried about her genre so early on. But at the end of day, some of the Idol judges have to bump heads or a huge element of the show will be subtracted. This allows viewers to pick sides and engage more into the show.

    1. But, who needs cable when you have it's a Pop O.D., right? Haha!
      I totally agree with you. Judges clashing is good for ratings!