American Idol: Everything You've Missed

Since the Simon Cowell days, American Idol hasn't had a panel of judges this entertaining. There's a bit of comedy, a bit a lot of diva, a bit of drama, a bit of Mean Girl action and a whole lotta' constructive and logical criticism. It's genius.

Randy Jackson
Well, they had to keep Randy because no one else seems to be as excited as him to tell the contestants "You're going to Hollywood!" 

Also, sometimes a straight-up "Dude, that was bad" is necessary. Thanks, dawg.

Keith Urban
They only thing I've found out about him as a judge... is that he has a tattoo that says Nicole.

This is how Mariah feels about herself.
Mariah Carey
85% of the contestants come in and talk about their love for Mariah. She loves the attention, of course, because she loves herself. A lot. 

But, she doesn't love Nicki Minaj. From the start, Mariah has said that when she signed on, she didn't know there would be another woman in the panel. She wanted the spotlight to be on her, and it isn't. 

Bottom line: Mariah as a judge? Nothing we haven't seen before.

Nicki Minaj...

Dear Producers, Best. Decision. Ever.

She's bringing the entertainment. Get ready to literally L-O-L with Ms. Minaj, from inquiring about the every hot dude's love life to her facial expressions... it's brilliant.

What's even better?  She's got a bit of Paula Abdul in her. If you're crying, Nicki will come to the rescue and give you a hug. She's got a bit of Simon Cowell in her. Smart, interesting critiques...sometimes in a british accent. Also, the one-liners are everything.

1. "I see you licking your lips playboy, what's really good?

2. She suggests contestant Griffin Peterson will be a teen heartthrob. Randy says he'll be like Justin. Nicki says, "Bieber don't do this to me".

3. She greets contestants like this: "hello little lady bug, you are a cute little lady ha-ha-ha-ha"

4. "OMG, let's hear it for the boy boy boy!"

Plus... the hair! the make-up! YES... Best Idol Judge since Simon Cowell.

Oh, and there are contestants, too!
Here are some stand-outs... for good and bad reasons.

1. Kez Ban
When this girl gets a makeover, she's got it. 
Yes, she's nuts, but we love that. Let's call it unique. The voice is also unique. Star!

2. Lazaro
Do NOT watch without a box of Kleenex. Cute bow tie, stuttering kid. One of the most moving American Idol auditions in history. 

3. Ashley Curry
This one is for EVERY parent that likes to tell their kids they're good at something they aren't. Stop it.  "Golden ticket in your heart," yeah, right!

Funniest audition yet. I predict intense laughter in the next 4 minutes of your life.

4. Curtis Finch Jr.
If you haven't been to church in a while, don't worry. Just watch this.

Also, Johnny Keyser from last season is back. And remember, Colton Dixon's sister? She made it through, too.

Comment below if you agree or disagree!

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