Adam Levine Hosts SNL

Adam Levine did not disappoint as a host on Saturday Night Live -like I predicted here. As far as ratings, they've been quite steady in the past weeks. Watch full episode.

It seems like SNL pulled out the stops for the Maroon 5 frontman. He got blessed with some hilarious skits, a killer monologue, cameos by Jerry Seinfeld, Cameron Diaz, Andy Samberg and yes... a Digital Short!

Adam Levine in a bow-tie is quite appealing, but did SNL give us Shirtless Adam Levine?
YES. We asked for it. We got it. Shirtless Adam Levine within the first 5 minutes of the show. Thanks, SNL.

Thanks to @adamgasmmm 
for this!
The handsome singer delivered that monologue fantastically and with the help of some comedy heavy-hitters made a spoof of The Voice. Just great.

The Lonely Island with Adam Levine and Kendrick Lamar
You know you're important when they bring in these guys for you. As usual, LOL-worthy.

And finally, we know what YOLO really means.

The Skits
Gay Adam. Nerdy Adam. Nev from Catfish Adam. Shirtless Adam. Neil Diamond Adam. Moves like Jagger Adam. Chef Adam. Regular Adam.... Adam for all!

For someone that is not an actor, he nailed all the characters! I'd say... Best Host we've seen in a while,(but I might be biased).

Below, Adam's BEST skits of the night

Did you like Adam Levine as a host?
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Justin Bieber will host SNL February 9th! 


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  3. I agree, Adam did do a great job on Saturday night live. I also think that the skit was hilarious. This is an amazing blog!

    1. Thank you, Josh!
      Adam was hilarious. Indeed.