The X Factor Season 2: Finale Predictions

It's time to crown the next Melanie Amaro... but let's not call them that, because that would mean that they'd have a rather unsuccessful year following their XFactor run.

Of course, you might win the $5 million, but you might not be the most successful in the real world. Example: Chris Rene's phenomenal year after landing third place. I predict this will happen to Emblem 3 this year.
Carly Rose Sonenclar
I said it 4 months ago and I'll say it again. Carly Rose needs to take home the title! 
Here's proof. My tweet from Sept. 13, 2012.
It's like she was born to do this. The girls needs to go ahead and patent "chills," because she owns them. Her voice, the stage presence, it's her competitiveness.... Super star!

Last night, she did her audition song even better than the first time. She sang a gorgeous Hallelujah... and then, she was sabotaged by Brandi Glanville, apparently.

Leann Rimes? Really? @SnarkCityBitch suggested Alicia Keys and I agree. Carly Rose deserved a real diva. Here's that underwhelming "diva duet".

Tate Stevens
This man could be capable of surprising us. Can he beat Carly Rose? He was able to in various occasions during the season. He's mega-talented, relatable and charismatic... and people would love to see this man walk away $5-million richer, but I don't think it will happen.

In a season without Carly Rose, he could have easily taken the title. But, will he have to go back to his job in Missouri like he's been fake-worrying in those video packages? Like his boss said yesterday: "Hell no!" 

First of all, Tate was blessed with a coach that has the power to give him a record deal. If he doesn't win, I guarantee you that L.A. Reid will be adding him to his roster of stars. (Just like I guarantee you that Simon will sign Emblem 3!)

I see Tate Stevens winning lots of CMAs in the future... if Blake Shelton is too hungover to keep writing songs and sweeping every single country awards show, of course. (I nominate Tate for CMAs Best New Artist! unofficially because I know no one in the CMAs academy)

Fifth Harmony 

Should these girls be here in this stage in the competition? They're cute and talented and have proved to be hard workers.

Still think this spot belonged to Emblem 3 -because they're also cute and talented... AND they play instruments AND they have cool original songs. Or maybe, Vino Alan, who was eliminated WAY too early in the competition. Oh well...

One thing is clear. This is Simon Cowell's show and he'll do whatever he wants.

1) Fifth Harmony got the best duet partner of the night -judge Demi Lovato. Admit it, Sixth Harmony was pretty freakin' cool! 
2) Simon got them to close the show... also known as the "Pimp Spot" because everyone remembers the last performer a tad bit more.

Nevertheless, I would like to thank the girls for giving us one of the best performances of the season with their "Anything Could Happen" performance in the semis (not the second one which was almost identical but not as fab). 

Also, Camilla Cabello (that's the girl with the big pink bow) is quite a star... gave me chills on "Let It Be" when she did that "letitbeletitbeletitbe".

By the way... 5 teen girls scare me, because that means they are friends with lots of teen girls that are very efficient at voting a ridiculous amount of times. Those girls put Fifth Harmony in the finals... could  they put him at the top?

Who could forget last year when Justin Bieber surprised Drew on stage to with her? I want epic things like this happening tonight. 

Dear Santa Simon Cowell,

This is my wish list in my twisted imaginary world: 
-Fifth Harmony performing with One Direction. 
-Emblem 3 performing with Chris Rene!
-How about Pitbull and CeCe Frey...?
-Carly Rose and Britney could do something cute.
-Vino Alan and someone legendary. A Stevie Nicks perhaps.

Andrea V.

Tate Stevens won this season of The X Factor. He is scheduled to premier his single during the Grammys. Find out MORE

Both of Simon Cowell's groups, Emblem 3 & Fifth Harmony, now have record deals. No surprise there. Those two were very popular among teens worldwide. 

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