Miss USA Olivia Culpo Now Belongs to Donald Trump

From the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show to the Miss Universe Pageant, it's no surprise women suffer from so many eating disorders. Men all over the world are also depressed because their girlfriends look nothing like this. It's a win-win situation... for no one... except of course, Donald Trump.

Highlights of the Miss Universe Pageant

1. Miss Venezuela's Answer
We all love laughing at girls that have spent years learning how to style their hair but can't answer a question, so here's this:

Girl, see that man standing there? He's a translator. They're paying him for people like you that don't speak great English. You should have used him. Second of all, the world needs no laws? Hmm... And, yes, please, tell us more about your surfing.

As bad as that was, it still doesn't beat Miss South Carolina on Miss Teen USA. Relive it.

2. Why does Donald Trump insist on being ridiculous?

The dumb hair, the birther issues with Obama, the Twitter rants... and now THIS... Santa Trump/Donald Claus.

One of his many kids, should really tell him how embarrassing he is. (I'm looking at you, Ivanka!)

3. Flawless Miss Philippines

Classy, gorgeous, elegant.... and most importantly.... SMART.

Miss Philippines is the runner-up just in case Miss USA gains an awful amount of weight, has a sex tape pop up or is caught drinking and driving.

Best answer of the night. Watch it HERE.

4. Miss Universe is ... Miss USA

Olivia Culpo, the 20-year-old from Rhode Island, was crowned the winner. 

She's is absolutely gorgeous. She is talented -watch her playing the cello below. She is VERY well-spoken, and did amazing on the Q&A round. (Plus.... Donald Trump tweeted earlier how much she liked her, and when the boss speaks, the staff listens.)

After seeing her on interviews, her great on-camera presence is evident. I think the girl has a great future as a TV host, for example... or if it all fails after her years as Miss Universe, she can be on Celebrity Apprentice.

By the way... her dress?

Some people hated it, but they must not know much about fashion. This red gown with a plunging neckline was EVERYTHING... and I applaud Olivia Culpo for being a fashion risk-taker and not doing the usual snooze-inducing beaded strapless gown. Yay for pageant girls wearing couture!

RCFA has the deets on the gown HERE.

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