Rihanna on SNL

Rihanna performed her latest single "Diamonds" on Saturday Night Live... and while this song is great the performance wasn't. It wasn't really her, it was the production which caused my head to explode.

It's officially the worst use of a green screen EVER.

So, someone was like: "Let's have the band members' shirts disappear in front of the kind of screen-savers we had back when internet was dial-up." Ugh.

For anyone that has ever used green screens: Really, NBC... grainy, noisy transparencies? Get it together. (Those issues could be seen live, but not on this videos uploaded later!)

Thankfully, RiRi was back with the song "Stay" which was the the most flawless performance I've seen of hers in a while.

The outfit was 100x better. Vocally -it was all kinds of great. She looked absolutely stunning.
Also, the avid weed smoker was obviously high, but her eyes weren't bloodshot at all... which sounds to me like a perfect opportunity for her to pair up with Visine and endorse their product. Hear me, Visine execs?

Here's "Stay".... Enjoy!

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