The X Factor: Judges' Homes Recap & Predictions

Nick & Demi mentor
the Young Adults
Bootcamp is over. Categories assigned. Contestants invaded the judges’ homes (or their fake homes, for that matter.)

But, what judge got the best team?

Young Adults 

Demi Lovato, the breakthrough judge of the year, got the Young Adults. Like I said in the previous X Factor recap, if producers are smart they’ll give her this category. Apparently, they are smart. You can’t lose the possibility of Jillian Jensen and Demi becoming BFFs and Demi shedding tears every time she performs.
Teens everywhere rejoiced when Demi was paired with Nick Jonas, her Camp Rock co-star. Their critiques are very smart and helpful. Are we sure she’s only 19? Adore her!

CeCe Frey
Still not entirely likable, CeCe.
Yes, she’s very unlikable. Demi was very smart to let her know, but CeCe took it to a whole new level of fakeness, which might have made her more unlikable.

But you know what? CeCe is the complete package. She’s got the look (I never thought I’d say leopard face paint is a good thing) and most importantly, she has the talent.

Anyone that can make LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It” sound so interesting is worth my time. The likability? Yeah, she’ll have time to work on that.

She’s safe.

Nick Youngerman
Something about a man singing a Ke$ha song doesn’t appeal to me. This was entertaining if I would have seen it on a high school talent show, not on The X Factor.

Demi Lovato said it best: “I couldn’t tell if I was loving it or super annoyed by it”.

Let me help you out, Demi. That was annoying. Nick out.

If boys would vote, she'd be just fine.
Jennel Garcia

Here’s another contestant that took Demi’s critique way too seriously. The 18-year-old makes some people uncomfortable because she tends to be overly sexy, but it’s like she lost all her sexiness when she performed for Demi and Nick.

That’s of course, if you can consider Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl” unsexy (Nick Jonas didn’t!)

I predict Jennel will be safe.

Jillian Jensen
Stop playing the bullying card a bit, please.
There’s something so refreshing about this girl. This wasn’ther best performance, but it should be enough to take her to the next round. Also, Demi loves her.

Prediction: She’s in.

Paige Thomas
Paige kinda’ looks like Rihanna. She dresses like Rihanna. Her hair is something like a Rihanna hair style from the past. Also, she sang a Chris Brown song (that wasn’t too great vocally).

Prediction: We already have Rihanna. See ya’!

Who needs a cowboy hat?
Willie Jones
An African-American country singer? It doesn’t get more interesting than this. There is no one like him out there. If Demi is thinking as talent scout that favors uniqueness, Willie has to be in.

While performing in the judges’ houses, Willie did the same song to which he forgot the lyrics in boot camp. However, this time, he nailed it.

Please, keep Willie around.

Dress code: Aviators & White shirts.

Simon Cowell got the groups because the producers are hoping he can possibly create another One Direction. This was definitely a good fit, because Demi or Britney definitely could not have handled so many people.

What is awfully awkward about this team is Marc Anthony. Does he scare you? He scares me. I’m sure he scared J.Lo, too. It looks like he’s very unhappy to be here.

Dope Crisis
They aren’t dope. They are a crisis. Watch it.


You know when the judges eliminate a bunch of people and then put them into a group and it’s terrible (example: Lakoda Rayne)?

Well, this… is exactly the opposite of that. These teenage girls are all spectacular singers, and perhaps, the most surprising act of the round. Pure vocal perfection. Even Marc Anthony was impressed!

Their styles need to be more cohesive, but imagine how good they’ll look once the experts work on their image as a group?

Prediction: These girls are DEFINITELY going through.

Does the girl, Lyric Da Queen, really need those two? She’s the real star.

Their “Party in the USA”cover was absolutely entertaining.

Prediction: Yes!

We are so young it's illegal to even look at us.
Playback is what you get out of Simon’s hopes to come up with another One Direction. To be a new group, they came together quite well in such a short time. I think they're VERY adorable and so kid-friendly; 12-year-olds would be all over this and their parents will too.

There are some good singers in there and Owen Stuart is already the Justin Timberlake of the group. Unlike Marc Anthony, I actually enjoyed this performance. Simon did too and he might want to keep them around because teen girls might end up falling in love with them. Remember, teen girls fall in love easily.

I give them a yes.

Sister C
The trio is the exact opposite of Playback. Everything about them is cohesive –their voices, their outfits, their personalities, because yes, they are in fact sisters.

Likability factor? Zero. I haven’t seen much of them, and I already don’t like them.

Their sound is absolutely heavenly, reason why Marc Anthony liked them. However, the more coherent Simon worries that they haven’t had a record deal, even sounding that good.

It will be a “shocker,” but I predict Simon might let them go– it all boils down to likability!

"Buttoning up you shirt is gnarly, bro,"
the shirtless brother tells the others.
Three cute surfer brothers from California... and they're almost always shirtless. Translation: Girls voting.

Their main competition here is Playback, but they have one thing Playback does not have. They're songwriters if you remembers their audition with original song "Sunset Boulevard". It was quite good.

Prediction: Even though, they totally messed up the judges' home performance... Yes.

Over 25s

Basically, L.A. Reid has never worked with a person over 25 years old, so getting the Over 25s meant the end of the world. He voiced his frustration very openly, even to his contestants!

Power Trio!
L.A., in his constant quest to work with youngsters, brought in Justin Bieber to help mentor the Over 25s. Yes, The Biebs is telling 40-year-old how it should be done. To balance out the youth, L.A. (or the producers) also threw in Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun in the mix. This was a fantastic move. Now, the contestants have the added pressure/advantage of performing in front of a man that can certainly spot talent. Unlike L.A., Scooter has no problem working with slightly older folks. (He just signed Korean pop star PSY who is 34!)

What I like most about this group of mentors is their ability to look past a good voice. Almost all the other teams have 2 artists as judges (except for Simon’s team). Having a record exec, a talent manager and an artist definitely gives them an advantage, because they are often debating not only their talent, but also their look and most importantly, their marketability.

Tate Stevens
The country singer that stole our hearts during auditions! I’ve never seen him perform quite as strong as he did during his audition, but he’s great. Watch.

Tate should be OK.

Maybe Travie McCoy is
his long-lost brother?
David Correy
Whenever talent managers are trying to sell their artist, they come up with a mash-up of artists to describe their artist. I’d say David Correy is the voice of Bruno Mars with the look of Travie McCoy, and that is pretty cool, if you ask me.

Also, he has the passion and he WANTS it.

David Correy will be safe.

Vino Alan
I shouldn't have worn a hat, so Bieber could
have seen my full head tattoo.
The other very tattooed man in L.A. Reid’s team is Vino, and that’s not the only thing he has in common with David Correy. Vino also wants those $5million A LOT. (They’re also X Factor roommates!)

Vino’s voice is probably the most powerful one of the whole competition. It draws you in. It certainly drew Bieber in!

Two things worry me about Vino. 1) Anger management. He got a bit out of control during boot camp. 2) His appearance is slightly intimidating.

Aside from that, Vino is one strong contender. I say keep him around.

Daryl Black
Strong voice, but he reminds me of the past 2 winners of The Voice: African-American men with families… and you know how unsuccessful those two have been in the real world. Watch.

Prediction: He’s a nice guy, but he won’t win the whole show. Why keep him?

I ate Adam Lambert.
Jason Brock
You can’t deny he has a fantastic voice.

To describe this man, I’m going to use another artist mash-up. Jason is like Adam Lambert meets Elton John, but he's 34 and looks older. I have no idea what demographic he’d appeal to.

Watch him perform in front of Bieber.

If you just focus on the singing and not on the package, he’ll be safe.

Tara Simon
One word: Annoying.

Her elimination reaction will be priceless, because she thinks she's going to win it all!

"Do I look normal right now?" -Britney asks Will.I.Am.

Britney got the teens, because she would have freaked out if she got anything she did not want. Even though that would be great for ratings, the producers must not want Ms. Spears to shave her head again. Also, she must be a lot more comfortable communicating with tweens than she would with Vino Alan (who she has said, “scares” her.) Britney is being helped by Will.I.Am.

Carly Rose Sonenclar
This girl reminds me of the most recent American Idol winner Phillip Phillips. Not because she’s anything like him, but because I knew they would win the whole thing as soon as I saw their auditions.

Once again, Carly Rose delivered a killer performance in Britney’s fake home. So killer that I cried for most of it. So killer that I’ve re-watched it several times on YouTube. So killer that Will.I.Am called her a “dragon scorching the town”. Huh?

More proof that everyone loves Carly Rose? Her judges’ home performance is the most watched on YouTube (over 1 million views in less than a week, followed by LYLAS)

Prediction: Hello?! Top 3 material!

Arin Ray
Arin is cute. Arin is likable. Arin is talented… but, Arin is not the next big thing.

He’ll be safe, though.
Little Beatrice is like an indie 13-year-old.

Beatrice Miller
Few youngsters have very interesting voices. This girl has a VERY interesting voice. My problem with her is that she’s an awfully negative 13-year-old. Can Britney help this kid with her confidence?

Will.I.Am was digging her performance.

Beatrice is going through.

James Tanner
Reminds me of Nick Youngerman from the young adults:  awkward rapping against very strong singers. Doesn’t cut it.

Bye James!

Diamond White
She is a very strong singer- but I think there’s room for growth and she could be a beast in 3-5 years.

"I'm actually 30. I swear" -Reed
Prediction: Britney will tell her something like: “No, sweetie, but keep working on your craft because you’re very talented. OK?”

Reed Deming
You know when a kid is absurdly cute, and then they speak and become 10 times cuter? That’s the case here. Tiny Reed sounds like a 30-year-old man when he speaks, and you can’t help but love it.

He’s beyond likable. He has Bieber hair (circa 2010). Little girls are going to vote for him like crazy. AND… the 13-year-old can sing!

He better go through, Britney Spears!