The X Factor: Contestants to Watch

Auditions are over –and that is slightly sad, because there is nothing like a Simon Cowell metaphor for a terrible singer.

Demi Lovato proved to be a little breakout star-judge. She takes control of the judging table and gives Simon a run for his money with her one-liners- all while being constructive and adorable. 

Also, have you seen how much younger the crowd is this year? That is also thanks to Miss Lovato. Way to secure that younger demographic!

L.A. Reid is just L.A. Reid.

And, then there’s Britney. I could point out a few things that are wrong with her, but she was my childhood idol and I choose not to. (After knowing the choreography to all of her music videos, it’s just not loyal!) That being said, was it the right decision to hire Brit as a judge? Holy cow, yes! (Her words, not mine)

There are few things more entertaining than watching her crazy array of facial expressions –from the “I’m disgusted” face to the “You are wasting my time” one. There is also the time in which she got on her feet to awkwardly dance to an “Ice Ice Baby” audition. And who will ever forget her Happy Birthday to L.A. Reid? I have to admit I cried. Also, she makes Paula Abdul look absolutely sane, and that’s quite an accomplishment.

By the way, when are we getting a host? Rumors indicate there will be 2 hosts and they might be Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian. (Simon wants Khloe because he'd know she'd bring in ratings)

Now, we are left with way too many contestants to even keep up with, but these ones have the potential of going all the way.

1. Carly Rose Sonenclar:

When you are 13 years old and have that kind of soul, you deserve to go far. She shocked America with her very grown-up rendition of Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good”. 

This girl is what The X Factor is all about. Based on the fact that her audition already has over 7million views on YouTube, she might even take home the $5million. 

2. Freddie Combs

(Not related to Diddy) If you are a great singer and also have a killer sob story to back you up, you can do very well in a singing show. It’s all about being likable and Freddie is. The voice is pretty magical, too. Watch his audition.

I can just picture Freddie in the finale singing a power ballad and standing up on stage for the first time -perfect triumphant ending for his journey. I am sure Simon saw that as well… ratings!

3. Jeffrey Gutt 
It’s like Josh Krajcik 2.0 (last year’s runner up AKA Burrito Slinger). Jeffrey is also a single dad- but his kid is younger, so it amps up the adorable factor. They are both good looking, but Jeffrey is even more.

They both have crazy-good gritty vocals. Also, theyhave both sang “Hallelujah”! So, yes, this single dad is a serious contender.

4. Jillian Jensen

Jillian is the epitome of a sob story and she probably was your first tears of the season. She made Demi cry and people claim she made Simon Cowell cry, too. That would be true, if Simon was a rare species of human being that cries without tears. So, she was bullied, now she’s on national TV and she’s kinda’ Demi’s fake BFF. Take that, bullies! 

If the producers are smart, they’ll give Demi whatever category Jillian is going to be in so they can bond even more. Watch Jillian audition.

5. Tate Stevens
Britney Spears went out of her way to say something other than “definitely yes” for this man, so he must be the real deal. Brit called him her favorite contestant yet. He has the voice and the likability. 

However, another male country singer with a cowboy hat and boots? Yeah, we might already have too many of those -or not.

Honorable Mention: Trevor Moran
Not saying the 13-year-old is going to win it all, but this kid and all his sassiness could provide us with some good entertainment. I’ve been a fan of this hilarious YouTuber for quite some time, and I didn’t even know he could sing.

Also, he has over 80,000 subscribers on YouTube and 11million views –so the kid has a fan base, and this is a voting competition after all. Keep doing your thing, Trevor!
Watch Trevor's audition.