This one is for the Justin Bieber haters

Forget Rolling Stone, he's on the cover of
Forbes Magazine.
So, you don't like the song "Baby"? I don't blame you.

You think the kid is not talented? I beg to differ. He plays 4 instruments, sings, acts, dances, writes music...
What do you do?

You see him as a cocky teenager? Wouldn't you be if you had 25 million followers on Twitter and dated Selena Gomez?

Point is- Yes, go ahead and be a Bieber naysayer, but at 18 years old, he's a better business man than you are. Of course, he has a business manager (and a huge crew behind him), but you could start by learning a thing or two about business... from The Biebs!

I'd also be jumping if my
net worth  was $23million.
We have all seen what he can do on a stage, but he's pretty tech and business savvy, too. Bieber has managed to tie that in perfectly to his new title of 'Venture Capitalist'. There you are hating on Bieber and you don't even know what a venture capitalist is. Here you go.

In the past 2 years, he has he managed to rake in $108 million. In addition, he's doing what all the rich people should be doing, according to 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' author -buying assets.

Specifically, Bieber has opted to invest in start-up companies. Also, since he owes his success to social media, recognizes its power and knows his fans spend a lot of time online, he is focusing on those up-and-coming companies on the Internet.

One of those is Spotify. Judging on the amount of people using Spotify nowadays (just go to your Facebook feed and indulge on your friends sad music tastes), the risk paid off with that one.

There are now 15 million Spotify users in the world and 4 million of those pay $9.99 a month for the premium service. Read more about Spotify on The LA Times.
Bieber opted for this color so paparazzis got a reflection of
themselves when they took his picture.

Scooter Braun, the singer's manager, is the business brain behind the talent, according to Forbes magazine. Funny story: Braun contacted Mark Zuckerberg in Facebook's early stages to invest, but Zuckerberg wasn't quite looking for investors. That being said, not only does the guy have an eye for talent, but also for other potentially successful projects.

[If you're into cars (or gifts... or anything Bieber-related), Braun gave Justin a very expensive ride for his birthday, a Fisker Karma ($102K+), on The Ellen Degeneres show.

Without a doubt, Scooter Braun hit the jackpot when he found that first Justin Bieber YouTube video... or is it the other way around?

Watch Bieber talking about this to Forbes magazine: