You're not cool if you don't know Frank Ocean

And for once, it's not only Skrillex-type cool (not really cool, but people think it's cool). It is REALLY cool.

If you're on Twitter, you might have seen these trending topics lately: Channel Orange (his album), Forrest Gump (one of his songs) and Bad Religion (the song he performed on Fallon).

Let me break it down for you: He is only 24. He has written songs for Beyonce and Bieber. He's in the rap group Odd Future. He collaborated on Watch the Throne. He's signed to Def Jam. He's also gay -or bi? (as he revealed in a Tumblr post this past weekend)... and you all know how much of a taboo that is in the hip-hop world.

Frank Ocean and Kanye West.
After that confession, many speculated his album sales of his solo debut album "Channel Orange" would suffer. Maybe not. Uncle Rush, Beyonce and Tyler The Creator supported his bravery of coming out in a genre where it's not right to do so. Most importantly, it doesn't seem to be hurting the album. It was released today on iTunes and it's #1.

From 1,000 followers on Twitter last summer to 1million today. Last night, he made his TV debut on Jimmy Fallon... String section? Check! Vocals? Check! What an amazing performance. Pure talent!

I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot of this R&B up-and-coming star.

BTW, Channel Orange features John Mayer and Andre 3000! Not bad for a debut album, huh?
I NEED to buy this. I'll wait for the hard copy coming out next week.

Watch him perform Bad Religion:

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