Who Won "Duets"?

Well, I know the question on some of your guys' minds is more like "What is Duets?" and not "Who won Duets?" 

Duets is an ABC show where 4 amazingly good singers were fooled into thinking that a show of finding a Duet partner would be successful. They also brought in a host with a funky name and no last name. 

Hey, at least we got to see Robin Thicke in something other than in his music videos with his wife! 

So who won?!

Truth is that I didn't watch... like most of America.

But, I did googled it and to no one's surprise... it's the front-runner since day 1 -J Rome! That boy can sing. He deserves it.

Here's his most famous performance with mentor and BFF!, Jennifer Nettles.