Phillip Phillips at MLB All-Star Game

The kidney stones are gone and our 2012 American Idol is back. Phillip Phillips performed his crowning single "Home" at the MLB All-Star game tribute concert for the victims of the tornados in Missouri and Alabama.

Luke Bryant some country singer had the task of singing the national anthem. CMT is not one of the channels I watch regularly, so I don't really know who he was. However, I do know he didn't know when he was supposed to start and it was slightly uncomfortable to watch. He sounded good, though. He had that country voice... you know, that deep voice all of them have.

Back to Phillip and his amazing song Home, which reminds us all a little bit of Mumford and Sons, he did a great job. I am just biased on this one. I just love this kid... and this song... and this kid.

VIDEO of the Performance: