Food Network Star's "Rebel with a Culinary Cause"

No Food Network Star contestant has caused this much excitement in my heart (and stomach!) EVER... and I've watched every single episode since Season 1.

It's Justin Warner. From his looks (you gotta' love his color-blocking style & that pompadour!) to his witty approach, he is just what this network needs.

Not only will he manage to bring in a younger demographic, but he will soon be as big as the other cooking channel heavy-hitters. I am not only saying this because Susie and Bob gave him a spot in the final 4. I have to say I called it on episode 1.
His POV is genius. It's young, fresh and VERY clever. Justin is definitely a rebel, but it all makes perfect sense. You probably wouldn't guess he is an actual expert in the kitchen just from looking at him (because he's young & not your average TV chef), but he's got the camera skills, interesting storytelling and cooking chops.

Most importantly, he has the man - Alton Brown- backing him up. I can't think of anything more exciting than a Justin Warner show produced by Alton.

Now, it's up to America. The Rebel with a Culinary Cause needs your vote, and you need him on your TV set... it's a win-win! 
Check out his pilot... and VOTE, vote, vOtE.

Oh, I failed to mention the other 3 contestants. Yeah, good luck to them.

Follow Justin on Twitter and check out his NY restaurant Do or Dine