SYTYCD: If you've missed it...

Season 9 of So You Think You Can Dance is here. That's your alternative if you like talent competition shows, but do not want to take part in the overdose of singing shows out there.

America's favorite summer dance show (there might be no more summer dance shows - Dance Moms doesn't count) won Wednesday's primetime TV ratings battle with 7 million viewers.

If you have missed the first 2 episodes (shame on you!), there's still time to catch up, and I'm going to help you with that. The judges have already been to Dallas, New York and Los Angeles. Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy have been joined by different guest judges - from poetic krumper Lil C to the hilarious actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

Let's Talk Dance!
One thing is obvious this season - the talent is definitely there. From auditions that will make you cry to the the most hilarious ones ever -they've found it all. Here are some of the ones you need to watch -or rewatch!

1. Ballet Mom and Daughter
The contestant, Bree Hafen, is a 29-year-old mother of 2. She was a stand-out technically speaking and to top it off, her story is just heart-warming. There's a surprise: her 2-year-old daughter also wants to audition. See for yourself. Adorable.
2. These twins need their own Reality Show!
Let me introduce you to the most fabulous twins in Los Angeles - or the world, rather. The Ninja Twins! Producers obviously love this duo. They got almost a full block of airtime. Nigel Lythgoe loves them, too, and has tweeted about possibly creating a show starting the Ninja Twins (Please, make this happen!). You're dying of laughter and then... Bam!... The guys can dance, too. Pure entertainment.
3. Bikini Pole Dancer
Yeah, a bikini pole dancer. Not a stripper though. She's the Cirque du Soleil-type. Eliana Girard has the most amazing technique, legs, flexibility and strength. A strong dancer that will most definitely be in the Top 20, I guarantee you. Before her audition, she is shown pole dancing in a bikini, and I'm hoping all the kids were asleep because it was slightly R-rated.
4. Coolest. Tap Dancer. Ever.
Caley Carr, this Californian hipsterish guy is telling us all about his love for surfing. Then, he tells us he can dance, too. I doubt it at first, but he proves me wrong. Not only can Caley dance his tap-dancing life off, but he's absolutely charming. Also, realize the auditions were probably at least 6 months ago, when Gotye's song wasn't even as famous and overplayed, so that makes him even cooler. Probably my favorite tap dance audition ever! (SPOILER Alert: He doesn't make it through in choreo) 
5. Best. Audition. Ever.
There are special auditions, and then there's this -an audition you will NEVER forget. The concept of the exorcism scared me a tad bit at first, but like Nigel Lythgoe said, this guy is just genius. His name is Hampton Williams. Get your Kleenex and get ready for what you're about to see. P.S. I might have outcried Mary Murphy on this one.

So, those are the 5 of the auditions that you HAD to see if you missed the first 2 episodes... from cute to technically brilliant to just plain powerful. If you feel like you still need more catching up to do, take a look at more L.A. standouts or episode 1's contestants from Dallas and New York.