Meet The Glee Project Season 2 contenders

Whether you’re a fan of Glee or not, The Glee Project is a show you NEED to be watching. Why? It’s so much more than just a talent show. It’s about kids with unique and inspirational stories fighting for their dream to be on Glee… and yes, they’re ridiculously talented. My suggestion? Keep a box of Kleenex handy while watching this show. It’s that moving.

Last season, The Glee Project selected two winners to be on Glee - Damian McGinty who plays Rory (Irish kid) and Samuel Larsen who plays Joe (guitar-playing Christian guy with dreadlocks). Other two contestants got minor roles. However, this season there will only be 1 lucky winner… supposedly (Producer Ryan Murphy loves a curveball!).

So, who are the contenders?

1. Dani Shay 

You might remember this girl as the Justin Bieber look-alike from America’s Got Talent. There’s more to Dani than singing Bieber tunes, though. 

This 23-year-old can play the guitar, write her own songs and has independently released 4 albums. Her AGT stint has helped her be the contestant with the biggest social media following. Dani is charming and funny, and would embrace her androgynous self if casted on the show.

2. Mario

Every single thing about him is what Glee is all about –an underdog defying all odds. Mario is blind since the age of 9. But, does that make him a victim? Not at all. Mario, 24, can act, sing, DANCE and play guitar, drums & piano.

To sum it all up, he said this on the first episode: I want to be a talented, cute, young dude that just happens to be blind rather than being a blind guy who's talented, cute and young”. Adorable, talented and a true inspiration -Mario is the definition of Glee.

3. Michael

He’s the youngest contestant -18 years old. Michael is already a hit with the girls, and you can clearly see why (cuteness!). He’s a self-proclaimed “math geek” and is constantly talking about his love for calculus. 

He also has a passion for music and is in a professional blues band. The boy has the most precious voice – I foresee girls melting everywhere every time he sings. 

4. Tyler

He’s 21. He plays the ukulele. He loves Lady Gaga. He… used to be a she. He started going through the process only 3 years ago and is now transgender. Tyler definitely has one of the most powerful stories that could inspire Ryan Murphy to write an amazing character. 

However, he lacks the musical chops and the self-esteem (he blames that on his transition- and it's understandable). You need a good backstory to be on Glee, but you also need the right attitude and the talent. I predict he won’t go too far. He had to sing for Ryan on the first episode (Bottom 3).

5. Abraham 

This 24-year-old is pure sass. He’s definitely talented and can own the stage. Abraham could be the new Kurt Hummel with all that fierceness. 

He says he relates better to women because there wasn’t a male figure in his life. I thought he was gay. He hasn’t said so, though. I’m sure this topic will come up in a later episode. If he is, he should have said that already, because Glee is all about owning who you are. 

6. Ali

This girl is another of the reasons I need Kleenex to get through an episode of this show. She’s paralyzed from the chest down and has been in a wheelchair since she was 2. Also, she has one of the most beautiful voices in the competition… plus she can act, she’s such a great performer and is super likable. 

Ali, 24, attacks choreography like no other, and after seeing her work that wheelchair, choreographer Zach said that Artie might need to step up his game. Definitely a front-runner!

7. Aylin

Coming from a traditional Turkish & Muslim family, Aylin struggles being her flirtatious self. That story and her bubbly personality caught Ryan Murphy’s eye. Also, she can sing. Her singing is what made Ryan saved her when she landed in the Bottom 3.

Aylin is only 19 and is now studying vocal jazz performance, but is she the ultimate underdog that deserves a spot on Glee? To me, not quite.

8. Blake 

He has the signature Bieber hair, and that might be one of the reasons girls are already loving him. Also, this 19-year-old is a great actor, sings and plays the drums. Glee’s Casting director, Robert has pointed out his great on-screen star quality. I agree. He just has that charisma. 

Blake is also funny and slightly awkward in a cool kinda’ way. I totally see him being in Glee’s football team.

9. Charlie

Is this the next Finn? There’s an uncanny resemblance! Charlie is an actor and singer… a GREAT singer. That kind of voice that would get The Voice judges to turn around for him –such a unique tone. 

The 22-year-old has severe ADHD and mild autism, which along with his talent and charm makes for a great Glee character. Another very strong contender! Also, Ryan Murphy loves him.

10. Lily Mae

She can sing – no doubt. Lily Mae is only 18 and loves musical theatre. She’s a firecracker on stage and has a bubbly personality. 

Her vulnerable spot? Her weight. She's struggling to own that and cried her eyes out when Lea Michele told her she was "strikingly beautiful". She needs to start believing in her beauty if she wants to go all the way through… like Hannah in season 1.

11. Nellie

This 19-year-old has the kind of voice I could die for -such a soothing tone. Nellie plays piano, guitar, writes her own songs and is in a swing band in which all the members are at least 20 years older than she is. She has experience on stage, which is an advantage for her. 

She’s artsy and cute. I think she could be a great singer/songwriter, and The Glee Project might be just what she needs to boost her career. I don’t see her on Glee, though.

12. Shanna

She’s 21 and has a lot of experience in music. Nikki, Glee’s vocal coach, has already told her she’s a powerhouse singer. She has a great attitude and spirit, and could be a new kind of Rachel Berry. 

However, out of all the contestants, I see people that would make far more inspirational characters... BUT, the judges seem to love her... and she was picked by Lea Michele as the winner of the first homework assignment.

13. Taryn

She has been performing for over 12 years and is definitely a good singer. Her story? She’s never lived away from home, never traveled on a plain and is very, very close to her family. 

Taryn is 22. Is she going to win? No. The girl would need to bring on a lot more personality to make it.

14. Maxfield

This country singer/songwriter found out he had a great singing voice only 6 months prior to doing the show. Maxfield, 22, is a nice guy and Ryan Murphy told him he was a great “talker”. He’s currently a student at Full Sail University (I’m also a Full Sailor!). 

This show has definitely given him the exposure needed to go on and do great things with his music career, but he’s just not what Glee is all about. 
Eliminated: Episode 1

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