The Kardashian/Jenners do it Again!

You want to be in that family. Just admit it.
And what is that, you wonder? Another family vacation music video!

The family goes on these amazing vacations that always include crystal clear waters, bikinis and yachts. Instead of doing a boring family vacation video, they make a music video featuring all the members of the family lip-synching, Scott being his hilarious self, Kim being sexy when the rest of the family is just being funny & the Jenner sisters showing off their amazing bikini bodies.

Kendall and Kylie are responsible for editing the videos and their video editing skills continue to improve from video to video. Remember the first one? 

Hypnotize by Notorious B.I.G

In this new one, the Kardashian/Jenners are singing and dancing to this song in the Dominican Republic, and sadly, there's no Khloe.

In replacement, they seem to have brought along some of Kendall and Kylie's friends. Also, this video looks like it was more thought out than some others - see: leopard theme, monopoly money!

1. Scott Disick
First of all, Scott and Rob and wearing matching outfits. That alone is funny. Then, Scott gives Biggie a run for his money... and raps a whole section of the song. He's later joined by a very-pregnant Kourtney for a rapping duet.

A new wallpaper for Kim's fans.
2. Is that Kim's booty? 
Of course it is. I'm guessing this image is one of the reasons why Kendal and Kylie wrote in the video's description "hope you guys don't take this too seriously!". Her trademark butt is popping in and out the water, and you just have to give it to them for not taking themselves too seriously.

3. Bloopers
Not only does Kris Jenner look fantastic on this video... Look at that leg! The most famous momager today is hilarious in the outtake at the end of the video, throwing in a funny dance AND some good ole' profanity (Now, we know where Khloe gets that from).

Other bloopers feature the whole family in a Deadliest Catch-type scene minus the crab fishing. It's slippery, the sea is choppy, they're all falling down -including mama Kris and the pregnant woman.

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