The Winner of American Idol is...

Cuteness OD.
Phillip Phillips!

Let's do some math here. A record 132 million votes came in. 20 million people watched the show and maybe half of them don't vote. So, 10 million raked in 132 million votes? Wow. The power of psycho tween voters!

The Guitar-playing White Guy
All those people complaining about having another white guy with a guitar, shouldn't be complaining... they should be voting. Yeah, I'm talking to all the old ladies that are probably fans of the powerhouse balladeer that watch and complain, but don't pick up their phone to vote.

I couldn't be more thrilled with this outcome. Like many, I also called it after his audition with the amazing acoustic version of "Thriller". The guy just has it -the talent, the charm, the looks, everything!

The Man Tears
The man-tears!
Photo from: Rickey.org
What could possibly be more adorable than this? There's just something so genuine and authentic about him.

You have to give it up for a man that is forced to sing a song and just decides to keep it real and cry and hug the family instead. In the words of Wiz Khalifa, I'm sure Phillip just thought "Man, f*** that s***", I'll sing this some other day.

Best. Idol Coronation Song. Ever. ?
YES! "Home" is amazing. It's either this one or Kelly Clarkson's "A Moment Like This".

This song has the potential of being a hit in the radio... today! It does have that Mumford and Sons feel that is so relevant right now.

Want to love him even more?
Check out his interview with Ryan Seacrest moments after he was crowned the winner. He's SO real. And Ryan Seacrest is such a great interviewer. He just makes him feel comfortable and this little interview is a gem.

This People article just came out: Phillip had 8 (EIGHT!) surgeries while he was on Idol. With good kidneys, he'll just take over.