Idol: Goodbye JLo, Hello...?

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She needs more free time to hang out with her 3 kids:
Max, Emme & Casper.
You know about the Forbes Celebrity 100 list, right? Well, the #1 spot no longer belongs to Lady Gaga. Jenny from the Block stole it after raking in $52 million last year. That's no surprise since she has been endorsing more products than Betty White lately. (See: The blatant product placement of the Fiat 500 on her music video, Loreal, Kohls, Gillete Venus, Tous, Harman Kardon, etc.)

So, does she really need to continue sitting on American Idol's judging table? Absolutely not and she is not. However, JLo should be thanking them because she was in a bit of a hiatus until she was rescued by Idol. We will miss her. Come on, all those tears were beyond endearing & her "goosies", too. Hitting on the 20-year-old contestants? Not so much.

Now, the question is, who will replace Jennifer Lopez?

I'll tell you one thing: it better be someone H-U-G-E or Idol will get eaten alive by The X Factor and The Voice.

My dear blogger friend Annemarie (Brunch at Saks) has a very valid suggestion. Idol must take a look at Twitter's most followed and pick someone on that list... just like Simon Cowell did on The X Factor (Britney #6, Demi Lovato #35).

These are MY picks from that list:

1. Lady Gaga: 
Easy: JLo stole her spot on the Forbes 100, so Gaga should take her Idol spot.
She also took her shoes off and gave it to the contestants=
TV gold!
No, really, she's the most followed person on twitter. Her fan base is like a cult. 'Little Monsters' that have never watched Idol in their lives will begin to watch.
Idol Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe got her to guest judge SYTYCD once, and she was a gem -giving standing Os and crying. Gaga's must be really pricey, but she's talented, straight-forward, kinda' wacky and it'll be a trip to see what she's wearing every day.

2. Katy Perry: She has guest judged on Idol during auditions and she rocked the judges' table. She wasn't afraid to speak her mind. Hopefully, she needs a break from touring and will accept an offer.

3. Nicki Minaj: #11 on the most-followed list. Controversial: check. Not afraid to speak her mind (at all): check. Entertaining: check. Could be a good one.

4. Pink: She's also one of the Top 25 most followed. Let's face it: she has a kid & hasn't been singing/touring in a while. It might be a brilliant career move for her!

5. Alicia Keys: Who doesn't love Alicia? She does need to put herself back out there, and JLo proved it works. However, Alicia is not as appealing to the tweens, and you want to reel those kids in. After all, they're the ones that vote 800 times in 2 hours and make the cute guitar-playing white guy always win.

Who do YOU think should replace JLo?