Forbes cover: Swaggie!

Who thought a finance magazine could have this much swag, swag, swag... on you?

Justin Bieber is covering Forbes, even though he did not take the #1 spot in the Celebrity 100. That spot belongs to Jennifer Lopez.

The Biebs has raked in $108 million in the past 2 years, so it's not a surprise he gets to cover the mag. This is also an opportunity for Forbes to reach the tween demographic, who will buy the mag to rip out the Bieber photos.

Bieber on the cover will probably make this edition a top seller.

Bieber also announced his new tour today which starts in September. My prediction is that tomorrow, he'll announce the tour is sold out.

Justin recently graduated from high school and his 'Boyfriend' YouTube video got a record 8 million views in the first day- the most any video has gotten in 1 day. That talented little kid!

He performed 'Boyfriend' today on The Ellen Show: Watch: