Facebook Camera: Sneaky Zuckerberg

This is how Facebook Camera
looks like - yeah, like Instagram.
Remember when Mark Zuckerberg bought Instagram for $1 billion dollars?

Well, looks like we now know the reason why he paid that price. Today, Facebook has released the Facebook Camera. You want to know how that works? Almost exactly like Instagram.

Everyone is questioning why would he spend a billion dollars if he is going to create his own photo-filtering app.

Here's What I Think
The answer is easy. He noticed the success of Instagram and wanted to emulate it, but you can't just copy stuff -unless you want to get sued.

What was Zuckerberg's thought? If I own Instagram, then I can't be sued when I copy their idea.

After being bought out, the 5 people working at Instagram started working for Facebook, and I'm guessing they developed the coding for Facebook Camera.

That Zucks!

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