Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars!

After so many seasons, a DWTS All-Star was much needed. After Season 14 ("The Most Competitive Season"), that's exactly what they need to keep their ratings up.

But the question on everyone's mind is... What stars will come back?

The winners might not do it... maybe for the right price, but these stars would be ideal for a round 2:

1. Kyle Massey: Who didn't LOVE this kid? Also, he's now on the DWTS Vegas show, so he'll be like a dancing ad for that show.

2. Evan Lysacek: The ice skater made it far. If the amazing Nicole Scherzinger wouldn't have existed, he would have taken home the Mirror Ball Trophy.

3. Maria Menounos: The girl was a star this season. Her elimination came as a shock, but the goat-laugh hottie has the chops. She loved being on DWTS and she might want to come back and take advantage of her momentum. Also, if she returns, she MUST be paired with Derek Hough again - it's a DWTS pairing made in heaven!

4. Kirstie Alley: This controversial lady rocked the dance floor and the confession room. She HAS to come back if they want to call this an All-Star season.

5. Rob Kardashian: I don't think the kid has much else going on right now... aside from a sock line (whatever that means). He placed 2nd last season and was likable in and out the dance floor. Also, having the male Kardashian means having the famous family on the sidelines. I'm sure the world's most famous momager is on the phone with ABC right now.

6. Jerry Rice: He has been back several times for those little Sportscenter skits they do, so he won't oppose.

The ballroom needs his sass!
7. Lisa Rinna: She was amazing during her season. Also, let's face it... If she is currently endorsing Depends, she will be open to returning to the ballroom - it's classier than adult diapers.

8. Gilles Marini: He was the William Levy of Season 8. Bruno Tonioli would love to have a shirtless Gilles strut his stuff for him once again... and the desperate housewives of America will too.

9. Chad Ochocinco: Ochocinco is very open to reality TV. Come on, he had his own dating show Bachelor-style on VH1. It's a done deal.

10. Carson Kressley: His dancing technique was depressing, but we still loved him. He's funny, charming and gave 100%. This fan favorite has even returned to DWTS some episodes as a correspondent. He needs to be on there.

11. Florence Henderson: America's favorite TV mom was amazing. Who says old ladies can't dance? The fact that she's an audience member on almost EVERY show says she's a fan so it shouldn't be hard to convince her.

Who else do you think needs to be on DWTS All-Stars?