The American Idol Finale Recap

Loved this Top 2

Few things in life are better than an American Idol finale. There's the Nokia theatre, Ryan Seacrest with his best Burberry suit and a hand-held microphone, the hilarious audition montages, the surprise performances, the bloopers... Pure entertainment!

This finale had over 20 million viewers, which is the lowest-rated Idol finale in history. I have no idea what the people not watching were doing. Their loss.

Relive These Moments 

1- Idols Singing the Phone Book
Who came up with this? Whoever did needs a promotion. Funniest thing I've seen in long time. Emphasis on Deandre and Joshua Ledet! Ha!

2- The Bachelor meets American Idol
Past Idol hopefuls Ace Young & Diana DeGarmo getting engaged on national television? Seacrest holding the ring box. The tears. It's sappy. And I L-O-V-E it. 

Watch and I dare you not to cry.

3- Jennifer Holliday and Jessica Sanchez
Thankfully, Jimmy Iovine didn't have to talk about this performance, because it would have been Jessica and Jessica.

And I am Telling You I got full-body chills on this one. To quote Idol judge, JLo, "Gooooooosies". It was that powerful. 

Yeah, yeah, there were some scary faces thrown in the mix. Get over it. 
4- Dudes Look Like a Lady
Their love-hate relationship is all love here.
Aerosmith! Steven Tyler is one person that should remain on the stage and away from the judging table. True performer. That was fun.

5- Phillip Phillips and John Fogerty
I'm glad he got to do something like this. No fireworks, no craziness, just musicians doing their thing. He sang 2 of CCR's greatest hits.

6- Jessica/Joshica Bloopers
I love Jimmy Iovine. He's the voice of reason... until we realize the guy can't get out a right name out of his mouth. Hilarious!

I want to be like her at 42 - without the boy toy.
7- JLo or Jenny from the Block?
JLo was nowhere to be found for a big portion of the show. That's how long it took her to get ready for her performance. I was speculating on what she would do. I was secretly expecting her to perform with the guys or something different like that... or with Marc Anthony. 

However, it was just a little JLo concert - or Jenny from the Block, I should say.

If Jennifer Lopez does decide to stay in Idol, I know what the reasoning behind it is. As a judge, she gets to premiere her music videos and perform her songs whenever she pleases. I'm sure she's all over that. And yeah, the woman is a great performer.

8- We Will Always Love You, Jessica
Girl can sing. She did "I Will Always Love You"... again. Why did Jessica Sanchez get a solo performance and Phillip Phillips did not? 

I was waiting for a Whitney Houston hologram, though. (Oh, too soon? Please!)

9- The new American Idol
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WTF Moments

Double tumble!
1- Opening Group Performance
For some reason, there was a very long dance interlude. I thought there were going to plug SYTYCD, but not even that happened. It was just a lot of dancing for no reason.

The highlight of this performance? Joshua Ledet. The poor thing wanted to show America his dance moves and he fell not once, but twice. Brutal. (I need a gif of this)

Yeah, you are seeing that right
-Outer Thigh Cutouts!
2- No, you can't get an Amen
If this would have been a performance with judges commentary they would have said "You took us to church". Now, you know what kind of performance that was. Lots of screeching, stumping on the ground, hands elevated as if praising the Lord and crazy notes only Fantasia and Joshua Ledet can deliver.  

The real star of this performance? Fantasia's catsuit! This piece of clothing should be reserved for a very select group of women -not exactly her. And it wasn't a regular bodysuit. For some reason, Fantasia thought it'd be a good idea to introduce us to Outer Thigh Cutouts. It was wrong, unflattering and slightly disturbing. I wanted a JLo reaction shot of when she first saw that.
Has she never seen how a
bodysuit looks on JLo?

3- The Girls and Chaka Khan
If you were a guest performer, you had to wear an ill-fitting bodysuit, apparently. I was waiting for Reba to wear one.

This performance was so sad, I don't even want to talk about it.

4- The Guys and the BeeGees Tribute
This was the opposite of a tribute. It didn't sound good- at all. Again, why did Jessica perform with the girls, and Phillip didn't perform with the guys?

5- Rihanna
This woman is the opposite of Jennifer Lopez. Her performances are a total snooze. RiRi sang "Where Have You Been" which I love, but she just doesn't belong on a stage.

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