The X Factor: Who failed on Rock Week?

Themes are lame 98% of the times, unless it's a very broad theme... but then it becomes so broad it isn't a theme anymore. Did Simon Cowell not learn anything from Adam Lambert's season (The Adam Lambert Effect! = taking a song of any genre and making it work for you, even if it means changing the genre...)?

The contestants were forced to sing Rock songs, and by rock songs they meant... well, any song. Not even the judges were too sure what classified as rock. Lesson: The theme shouldn't be a genre.

A highlight of the show actually happened before the show aired. Simon Cowell joined twitter! Follow him & tell him I sent you and he'll be like who the f.. is that?

Rock Week Performances
30-year difference & more in sync
 than Demi & Ashton ever were
1. Leroy Bell
The official XFactor GILF (Grandpa I'd like to ____) was up first, which can be bad because the it's the contestant people are most likely to forget... especially, when Nicole Scherzinger comes in to give him a song made popular by a man that is arguably more popular for his bacon than his music (The bacon at Roasters was good, admit it!).

This was boring, and I'm still waiting for him to bring out the X-Factor I know he has in him. Perhaps, better song choices would help, Pussycat!
Watch Leroy's performance HERE.

Paula Abdul has some competition.
2. Rachel Crow
This girl is a little star. I don't particularly want to "eat her up" like host Steve Jones because I don't eat people, but she's cute, talented & authentic. I'm pretty sure Rachel has a crush on Simon. Thankfully, I'm sure Simon won't pull a Sandusky.

She sang I Can't Get No (Satisfaction), and Britney Spears is wishing she could have sounded it like that on the 2000 MTV VMAs. (I didn't look that up. I actually know VMA performance dates off the top of my head).

Rachel could totally get into acting, too, and if so, I see her totally dominating the Disney Channel... but, winning the X Factor? Hmm....
Watch Rachel's performance HERE

3. Chris Rene
Occupy Chris Rene!
L.A. Reid is got away with Chris Rene singing Bob Marley's "No Woman No Cry" (because Bob's part of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame), and that particularly enraged Simon.

My thoughts? Chris Rene is back! That's the best he's has ever sounded and performed since "Young Homie". Soon after his performance, he became a trending topic. Many were haters bashing his vocal abilities, but maybe even more were Chris Rene fans.

And, to his haters, allow me to tell you that even without the best voice in the competition, he could sell more records than most of the other acts. Last time I checked, Lil Wayne, the LMFAO guys and BOB DYLAN don't hit all their notes, and they've sold the life out of their records.

4. Stacy Francis
Her sad face took over the stage.
I am over Stacy -her weaves, her over-singing, her crying, and now, her ridiculous boa microphone stand. Simon Cowell was right, the upside of that performance is that her weave looked much better than last week's. The judges hated it, but Stacy can do no wrong in Proud Mama Sister's eyes. 

By the way, she sang Meat Loaf's "It's All Coming Back to me Now". You have to give it to her for having even more meltdowns than the original song's singer on national television (see Meat Loaf on Celebrity Apprentice).
5. Melanie Amaro 
She brought it with R.E.M's "Everybody Hurts". In this performance, Melanie even gave us some of the umph I've been wanting to see from her.
That's an UMPH face right there.

It would have been interesting if she actually picked a rock song instead of a song by an alternative rock band, just to see another side of her. However, that's just me being picky.

Melanie sounded amazing, but was soon to be upstaged by other contestants... 

6. Josh Krajcik
Dear judges, now THIS was rock. Also, there's no question Josh is going to be in the X Factor finale.

The Pussycat is a Headbanger!
The Foo Fighters actually cleared "The Pretender" for him to sing on the show. Believe me, artists look up the contestants requesting to perform their songs. Wouldn't you? If Dave Grohl & Co. decided he was good enough to do one of his songs it's because... Josh Krajcik is good, in case you hadn't noticed.

When Nicole was going through hairstyle options, she made sure to have her locks down & wild so she could headbang ridiculously and uncontrollably to make sure everyone knew this was in fact rock. 
Best performance of the night.

7. Astro
Everything about this tiny rapper screams STAR. Aside from the fact that he can write his own stuff, and do it in such an incredible way... he's a true performer! 
Another fact, the Astronomical Kid hasn't had a bad week = Consistency!
This time he took on Puff Daddy's "I'll be missing you" and guess who loved the rendition... 

Diddy's Seal of Approval! --->

Brooklyn's contestant has all the makings of a star. Not only is he very eloquent and witty, bu he's also opinionated. Watch him in this MTV interview.
I think we got a winner. Are you an Astronaut?

8. Lakoda Rayne
Another Paula breakdown coming
soon... Maybe today?
Must be sad having to follow Astro... especially, if you're Lakoda Rayne.
I can't help but feel bad for Paula who got the groups category 10 years after being a group was cool.
They did a mash-up, but not the kind of ones you see on Glee. This was the kind of mash-up you'd see at your community's talent show.
The good thing about them going home soon... is that very soon we will have another Paula Abdul breakdown.... YES!
Watch Lakoda Rayne's performance here

9. Drew 
L.A. Reid was scared Drew would do the same thing over again this week, but she didn't. This time she wore shoes! Oh, the actual performance? Yeah, same $**t.
Beautiful voice. Cute girl... but, that's not going to cut it. Switch it up, Simon!
Her song was U2's "With or Without You"... or at least, a very, very slow version of it.
Warning: If you ever go to a Drew concert, you WILL fall asleep.  
Watch Drew's performance here

10. Marcus Canty 
Look who got tonight's Pimp Spot... L.A.'s wanna-be Chris Brown-minus-the-woman-beating!
I encourage you to watch his performance and focus on the very ridiculous choreography. Why in the world did anyone think it was appropriate for him to slide in between open-legged ladies?
Marcus, for some reason, got Janis Joplin's "Piece of My Heart," and Janis is lucky not be around to have witnessed that. Tragedy!
Watch Marcus' performance

So, who's in danger?
I think it's Lakoda Rayne, but Stacy Francis shouldn't be feeling overly confident going into elimination. Marcus and Leroy are in the middle of the pack, but I think they'll survive today.