The X Factor: Who is America voting off?

Simon Cowell knows how to do it... and FOX knows it, so they're bringing The X-Factor back for another season next year.

American Idol better step it up with performance productions, because we are all in agreement that each of these performances looks like it's out of the Grammys or the VMAs, right? Verizon, Pepsi and Simon are proving to be good spenders.

The talent is there. The judges are bringing it. This show is exciting. Period.

The 12 Finalists
1. Stereo Hogzz 
They kicked off the night and raised their voices against Conrad Murray with a tribute to the Jackson Family. Yeah, so Paula was Janet's choreographer back in the day. Does that mean she needs to turn these 5 into the Jackson 5? I don't think so. Simon is in love with Paula the Stereo Hogzz. I think they're good, but they're not that amazing, but I still love the fact they were head over heels with the grass in Paula's mansion.
Full performance HERE.

2. Chris Rene
These are the kinds of things that break my heart. This one is clearly talented. I find myself singing Young Homie in my head a few times a day. However, he's the kind of artist that was made to sing his OWN songs. Cover tunes are most definitely hurting him... kinda' like Paul McDonald from American Idol, remember?
So, I ask LA Reid, if Astro is able to write verses for his songs, why isn't Chris Rene allowed to? If he doesn't come out performing an original, he might not be around for a long time.
Much better than last week, though.
Full performance HERE.

3. Leroy Bell
Hey, Grandpa Leroy!
I agree with Simon sorta'... The Pussycat judge and Mr. Bell are not connecting... until NOW. I adored how he interpreted this song, and I  want him to be my grandfather or my husband to look like this when he's 60.
This is when Paula told Simon she knew Leroy better, because she actually spends time at rehearsals. Oh, snap!
Full performance HERE.

Give her another song like
"If I Were a Boy" ASAP!
4. Rachel Crow
This cute, little bundle of sunshine is proof that Simon doesn't always knows what he's doing. Do you remember Rachel singing "If I Were a Boy"? I swear I just got chills remembering that performance. Sure, these songs are more age-appropriate, but are they bringing out her voice's full potential? NO. I wish Paula or Nicole had Rachel in their team. She's still 100% adorable and can definitely sing.
Full performance HERE.

5. Lakoda Rayne
Host Steve Jones was hitting on Lakoda.. or Rayne.

The song Landslide is one of my favorite songs ever. That's when it's performed by the one & only Stevie Nicks... or even the Dixie Chicks! Landslide by Lakoda Rayne? Blah!
I have no idea why Simon and Co. made such a big deal of the girls representing the 4 seasons. It's not like one came out as a snowman and the other one as a leaf-less tree.
However, thanks to that Paula delivered the BEST quote of the night, "It's coming from a guy, who's from London, where there's one season... miserable!" Ms. Abdul can have good comedic timing when she doesn't look like she's on meds. By the way, this is how Landslide is really done.
Full performance HERE.

6. Josh Krajcik
Burrito Maker is in the HOUSE! It's about damn time we learn his name, because everyone I know (including me) keeps calling him Burrito Maker/Slinger. However, who cares what his name is when he's going to sing like THAT. "Jar of Hearts" is a song I would have never thought to give him, but I have to give it up to Nicole because it turned out to be a brilliant decision. He knocked it out of the park. He's likable. And I don't want him to ever have to make a burrito again unless he's hungry and actually craving a burrito.
This sparked the second best quote of the night, this time from Nicole Scherzinger, "I feel like a proud mom, but we're like the same age so that doesn't work."

One of the BEST performances of the night:

7. Astro
There's no way Jay-Z and/or Kanye were that talented when they were 14. (I'm just guessing, relax)
This kid is dope and has mad swagger. See? I even feel compelled to use his own words when describing him. He writes those verses, too. Whaaat?! After a second amazing performance in a row, Astro proved he's now a front-runner.
Also, I can totally see an Astro - Willow Smith collabo. Don't you? If Jay-Z is watching this show, he's probably already thinking of signing him to Roc Nation and making that happen.

The little curly-haired 12-year-old
always seems so out of place.
8. InTENsity
This wasn't there best performance, in my opinion. I still believe there's something about these kids that just works. There are lots of good singers in there. If Glee's McKinley High has a middle school, these kids should be in that Glee club and make a cameo in the show. Listening, Ryan Murphy? If not, how about a Disney show? 10-year-olds would dig it. I guarantee that.
9. Marcus Canty
Someone might need to get enrolled
in college next semester.

Enough with Bobby Brown. Why is LA trying to make Marcus Canty a 90's R&B singer? Also, when this kid steps out on the real world, he won't succeed against the competition (Chris Brown, Jason Derulo... Ne-yo, perhaps). My thoughts on him? He won't be $5 million richer at the end of the season. Done.

10. Melanie Amaro
Can't get over that makeover. Wow.
This girl needs no special effects or crazy arrangements she did need that makeover, though. Her vocals are enough, and that right there is beyond cool. I need Simon to stop saying he's a better man because he made a mistake and took actions to correct them. She's looking good & sounding good as usual. Critique? She needs some pizzazz... a little more attitude, a bit more stage presence. Otherwise, she's pretty freakin' amazing.
11. Drew
The voice in this girl, and yes, Drew is a girl's name these days! That voice! I can't get over it. What a beautiful tone. The song choice was interesting and interestingly worked for the teenage Belieber. I loved the whole artistic concept of the performance, too. She looked angelic, innocent, sweet..... I need a thesaurus to keep going.

12. Stacy Francis

Simon was SO right. This is what Stacy needs to be singing. Last week, Perez Hilton and Stacy had a mini twitter feud, because Perez agreed with Simon. Turns out Simon, Perez and I were right because great minds think alike, and I hope Stacy and Nicole got the grip of what they need to focus on... taking it to church!

Full performance HERE.

Who goes home?
One contestant goes home and it's up to America for the first time. I sure used up my 50 online votes (which I divided unequally among 5 contestants), did you?

Who's on the chopping block? This is a tough one, I tell you. I'd say Marcus Canty & .... sadly & hopefully not... Leroy Bell.